The boy stood in the crowd, watching as his idle, his hero, his god scrawled his name across magazine after magazine, conversing with his fans in a friendly way. The smile on the golden blonde's face made the boy feel dizzy. He bit his lip as the line moved forward again, clutching his Wrestlemania magazine tightly. He couldn't believe he was about to meet the man he had worshipped for so long.

 He had more sure he was at the very end of the line, hoping that this would give him more time to converse with the blonde god he was approaching. He glanced ahead of him, seeing that there were now barely half a dozen people before him. He had to take a deep breath to calm his nerves, quickly straightening his tight black shirt and making sure his form fitting blue jeans looked alright. He ran a hand through his long chocolate colored hair, slipping a stray lock behind his ear.

 There was only one person before him now. They got their autograph and stepped away, leaving nothing but the table between him and his greatest desire. The boy had to tell himself to keep breathing as he stepped up to the table.

 Christian smiled at him, taking the copy of Wrestlemania magazine that he mekely offered. "Hi. What's your name?" Christian asked, flipping to the large picture of him in the magazine.

 The boy blinked, having been entranced by every part of the man, all of which seemed absolutely perfect. "Uh, T-Thomas," he stuttered. "But, uh, my friends call me Tom."

 "Alright Tom." Christian looked up and gave him a dazzling smile which made Tom feel dizzy. He wrote Tom's name on the page, then signed his own. "There you go," Christian said, handing the magazine back to him.

 "Thank you." Tom swallowed hard, knowing that this was his chance. "So, um, are you gonna be staying around here for a while longer?" he asked nervously, knowing it sounded stupid but not knowing what else to say.

 Christian shrugged. "A bit, yeah."

 "Oh, well, um, would you mind if I maybe hung out with you for a bit?" Tom asked, having to use all of his self control to keep his voice from shaking. He tried to strike a sexy pose, feeling very awkward. He had never tried to do this before, and he wasn't exactly sure of the proper way to offer himself to someone.

 Christian caught his offer none the less, tilting his head and looking at Tom curiously. His eyes ran down Tom's form, making the boy blush lightly. "How old are you?" Christian asked, definite interest in his eyes.

 "I'm 19," Tom replied, his breath quickening in his chest. Just the idea that his idle, this absolutely lovely man, could want him made him feel weak.

 Christian leaned forward, his voice quiet so no one but Tom could hear. "I was planning on staying around here, but I could always go to the arena a little early," he told the boy. "No one else will be there, and I've got my own dressing room."

 Tom's eyes widened, his chest constricting and rendering him speechless. All he could do was nod, letting Christian take his hand and lead him out to his car.

A few minutes drive later, they walked into Christian's locker room. Christian set his bag down on the couch, then turned back to Tom, walking up to him with slow, timed steps. He stopped right in front of the nervous looking boy. "You know what we came here for?" he cooed, his eyes sweeping down the younger man's body.

 Tom nodded, still not quite able to believe this was actually happening. "Yeah," he breathed softly.

 Christian smiled, a seductive yet powerful gleam filling his eyes. "Good," he whispered, setting his hands firmly on Tom's hips. He backed them up a few steps until Tom's back was pressed against the wall of the room. Tom was sure he was going to faint as the gorgeous blonde leaned forward, capturing his lips in a hungry kiss. He gladly parted his lips, allowing Christian entrance to his hot mouth. Instinctively he wrapped his arms around the older man's neck, moaning as Christian's tongue ran over every surface of his mouth.

 He felt disappointed when Christian drew back, until he saw the look in his idle's eyes. The hunger and lust blazing there made him shiver, promising much better things to come. "Take off your clothes," Christian commanded, moving back and allowing Tom the room to do so.

 Tom reached for the hem of his shirt with shaking hands, quickly pulling it off over his head and dropping it carelessly onto the floor. Christian settled back onto the couch, propping his feet up on the table as he watched. He licked his lips hungrily, his eyes glued to Tom's hands as he slid open the zipper on his jeans, then slid the fabric down around his ankles and stepped out of it. He stopped at his boxer, looking up at Christian questioningly. Christian nodded, watching eagerly as Tom put his hands on the waist of his boxers, slowly sliding the fabric over his smooth hips.

