"This looks like just the place." Matt scanned the crowded nightclub in Minneapolis, Minnesota. There were people all over the dance floor, grooving to the bouncy pop songs blasting through the speakers. He smoothed his hands over the hips of his tight black jeans and straightened his tight black sleeveless shirt, just to make sure he looked extra perfect. His hair was hanging loosely at he shoulders, free and unrestrained.

 Matt turned to look at his companion, licking his lips. Adam had on tight leather pants and a tight, black silk shirt which buttoned up the front. Matt grinned at his lover. "Come on baby, you wanna waste THAT look standin' in the door? Let's dance!"

 Adam surveyed the crowd, feeling a little underdressed compared to all the people sporting wild Halloween costumes. "Is this really the place for us?" he question, grimacing as a Brittney Spears songs took over the speakers.

 "Sure, we'll have a blast!" Matt assured him, pulling him into the crowd of dancers. He set his hands on Adam's hips and began bouncing to the music, wiggling his hips back and forth and dipping down occasionally as he dancing. Adam hesitated for a moment, then shrugged and began getting into the swing of things. They danced for some time, laughing merrily as they twirled around.

 After several more songs played, including numbers by Eminem, N'Sync, and the Spice Girls, a slow dance began to play. Matt pulled Adam close to him, wrapping his arms around the tall blonde's waist and leaning his head on the taller man's shoulder.

 Adam cleared his throat. "Um, Matt, do you really think this is appropriate here?"

 "Sure it is." Matt gestured to a couple dancing not too far away from them, two men wrapped in each other's arms. One had long blonde hair with purple streaks in the front. He was wearing a Renaissance Festival t-shirt which had ‘Tulip' printed on the back in large, lavender letters. His partner - obviously his lover, as well - had long, dark hair and a funny whisp of a beard on his lower lip. He was clad in a black Tortuga Twins shirt, with ‘Raphael' written in white cursive letters on the back. They were holding each other tightly, each resting his head on the other's shoulder. Matt chuckled as he saw the blonde move his hand down to squeeze the other's bottom, before returning his finger's to his lover's waist.

 "Cute couple," Adam murmured, allowing Matt to pull him into a similar position. However, when Matt reached for his bottom he swatted the brunette's hand away. "We're still in public, Matt," he chided.

 "Fine." Matt rolled his eyes, then chuckled. "I'll wait to feel you up until we get back to the car."

 They were quiet the rest of the dance, listening to each other breathing and enjoying the gentle warmth of the other's body. When the song ended, Matt pulled back, giving his lover a huge smile. He gestured away from the dance floor with a jerk of his head, leading Adam off by his wrist.

 "Wanna go make out in the bathroom?" he whispered once they were in the slightly less noisy bar area.

 "Um, let's just get something to drink," Adam replied, realizing how dry his throat felt. "Ok then. Stay here, I'll get us some booze." Matt flashed Adam a devastating smile, then left in search of alcohol.

 "Hey there."

 Adam jumped at the sound of a female voice, turning around to find the owner of the voice scrutinizing him closely. She was a rather comely women, about 5'6" with long braided hair he figured must've gone down to her knees when loose. She had it up in one of the most insane styles he had ever seen; two braids in the front, jutting up from her head like horns, the ends drawn up to her scalp to cut the length in half and give her little braided loops on either side of her head. She had no less than four braids in the back, all drawn together and looped like the front braids. He wondered how many hours the hair style had taken her.

 The woman's body was nice - not that he really looked at such things, but he had to admit she was attractive. She wasn't overly thin, but didn't even come close to chubby. She seemed well proportioned everywhere. Her outfit was rather outrageous; tiny blue jean shorts and dark, barely see-through navy nylons, with huge tan two-inch heels on her feet, a fake wooden grain running through them. He wondered how she could even walk with her feet at nearly a 45 degree angle. Her top seemed to be a purple sports bra with a blue and white mixed halter top over it. The outfit nicely showed off her breasts, which were not actually exposed at all except for the very tops. They were of ample size, plus nice and round (and, it should be noted, REAL). Her nails were painted silver, a light red lipstick over her full lips. On top of this fairly outrageous outfit, she wore and long black, red-lined vampire cape which almost touched the floor.

 "So what are you supposed to be?" she asked, scanning over her outfit.

 "Um - " Adam stuttered, not quite sure what to say.

 "Oh, hello." Matt showed up just in time to save him, carrying two full glasses of a foamy brown liquid. He handed one to Adam, taking a sip from the other. "Found a new friend?"

 "I found him, actually." The woman smiled. "Name's Gail. How ‘bout you boyz? I was just asking your friend what he's supposed to be.

 Matt gave Gail a huge smile. "Well - brace yourself here - I happen to be Matt Hardy, and this right here is Adam Copeland, the WWF's Edge."

