Kurt was sitting in a chair reading. He was keeping a close eyes on the cradle a few feet away from him, watching for any signs that the baby was awake. So far, there were none, and he was glad of it. He set down his book for a moment, just letting the sounds of the night fill his ears. The house was located far out in the woods, about as far from the hum of civilization as if was possible to get, within the borders of North Carolina anyway.

 Suddenly, there was a loud bang from the side of the house. Kurt frowned, standing and walking over to the window. He jumped as a second stone reflected off the siding, just a foot or so from the window. He glared out through the glass, seeing a young man with long blue hair standing outside. He pulled the window open, about the chide his young acquaintance when the man spoke.

 "Matt?" Kurt's visitor called softly. "Matt I've got to talk to you."

 Kurt opened his mouth, about to inform the younger Hardy that his brother was out for the evening, when he realized that due to the light behind him and the darkness outside the house, Jeff could probably see little more of him than a silhouette. He decided to stay silent, curious what Matt's estranged brother could possibly have to say.

 "Matt, baby, this is stupid!" Jeff called in a stage whispered. "This is really stupid! I'm sorry I broke your stupid spectacles, ok? It was an accident! It's not like you really need them anyway. But we have to stop this! We have to stop living this stupid lie! I can't give you up, and I know you can't give me up either! That's why this keeps happening!"

Kurt blinked. He had no idea what Jeff was talking about, and he wasn't sure it was something he should be hearing, but still, his curiosity was piqued.

"Listen, I wrote a poem just for you," Jeff called softly. He took out a crinkled piece of paper, clearing his throat, then starting to read.

"Your love is like an addiction,
it's not something I could give up.
There's nothing I desire more,
then your sweet passion for me.
I crave it every day,
and I hurt when I don't have it.
But baby this addiction isn't bad,
it only hurts when we deny it.
Matty I love you so,
just please give in and try it."

Jeff folded up the piece of paper and stuffed it back into his pocket, gazing mournfully up at the window. "You see what being without you does to me?" he lamented. "I can't even right a stupid poem anymore! But I do love you Matt. I know you've married that slut Jericho, but Matty you were meant for me! We were meant for each other! We were! You said we couldn't be together 'cos you wanted a family, wanted a son. Well you've got your baby now Matt! We could raise him together, you and me. Please Matt, I love you! I have to be with you. No more sneaking off to be together, just admit that you love me and we'll go away together!"

Kurt was biting his lip hard to keep quiet, his eyes wide. "Oh my god," he murmured, shock not nearly a strong enough word to describe the way he felt. He had never imagined that Matt, a seemingly happily married family man, could be having an affair, and with his own brother. He gulped, completely lost for any course of action.

Of course, it would be exactly that moment a car came cruising down the road, pulling up in front of the house. Jeff's eyes widened, but he hesitated just a second too long before diving behind a tall bush. A fuming blonde burst from the car, charging up to Jeff and immediately getting in his face, starting to scream so loudly Kurt could make out every word. Another form stepped from the car, the brunette man looking tired, approaching the quarrelling man with slow steps.

"Chris." Matt stepped between his brother and his husband, frowning at his enraged lover. "Just go inside, ok?"

"Go inside?" Chris scowled, trying to get around Matt and resume his angry diatribe at Jeff. "How can you tell me to go inside! He B he's done everything he can to break us up and ruin us! He opposed our wedding! He - "

 "Chris." Matt's voice was dead serious. "Go inside now. I'll handle this."

Chris scowled, casting Jeff a poisoned glare before whirling around and stomping into the house. He slammed the door so hard that it rattled the whole house, Kurt glancing nervously at the baby's cradle to make sure his young charge hadn't been woken. Fortunately, the infant's face remained peaceful, the child still sleeping calmly. Kurt let out a sigh of relief, turning back to watch the two brothers. He wasn't worried that Chris would catch him. Unlike Matt, Chris was hardly the parental type. That was why Kurt was currently employed as a full time nanny. He listened closely, straining to pick up the brothers' hushed words. Unfortunately, they were speaking far too softly for him to hear. However, he didn't need to hear what they were saying to pick up on their next exchange; that being Matt's arms wrapping around Jeff, and the two of them sharing a deep, passionate kiss. Kurt felt his mouth go dry. This was not going to be good.

"I can't believe this!" Chris ranted, pacing angrily back and forth. "I can't fucking believe this! We have a child together! We're married!" He flashed his ring in his husband's solemn face. "You can't leave me, especially not for that trashy whore brother of yours! He's your BROTHER Matt! that's fucking sick!"

"I'm sorry Chris, but I love him," Matt said softly. "I've been denying it for years, but dammit, I just can't anymore! I love him! Listen, I'm not gonna abandon you Chris, or our son."

"Our son." Chris' eyes narrowed. "I'll make sure you never even SEE our son again, you sick freak! I'm not gonna have some incestuous pervert raising my son! Why don't you just get the hell out of here! Take your whore and get lost!"

Matt crossed his arms over his chest. "Because it's my house, that's why. Paid for with my family's money."

"We'll see about that," Chris spat. "You know divorce laws. I'm entitled to half of everything! And considering you've been having an affair for the entire duration of our marriage, I'm gonna get a hell of a lot more than that! I'll take you for every damn penny you're worth!"

Matt just sighed. "No you won't Chris. Remember when we got married? Remember that prenuptial my parents insisted I have you sign?"

Chris frowned, turning a bit pale. "But, but that, that can't still apply! You cheated on me!"

Matt shrugged. "There's no adultery clause in it, Chris. It's as valid as it ever was."

