Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word.
Pairing: John Morrison/Miz
Rating: R18
Warning: No, not really.
Disclaimer: NO, they do not belong to me......what a cruel world!
Author's Notes: What can I say.....John and Miz have me held hostage, not that I'm Follows on from "Moments". Now it's Miz's turn. Inspired by the last PPV.

“What the fuck did you think you were doing out there?”

Miz didn’t answer, and after a second, Chavo stomped out of the locker room, sharing another insult about him with his muscled sidekick Bam.

Miz sighed, relieved that the scrawny Mexican asshole had finally gone away, but his reprieve was only brief. He heard footsteps approaching him, and reluctantly looked up to see Tommy, holding himself in an awkward position still after the match.

Miz looked down again, feeling guilty. He knew Tommy wouldn’t yell or curse at him, as Chavo had done, but that only made it worse.

“You really love him, don’t you?” Tommy asked. It was hard to pick his tone, but it didn’t seem accusing.

Miz nodded, not knowing what to say.

“Ok, I’ll let you have this one, Miz. But don’t ever interfere in one of my matches again, or we’re gonna have a problem”

Miz nodded again.

“Sorry, Tommy”

“I don’t think I’m the one you need to be apologizing to” Tommy said quietly, then he left the room.

Hardly had Tommy left, then Miz heard footsteps again. This time they walked right up to the bench that he was sitting on, and someone sat down next to him. Someone…..huh, he knew who it was. He may still be a little sketchy on picking John’s footsteps, but that scent… was John’s and only John’s, he’d know it anywhere. The sweat hardly threw him off either, how many times had he lain next to John after they’d fucked, and inhaled the tangled scent trails of sweat and sex from his skin. Too many to count, yet he doubted it would ever be enough.

“That was some fucking stunt you pulled” John said, his voice was low, but Miz could hardly miss the anger in it. “What…..I mean, do you know how close you came to being brained by those steel steps? If I hadn’t got to Show in time. Jesus, Miz, you weren’t even competing tonight…..we were supposed to meet at the hotel. What were you even doing back here?”

“Watching you” Miz answered, not knowing whether the truth would be of any more help, but having nothing else to offer.

“Jesus… could have watched me from the hotel room. What the hell do you think cable is for?”

“Fat lot of good I would have been to you all the way back there” Miz muttered.

“Jesus Christ, Miz!” John jumped up from the bench, and started to pace. “I hate to break it to you, but you weren’t much help by being here either. By the time I had to save you from Show, I lost the…..”

Miz looked up finally.

“The match…..that’s what this is about”

John turned on his heel, staring down at him, his dark eyes snapping with anger.

“What the hell do you think this was about? This was my chance to get a shot at the title. Do you know how long it’s been since I even had a shot?”

Miz got to his feet, feeling every place that the Singapore cane had landed on his body, courtesy of the Big Show.

“Well I guess Tommy was fucking right….I do need to apologize to you. I’m sorry, John, sorry that I….I let how much I love you get in the way of your precious title shot” he paused, seeing the anger in John’s eyes clouding with confusion….disbelief, he couldn’t be sure. “I hope you can forgive me” he added, then he walked past John and out of the locker room, not stopping until he got to their hotel room.


Miz was just doing up the zipper on his gym bag after having packed it. He had been planning on leaving their hotel room, at least he’d hoped to have that kind of resolve, but John would get here just before he was able to leave.


Miz heard him shut the door, then he came over to the bed, setting his own gym bag on the floor.

“What are you doing?”

Miz tugged his zipper closed with unnecessary violence.

“What the fuck does it look like?”

John sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Don’t leave”

Miz snorted.

“Why? So you can fucking yell at me some more?”

Miz grabbed the handle of his bag to pick it up, but John’s arm shot back, and his hand closed over Miz’s.

“I don’t….I won’t yell anymore, ok? I promise”

Miz sighed.

“Alright” John let go, and Miz plonked his gym bag down on the floor, then sat down next to John.

“Where were you planning on going?” John asked, following a moment of awkward silence.

Miz shrugged.

“I don’t know…….the floor of Tommy’s room”

“Yeah?......that would have made things awkward for him and Matt, wouldn’t it? Unless, I suppose, you were thinking of a threesome”

Miz frowned.

“You make it sound like I couldn’t handle one”

John shook his head.

“I wasn’t insinuating anything. It could be you’re very competent at them. How would I know?”


John shrugged.

“As I recall, you skipped out of your turn during our little sex history lesson….at McDonalds” he said the last word with an audible shudder in his voice.

“Skipped….” Miz shot back, his tone flaring with indignation. “How could anyone refuse that offer you made me? Fucking hell, baby, I’m only human”

John leaned back on the bed, tilting his gaze up at the ceiling.

“Well, babe…..I ain’t making you any offers right this moment, not to say that won’t change later tonight. I believe it’s your turn”

Miz nodded.

“My turn, huh” he stood up. “One second, baby” he went and locked the door, then came back to the bed and before John could move, Miz was on top of him, kissing him thoroughly on the mouth.

“Mmm” John murmured, when Miz finally let go of his lips. “Very nice, babe, but quit damn stalling already”

“I ain’t stalling” Miz said, kissing him again. “Just looking for inspiration”

John smiled.

“Is it working?”

