M/M Moments: Part Three.
Pairing: Miz/Morrison. (duh)
Rating: R15.
Warning: Nope.
Disclaimer: No, they still don't belong to me. Need new lawyers damnit.....lol
Author's Notes: Third installment in my "M/M Moments" series. Inspired by the draft episode of Raw. Should have another installment up after "Night Of Champions". Good luck to M/M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I can, you know”

John snapped his gum, watching JBL’s less than enthused reaction to Kane being drafted on to Raw.

“Do what, babe?”

Miz elbowed him slightly.

“The dirty work……..didn’t you hear them say that?”

John snickered.

“Bradshaw is pissed. You just heard it cause they used the D-word”

Miz scowled.

“Ha, fucking, ha”

“Well” John stood up. “It’s time for us to shine again” Miz stood up as well, rolling his shoulders to get the kinks out. John looked at him with one raised eyebrow. “Ripped or unripped?”


“This stupid ECW shirt we have to wear for the battle royal”

Miz shook his head.

“Fucking ripped, obviously. What doesn’t look better ripped, on you?”

John smiled, catching Miz’s left hand in his own.

“In together, babe”

Miz grinned, grabbing John’s other hand.

“Out together, baby…….always”


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