Chris turned away, tears burning his eyes. "So what? You're just going to throw me out on the street, after I've been a faithful husband to you all these years."

"No. I'd never do that," Matt assured the other man. "Chris, I really care about you. You had my baby and you're still his daddy. I want him to grow up knowing us both. I just can't be with you romantically anymore. I'm sorry, but I don't love you that way anymore."

"Great." Chris put a hand up to his eyes, his anger replaced by hurt. "Thanks a fucking lot Matt." His voice was weak and shaky. His shoulders shook a little, tears forcing themselves down his cheeks. "So I'm just not good enough to be a husband. A friend, or a parent, sure, but not a lover."

"I'm sorry," Matt whispered. "It's not you, Chris. It's really not you. I'm so sorry."

Chris' tears dried almost as soon as they'd come. The blonde whirled around, glaring ferociously as his soon to be ex husband. "Fucking 'sorry' doesn't begin to make up for this!" he screamed. "I B I'll take MY son and I'll get as far away from here as I can! No court in the world would grant a fucking incestuous freak custody of a baby! And you'll have no choice but to pay me child support, too." With that, he stormed out, marching off into the woods. He headed down the path he always walked along when he was really angry.

Matt just took a deep breath, then headed up to the nursery. He found Kurt sitting next to his infant son's cradle, reading a book, as always. He sat down next to the nanny, just gazing at the sleeping infant. Then, he glanced at Kurt, who was quite obviously only pretending to be engrossed in his book.

"Did you hear?" Matt whispered.

Kurt cleared his throat, then reluctantly nodded.

Matt sighed. "This is so bad," he lamented. "I suppose you don't understand, but I had to do this. I couldn't keep living a lie. It hurt too much. I don't blame Chris at all. He just feels betrayed. Unloved. But, god, if he takes away my son - " Matt took a deep breath. He closed his eyes for moment, continuing to take deep, soothing breaths. Then, he opened one eyes, gazing at Kurt. Kurt squirmed under his employer's intense gaze, feeling a bit nervous.

"Unless..." Matt murmured. He opened his eyes, turning to face Kurt. "Unless we could convince him that he's not unloved...if we could do that, then maybe he'd be too happy to try and take my baby away..."

Kurt swallowed. "Um, Matt, you're not thinking - "

 "Why not?" Matt was starting to look very hopeful. "It's perfect! All you have to do is 'reveal' your feelings for him Kurt, then start being really affectionate to him. I know Chris, and he'll lap all that attention right up. We'll make sure that you're way more affectionate to him than I am to Jeff. I'll ever get Jeff to start acting jealous. It'll be perfect!"

"But...but I can't..." Kurt stuttered.

"Sure you can." Matt clapped the brunette on the back. "It won't be that long Kurt, just until we can secure joint custody of the baby. Please, Kurt, for my son's sake. I'm a good dad Kurt, do you want to see me lose him? And for him to grow up without me? Besides, Chris is cute, right? Play your cards right and you'll probably get to B well, you know." Matt nudged Kurt, raising his eyebrows.

Kurt flushed. "I couldn't! Matt, I love your baby, but to pretend to be in love with someone - "

 "Kurt, please." Matt looked at his nanny with wide, pleading eyes. "This isn't just for me, Kurt. It's for my son, and for Chris. This'll make it so much easier for him! Please!"

Kurt swallowed. Then, he slowly nodded his head.

***One year later***

 "What do you think baby?" Chris held up two fabrics for Kurt, both the same color as far as Kurt could tell.

"Um..." Kurt squinted at them. "I don't know. The one on the left."

Chris frowned, looking over the two swatches of cloth. "Actually, I think I like this one better," he stated, selecting the one Kurt hadn't picked. He made a note of his choice, then set down both pieces, plopping down on Kurt's lap and wrapping his arms around the brunette's neck. "I love you baby," he murmured, leaning in to drop a kiss on Kurt's lips. He giggled, moving Kurt's hands to his stomach. "Can you believe we're expecting already?"

"I never expected it, but I'm glad," Kurt replied with a smile. "And before we're even married!"

"But we will be soon," Chris replied happily. "Can you believe Matt had the nerve to tell me we're rushing into this? Hello, it's been a year since he and I split up!"

"Mmmhmm." Kurt wrapped his arms around Chris' waist. It was funny how things sometimes seemed to work themselves at. He hadn't even been aware of his feelings for Chris before they got together, but after they had real love came on quickly and strong. When Kurt said he was looking forward to both marrying Chris and having a child with him, he meant it with all his heart.

"Where are those dorks anyway?" Chris wondered, freeing himself from Kurt's arms and striding over to the window. He stuck his head out the open window, rolling his eyes at the brothers, who were making out on the rocking swing on the lawn. "Hey you two, get a room!" he called out teasingly.

Matt glanced up at him, sticking out his tongue before returning his attentions to Jeff. Chris just rolled his eyes. "That man is SUCH a child!" he murmured, turning back to Kurt. "I can't believe I was ever married to him. They're such a cute couple, though. Don't you think, Kurt?"

"Oh, definitely," Kurt agreed.

"Jeff's got awesome fashion sense though," Chris continued. "I don't know what I did before I had him to shop with! And the outfit I picked out for my groomsmen will look so good on him!"

"It will." Kurt smiled as Chris settled back into his lap, the blonde cuddling up to him happily. A year ago, when he had witnessed Jeff's desperate plea to Matt, he could never, ever have imagined this turn of events. But, he certainly wasn't going to object. With a baby on the way, a step son he adored, and a beautiful blonde husband to be, he couldn't have been happier.


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