 Gail looked at them sideways, a slightly sneaky look, and chuckled. "Well, you KINDA look like ‘em," she stated. "You get points for effort, anyways."

 "No really, we're the real thing," Matt insisted, putting a fake joking tone to his voice.

 Gail laughed and shook her head. "Alright, fine. So I should just call you Matt and Adam, then?"

 Matt grinned. "Sounds good to me," he stated.

 Adam fidgeted by his lover's side, trying to ignore the Backstreet Boys song now playing. "Matt, can we get outta here?" he pleaded, nudging the shorter man in the ribs. "This music blows."

 Gail raised her eyebrows. "What kinda tunes ya looking for?" she inquired.

 "Something MUCH heavier," Adam replied.

 Gail was eyeing them curiously, not missing the arm Matt had snaked around Adam's waist. "You boyz aren't from around here, are you."

 "Nope, we're just passing through," Matt told her with a silly grin.

 Gail smiled. "Well, I've lived here all my life, and believe me, I know all the hot spots. I know a place that blasts real fuckin' metal all night long. Interested?"

 Adam's face lit up. "Oh yeah! Metal rules!" Matt looked a little less enthusiastic, but nodded for her to go on.

 "I gotta warn you," Gail cautioned, "This place does tend to be pretty heavy on the sex stuff. People don't hide their booty there. Lotsa leather and flesh. I was gonna meet a friend of mine there later, anyway." She cocked an eyebrow to the two men. "Still wanna go?"

 "Damn right!" Matt shot Adam a wicked look. "I bet there I can feel you up on the dance floor." He turned his eyes to Gail, not caring that he'd just confirmed her suspicions. She didn't seem to care, anyway. "Let's go, babe." The dark-haired woman nodded and lead them towards the exit of the club.

When they entered the club, it was dark. They could hear the vocalist of Lung Brush shrieking through the speakers, which were cranking up to high volume. A mass of people, mostly clad in black, a lot of it leather, seethed on the dance floor, banging their heads, thrashing around, totally getting into the vibe of the music. Gail was right; their was no shortage of exposed flesh in the club. There were risque costumes everywhere they looked. One women was even being so daring as to have her breast constrained by only four thin straps of leather, meeting in the middle of her cleavage to hide her nipples. The number of couple who were doing things that couldn't be shown on tv right in the middle of the dance floor was too great to count on their finger, and toes, all three of them combined.

 Adam let out a low whistle, looking a little unsurely at Matt. "You sure about this, man? This is hardcore."

 "Yo, Carr!" Gail shouted, waving at someone through the crowd. Matt and Adam looked up to see a tall woman, maybe 5'8", with pretty blonde ringlets around her head working her way towards them. She was clad in a leather bra-top with a zipper up the middle, black nylons, and a tight leather thong which reminded the two men a lot of Chyna. She was slim and beautifully built, her large, supple breasts bulging under her shirt. Her lips were painted black to match her outfit.

 The blonde woman handed Gail a beer, giving her a light kiss on the lips. "Who're your friends?" she yelled over the racket from the dance floor.

 "What's it matter, their fine meat!" Gail retorted, giving Matt and Adam a teasing look. "Matt, Adam, meet my - uh - ‘friend', Carra."

 Carra grinned at them and shook each man's hand. "Damn, you two are fine," she commented, scanning down their bodies. She looked from them to Gail inquiringly. "Wanna get out of all this noise?" she yelled.

 Adam and Matt nodded, as did Gail. Carra took her friend's arm and dragged her through the crowd to the back. Gail motioned for the men to follow, which they did. They followed the two women to a heavy door, slipping through it and letting it close behind them. They found themselves in a back alley, which was completely deserted save for them. It was a tad cold, but they didn't mind it.

 Gail grinned wickedly. "Now we're all alone, boyz. Whatever could we do out here?" She and Carra exchanged glances, their grins widening. "What say we sample some of that fine meat?"

 The dark-haired women grabbed Matt's wrist and pushed him against the wall, closing the distance between their bodies and pressing her mouth to his. He laughed and responded to the kiss, wrapping his arm around her back.

 Adam was about to protest when Carra manhandled him in a similar way. The breath whooshed out of his body as she pushed him against the wall, none too gently. "Um...." he stuttered, glancing at Matt, who was busy making out with the pretty brunet. "I, um, I don't really like kissing girls," he stumbled out, knowing how stupid it sounded.

 Carra shrugged, undaunted. "Well, you might as well try anyway," she figured. Before he could protest further, her warm lips were covering his. He tentatively kissed back, finding that it was in fact rather enjoyable. He started slightly when the tip of her tongue brushed against his lips, then, after swallowing, opened his mouth a crack and let her in.