 Tom was breathing heavily already. A blush crept over his cheeks as he slowly removed his boxer, revealing his already hard cock. He tried to caress his thighs teasingly as he dropped the fabric to the floor, biting his lip of he glanced up at Christian. The blonde's breathing had increased as well, his eyes now blazing with hunger. "Nice," he commented, his eyes devouring Tom's naked body with definitely pleasure. "Mmm, very nice."

 Tom blushed, glancing down at himself. "Do you want me to - um - " He found himself at a loss for words, completely unsure what to do next."

 Christian just smiled. "I'll tell you what I want." His hand slid up his thigh, slowly undoing the button on his jeans and easing down his zipper. He pushed the fabric down his hips slightly, allowing his cock to spring free. Tom's breath caught in his throat when he saw it, his belly tightening with the desire to have Christian inside of him.

 Christian motioned for him to approach, pushing him onto his knees before him. "Suck me off," he murmured, watching intently as Tom quickly complied.

 Tom's eyes were fixed on the large member before him. He measured the length and thickness of it, knowing he had never had something that large inside of him. He was trembling slightly as he let his tongue dart out, collecting the drops of precum on the head of Christian's fully erect cock. He moaned softly, loving the flavor already. Glancing up at Christian, he saw that the blonde was watching him expectantly. He swallowed, trying to relax his throat muscles in preparation. This was his one chance to be with his god, and he wanted to make it the best possible experience.

 Aiming to surprise his lover for the night, Tom plunged forward, sinking as much of Christian's cock down his throat as he could fit. Christian yelped in surprise, then moaned loudly. His finger's tangled in Tom's hair as the young man went down on him, consistently deep throating him.

 Tom felt like he was in heaven. He closed his eyes as he slid Christian's cock in and out of his mouth, reaching his hands up to grip the gorgeous blonde's hips. He could feel his own cock swelling with the pleasure of Christian's cock rubbing against the muscles of his throat. He began to bob his head faster, wanting desperately to taste more of this beautiful man. He felt Christian begin to come, quickly drawing back a little and wrapping his lips around the head, sucking every bit of the delicious fluid into his mouth and swallowing it, moaning uncontrollably. Christian tasted even sweeter than he had imagined.

 "Oh, god." Christian fell back against the couch, the breath thundering in his chest. "God damn, that was one hell of a blow job," he commented.

 Tom sat back, looking up at Christian with adoring eyes. He glanced over Christian's chest, licking his lips when his gaze rested on the blonde's hard nipples. He wanted to taste more of Christian, taste his deliciously inviting flesh. He reached up and grasped the blonde's softening cock, making his idle jump with shock. Christian opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was a moan as Tom began to slide his fist up and down on his cock.

 Tom climbed into Christian's lap, releasing Christian's rapidly rehardening cock. He slid his hands over Christian's back, pulling his half open shirt off his shoulders, then with his feet sliding off Christian's jeans. Christian gasped as their cocks brushed against each other, sending shivers of desire through them both.

 "Ohhh, yes," Christian moaned, wrapping his arms around Tom's back. His fingers ran across the soft skin, finding their way to the younger man's ass and kneading the tender flesh. Tom moaned, arching his hips forward into Christian's cock. He began to grind his hips into Christian as he bent over and took one of the older man's nipples into his mouth, sucking on the hard bud hungrily. Christian gasped and arched his back, seeking more of the wet sensation. Tom happily obliged, moving to the other nipple and laving it with his tongue, teasing it for a moment before drawing it into his mouth.

 "Oh - " Christian closed his and took a deep breath, then shoved Tom back. The started boy fell onto the floor, peering up at Christian with confusion on his face. He was horribly afraid that he'd done something to offend this beautiful god. The thought of being denied what he had desired for so long made him want to cry, but he immediately forgot such thoughts when he saw the look in Christian's eyes.

