The match was going at a furious pace, both competitors giving their all. It was Christian verses Essa Rios in a battle over the lightweight title. From backstage, Kurt and Edge were watching the match with interest. Edge was cheering Christian on, grinning when Christian hit the "unprettier". Kurt was watching a bit more nervously. He felt a bit uncomfortable standing right next to Edge, considering the way he was looking at Christian. Christian had on one of his nicest pairs of tights, ones of a silvery hue which perfectly accented the perfect curves of his behind. Kurt was trying not to stare, but it was hard when he felt so attracted to the lovely golden blonde.

 Kurt glanced at Edge nervously, glad to see that the blonde bombshell was paying no attention to him. He had been attracted to Christian for some time, but had never let him know. He was afraid of how Edge would react to the idea of him and Christian together. Edge could be a very overprotective brother sometimes. Kurt remembered well the incident with the Hardys...certainly not something he wanted to recall. Besides that, Kurt wasn't even sure Christian would want a relationship with him. If he asked Christian out and was turned down, it would almost certainly affect their friendship, something Kurt definitely did not want to jeopardize.

 Then, something went wrong. Not a big mistake, just a little slip up, but enough to send Christian sprawling onto his back. He groaned, making a pained expression. Edge frowned, looking concerned.

 "I hope he's alright," the tall blonde murmured, glancing at the man next to him. Or rather, the man who had been next to him. Kurt was now nowhere to be seen. Edge frowned slightly at that, then just shrugged and turned back to the monitor. His eyes widened when he saw Kurt running down the ramp.

 Kurt knew he should not be coming to Christian's aid, should not be interfering in a match, but he couldn't help it. He had to make sure the beautiful golden blonde was alright. Kurt slid into the ring, putting his hand on Christian's shoulder. Christian blinked up at him, looking slightly confused. Kurt paused for a moment, his instincts warring with his logical mind. In the end his instincts were just too strong to deny. He scooped Christian up into his arms, holding him tightly as he carried his friend back up the ramp. Christian wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck, resting his head on Kurt's shoulder.

 Kurt walked up the ramp as fast as he could, charging through the hallways once he was off camera. He was afraid of running into Edge, so instead of going back to their locker room he carried Christian out to his car and took off for the hotel. Christian glanced over it him, but didn't object. Kurt's heart was beating rapidly the entire drive. Christian obviously knew how he felt now. Hell, the whole roster probably knew! Kurt wanted to smack himself for being so stupid, but on the other hand, he couldn't regret what he had done.

 No words were spoken between the two. Once they reached the hotel, Kurt parked the car, glancing over at Christian. After a slight hesitation, he took Christian in his arms once again, carrying him into the hotel through the back door and up to his room. His nerves were giving him hell by the time the hotel room's door closed behind them. He quickly set Christian down on a chair and backed away.

 Hearing a giggle, Kurt looked up into the golden blonde's eyes. Christian looked amused, a big smile spread across his lovely face. "That was really sweet, Kurt," he whispered. He shook his head, laughing again. "My hero."

 "Um - I'm sorry." Kurt bit his lip, staring down at the floor. "I probably shouldn't have done that."

 "I'm glad you did." Kurt looked up at Christian's words, seeing the genuine appreciation in Christian'' eyes. "Probably saved me from getting dragged to the hospital by an overly concerned brother," the blonde bombshell chuckled, his eyes never leaving Kurt's. "Thank you."

 "Um, your welcome." Kurt fidgeted uncomfortably. The room suddenly seemed much too small and enclosed, making him very nervous.

 "I'd like to thank you, for saving me," Christian stated. There was a soft, seductive purr in his voice, but Kurt was too nervous to really notice it.

 Kurt glanced up at the blonde bombshell, then looked at the bed unconsciously. He blushed when he realized what he'd done. Christian chuckled. He seemed amused by the Olympic Hero's nervousness. "Kurt do you - " Christian paused to swallow, looking a tad bit nervous himself. "Do you want to go to bed with me?" he asked softly.

 Kurt's head shot up, his eyebrows raised. "Really? I mean, you don't have to, if, um, you don't want to."

 "I wouldn't have suggested it if I didn't want to." Christian gave the nervous Olympian a gentle smile. He stood up, slowly strolling over to the bed. He laid down on his back on the mattress, running a hand through his golden locks. "Come here Kurt," he whispered sensually.

 Kurt gazed at the blonde lying on the bed, wanting him more than anything. He pushed all his doubts to the back of his mind, hastily joining Christian on the bed and pulling him into a heated kiss. Christian gladly returned the kiss, reaching for the bottom of Kurt's t-shirt. Kurt let the moment consume him, forgetting completely all the reasons to stop. They undressed each other, touching each other with slow, sensual caresses, until both were completely naked. Kurt drew back a little, letting his eyes roam over Christian's bare, perfectly crafted body. Christian's eyes ran over him as well, desire blazing in the depths of the richly colored orbs.

 "Make love to me, Kurt," Christian whispered, leaning in close to whisper directly in Kurt's ear.

 Kurt felt a deep stirring in the pit of his stomach, a combination of desire for this beautiful creature and of joy that Christian wanted him. He gave Christian a gentle smile as he leaned in to meet the blonde's lips, his hand snaking around to rest on the small of Christian's back. Slowly, he laid Christian down on his back, kissing him all the while. Christian wrapped his arms around Kurt's back, groaning into Kurt's mouth as he felt the Olympian's hardness brush against his thigh. "Kurt..." he breathed, gazing up at the brunette with pleading eyes.

 "God you're so beautiful," Kurt whispered, laying kisses over Christian's neck. He gently prepared the smaller man, kissing him all the while. Christian moaned softly, his hands exploring Kurt's body. Both of them moaned their bodies came together. Kurt drew back a little so he could peer into Christian's bright, shining eyes as their bodies began to move together, Christian's legs circling around his waist.

 Kurt used the utmost tenderness as he made love to Christian, being especially careful so as not the harm his newfound lover. Both of them moaned as pleasure began flooding through their bodies, Christian making little whimpering sounds that drove Kurt crazy. Kurt wished it could go on forever, but by the time they came together in a mindblowingly powerful orgasm, both were exhausted.

 "Oh Kurt," Christian panted as they parted, Kurt falling onto the mattress beside him. "That was wonderful." Kurt nodded in agreement. He put a hand to his heaving chest, not trusting himself to speak at the moment. Both were silent for several minutes, letting their breathing return to normal.

 "So why didn't you ever tell me how you felt?" Christian asked, glancing over at his new lover.

 "I - I couldn't," Kurt replied, tripping over his own words. "It was just, I didn't know if you'd be interested in me. Well, and there was Edge, too." Kurt swallowed, glancing nervously at Christian. "Please tell me he isn't going to kill me?"

 Christian chuckled, shaking his head. "He won't kill you, Kurt. He may need a little time to get used to this, but he'll understand once he sees how I feel about you." The blonde bombshell bit his lip, looking a little scared all of a sudden. "You do - I mean, you do want more than this, right?"

 Kurt smiled, taking Christian's hand in his and kissing it gently. "Christian, I've wanted to be with you for a long time. I certainly don't want this to be a one night thing. To make it official, I guess I should ask you." Kurt propped himself up on his elbow so he was looking down at Christian, still holding the blonde's hand. "Christian, will you be my boyfriend."

 A broad grin spread across Christian's face. "I would love to," he whispered. He wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. Kurt's mind was drowning in bliss as their lips met again. He could hardly believe this was actually happening. Christian, the sweet, caring, wonderful, and certainly gorgeous, man, who he had wanted for so long, was finally his.


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