“Um….” Miz kissed his left cheek, then his right and finally his neck. “Yeah, I think I can start now”

“You sure you don’t want to get into a more comfortable position?”

Miz licked his lips.

“A better position than being on top of you….does not fucking exist, baby”

John raised his eyebrows.

“You ain’t worried about losing circulation?”

Miz shook his head.

“Definitely not losing it”

John sucked in a breath.

“You’re really expecting me to be able to concentrate… this?”

Miz hesitated.

“Alright…..I guess you have a point. Having the Shaman of Sexy underneath you does make it fucking hard to focus”

He rolled off John, and sat up on the bed, leaning back against the headboard.

John groaned.

“Don’t… know you’re not allowed to use that name on me”

“No?” Miz watched, as John scooted up and sat down next to him. “Guru of Greatness, then?”

John narrowed his eyes.

“Do not push me. Personal and/or naughty names only, allowed when we’re alone together”

Miz rolled his eyes.

“Fine…, come over here” John obligingly wriggled closer, and Miz put an arm around him, running his other hand through John’s dark curly hair. “Comfy now, baby?”

“Mmm” John nestled against him, laying his head on Miz’s chest. “Yeah……go right ahead”

Miz chuckled.

“Ok, I will” he paused. “Well…of course you already know where I grew up. After I graduated from Normandy, my…, my dad’s plan was for me to study business, follow in his footsteps, type thing. Was basically like trying to drive a fucking square peg into a round hole. Soon as I could….I think, sixteen, I was gone. Out to California….just like you. You know I never fucking realized how similar our stories are”

“That’s because we’ve never talked about them before” John pointed out. “Besides, we ain’t got to the good stuff yet. Keep going”

“Right. So, I started taking acting classes, and I was roped into giving motivational speeches at colleges and shit. I guess that’s where my need to be the centre of attention kind of started to grow. Follows is my very long and storied reality TV career, blah, blah, blah. Once I got hooked on being on TV, college definitely ended up on the backburner, and I ended up just dropping out. Wrestling had always been there for me, kind of at the back of my mind, you know. Once the reality TV thing dried up, I decided if I was gonna do wrestling, it was now or never, so I joined up with UPW. Then in ’04, Tough Enough came along…..which, unlike you I didn’t end up winning”

“You didn’t need to” John said, stroking his hand along Miz’s arm.

Miz snorted.

“No, fucking lucky for me. Turns out that I’d managed to pique management’s interest, so they offered me a contract anyway. I still got bumped around a lot…..couldn’t seem to find the right place….until about five months ago”

John laughed.

“Cute……but what about relationships, babe? I mean, I know I wasn’t your first. Well, from what I’ve heard anyway”

Miz kissed his forehead.

“You always believe everything you hear?”

John considered for a minute.

“No, probably about half, especially in this business, but….what I heard, about you….I didn’t like. I mean, regarding the relationship you were in, that is”

Miz chuckled.

“Good save, baby” he took in a deep breath. “It wasn’t……good. It was with…..with Adam” John drew a sharp intake of breath, but didn’t interrupt him. “Yeah, I know. That’s why he stopped by our hotel room that night. He invited me to his room, to….well, I’m sure you get the idea. He never did take rejection well…..or being said no to, in any capacity. That’s the only reason…..why I stayed with him for as long as I did”

“How long was it?” John asked quietly.

“Six months. That’s the longest I’ve ever been with anyone”

“And he was your-“

“My first, yeah” Miz supplied. “Pretty fucked up, huh?”

“No, babe” John twined his fingers through Miz’s. “You wouldn’t have known any better. Not then”

Miz kissed him.

“I do now” John smiled, a smile which widened into a grin, then he started laughing. Miz frowned. “What’s so funny?”

John shook his head.

“Nothing….it’s just….well can you imagine? If the fans could see us now…..the Chick Magnet and the Shaman of Sexy. Two relationships between us. Not exactly living up to our reputations, are we?”

“I think there’s more to this situation our fans would find ‘different’ than just our reputations, baby” Miz said, kissing him again.

“True” John turned over, draping an arm over Miz’s hip and stroking his ass. “What made you get out?”

“Huh?” Miz hands were already straying towards John’s belt. “Man……baby, I thought we were fucking done with the conversation. Usually the ass-touching is an indication of….well, you know”

John stifled a laugh.

“You can say it, you know, babe. Starts with an F”

“F” Miz repeated, his fingers unclasping John’s belt buckle and casting the length of leather to the floor.

“U” John murmured, sliding his free hand up under Miz’s T-shirt.

“U” Miz repeated again, now undoing the dome and zipper of John’s jeans.

“C” John found Miz’s nipples, under his shirt and began playing with them, smirking when his actions caused Miz to moan.

“C” with more than a little difficulty, Miz tugged John’s jeans down his legs, revealing a cock already beginning to stiffen under his skimpy, black silk jockstrap.

“K” John’s voice caught a little, as Miz brushed his fingers over his cock.

“K” Miz returned, bending his head and tonguing John’s cock through the silk.

“Ohhhh” John moaned, Miz’s tongue travelling slowly down his cock. “Oh, babe……ing”

Miz abandoned his tongue work, and hooked one hand under John’s jockstrap, all but ripping it out of the way.



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