 "Don't want me to come so soon, do you?" Christian murmured, his voice husky with obvious arousal. "Not until I'm in that sweet ass of yours." Tom shivered, the mere thought making him weak. Christian's next words almost made him came then and there. "Prepare yourself," the older blonde commanded.

 Tom stared up at Christian, letting his body take over what he was doing. He brought two fingers up to his mouth, sucking them into the hot cavity, making sure Christian could see him licking all around them with his tongue. Then, he ran his hand up his thigh, coming to rest between his legs, just outside his entrance. Slowly, he pushed a finger into himself, not even feeling the pain. All he could think about was the feel of Christian's lustful gaze on him. He quickly added another finger, then a third, knowing he was going to need it to take Christian's large member. He thrust his fingers in and out of himself, tossing his hair in what he hoped was a sexy way and moaning.

 Christian sat watching, the desire on his face growing with every passing moment. As a particularly sensual moan slipped past Tom's lips, his already shaky control snapped. In an instant he was on the younger man, pushing him onto his back on the floor and shoving his legs wide apart. Tom opened his legs wider for the comely blonde, crying out in pleasure as Christian pushed the head of his cock into his tight entrance. He wrapped his arms around Christian's back, his fingers clawing the smooth flesh as the blonde inched farther into him.

 Tom was certain he was going to pass out at any moment. Never before had he felt something as incredible as Christian inside of him. The pleasure he felt was already so intense he was seeing spots. He had to consciously tell himself to keep breathing as Christian pushed himself in fully, pausing momentarily to let him adjust. "Now you be nice and loud for me baby," Christian purred, his breathing labored as well. "I wanna hear you begging for it."

 A strangled moan escaped Tom's lips as Christian drew out almost all the way, leaving only the head of his cock inside his body, then thrust back in. "Oh god...oh god, yes, please, oh god, fuck me!" Tom screamed, reeling with pleasure as Christian began to thrust into him in a quick, hard rhythm. He screamed when Christian's cock nudged his prostate, crying out for more. The golden blonde grasped his hips firmly, angling his thrusts to hit to boy's prostate with every stroke.

 Tom's head was absolutely swimming with pleasure. He had absolutely no idea how long it lasted. It couldn't been only a moment, or it could've been ages. All he could think about was the unbelievable pleasure coursing through is veins as he greatest fantasy was fulfilled. At the first touch to his cock, Tom exploded in his orgasm, spilling his seed over his both their stomachs and Christian's hand. He heard Christian groan, purposely clenching his walls around the older man, wanting badly to feel him come inside him. Christian followed him over the edge, shouting loudly with his release. Their bodies rocked together, absolutely ecstacy filling them both.

 As the last wisps of pleasure faded, Christian collapsed on top of Tom, neither of them able to breathe except in harsh, labored gasps. Finally, after what must of been ten minutes, at least, Christian found the strength to move. He stood up on slightly shaky legs, walking to the bathroom and returning with a wet cloth. Tom looked up at him dreamily as the golden blonde cleaned both of them off.

 "Wow." Christian shook his head disbelievingly as he grabbed his clothes, sticking a leg into his jeans. Tom managed to sit up, reaching for his clothes as well. His eyes were slightly glazed, stars in his eyes. Christian smiled down at him, watching as the boy dressed. "That was one hell of a fuck," he commented.

 Tom couldn't believe he had just heard such a high compliment from his idle. He smiled dreamily as he stood, now fully dressed. "Thank you," he whispered. "You were - wow."

 "Thanks." Christian leaned over to give him one final kiss, gently caressing his cheek. "Well, hope you enjoy the show."

 Tom nodded, walking slowly towards the door. "Thank you, I will," he managed to get out. Then he stepped out into the hall, then wooden door clicking shut behind him. He took a very deep breath, still not quite able to believe his ultimate fantasy had just come true. "Wow," he breathed, lost in his own magical thoughts as he wandered off down the hall.


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