 Adam pulled the smaller woman closer to him as her hot tongue explored his mouth, finding the attention very pleasing. He heard Matt moan as his tongue warred with Gail's between their mouth. The women briefly made eye contact, breaking the kisses at the same time. "You boyz up for a bit more fun?" Gail challanged, looking at the blonde woman in front of Adam hungrily. "Personally, I wanna get some meat in my mouth. I'm so veeeery hungry.

 With a quick movement, she took Carra by the arms and pressed her back against the wall, her fingers expertly grasping the clasp on her top and pulling it open. Carra made an approving noise in her throat as her breasts burst out of their casing, leaving them completely exposed in the cool night air.

 Matt had a sly look on his face, and just a suddenly as Gail had pounced on her lover, he grabbed ahold of his and pushed a blonde back against the wall. "I've wanted a piece of you all night," he whispered in Adam's ear, growling and nipping his lover's earlobe while he slid his hands under Adam's shirt, then maneuvered the garment up over his head.

 "Ahem," Gail said, feigning annoyance. "My turn first, boyz." She leaned forward and opened her mouth, enveloping Carra's right breast in her hot depths. Carra gasped and whimpered, her hands clawing against the brick wall behind them. Adam and Matt watched with fascination as Gail pulled her mouth back slightly, reaching out her tongue to circle it around Carra's hard nipple. She deliberately worked in such a way that the men could see everything she was doing. Matt's tongue ran over his lips, his eyes glued to Carra's chest and Gail drew the blonde's breast into her mouth again and sucked on it greedily.

 Carra moaned, her breath coming in short, shallow gasps. "Oh, GAIL," she breathed, raising her hands to run her slender fingers through her lover's hair. "Ooh, I love it when you suck on me! Suck harder. Ooooh!" she squealed as Gail gently nipped the tip of her nipple.

 "Damn," Adam murmured, feeling the bulge in his pants growing. His looked at Matt, an amused expression on his face. "Who would've thought watching two women go at it would be so damn hot?"

 Matt nodded, agreeing silently. He looked into Gail's eyes when she drew back, that wicked smile still on her face. "You're turn now, Matt," she told him huskily. "Let's see you suck on his pretty nipples."

 Matt happily obliged, bending down to flick his tongue over Adam's already hardened buds. Adam's breathe caught in his throat. "Matt, that feels - oh, god!" he cried as one of his nipples was taken into Matt's mouth. The brunette sucked hard on the bud, then moved to the other one and did the same. "Yes," Adam panted, closing his eyes momentarily. It was over all too soon, Matt drawing back at a look from Gail. "Can't we go longer?" he whined, shifting as the bulge in his tight pants began to grow uncomfortable.

 "Nope, my turn," Gail said, lust shining in her eyes as she focused on Carra's tender breasts. She began to suck on them again, while her other hand lingered on the blonde's belly, eventually sliding down into the front of Carra's leather thong. Carra gasped, her head thrashing against the wall as Gail's hand slipped between her legs.

 "Ooh, Gail, more," the pretty blonde begged. "Please - ooh - more!" Gail drew back again, to the extreme disappointment of her lover. "It's Matt's turn to get his hands on Adam's meat now," she explained softly, "But our next turn - you won't be disappointed baby, ‘cos I'm gonna get on me knees." Carra quickly nodded, her eyes lighting up at the promise of what was to come.

 While Adam was still staring at them, Matt plunged his hands into Adam's pants and took hold of his lover's throbbing cock, making Adam gasp in surprise. The tall blonde had to close his eyes completely as Matt's hand massaged his manhood, while his hot lips sucked on his hard nipples without mercy.

 "I'm gonna suck you off, baby," Matt promised, his own arousal growing every moment. " Nice and long and deep, baby. You want that, lover?"

 "Yes," Adam gasped out. "Oh please! Suck me, Matt!"

 "Not yet," Gail chastised, slapping the hand Matt had in Adam's pants. "MY turn now, so cool it for a moment and enjoy the show." She wasted no time getting on her knees, which made Carra's breathing quicken considerably.

 "Baby, please," the blonde woman begged as Gail slid her leather thong, followed by her nylons, down to the taller woman's knees.

 "Mmm, I'll please you all right," Gail murmured, lust heavy in her voice. She positioned her mouth right between Carra's lovely thighs, experimentally moving forward, tongue extended. Carra moaned loudly as Gail's tongue connected with her most sensitive area. She cried out and threw her head back in pleasure when her lover's lips followed, licking, teasing, and sucking on her. Matt and Adam were watching with udder fascination as Carra's orgasm hit her, making her scream and rock violently. Gail climbed back onto her feet, sliding her hands up Carra's thighs with the excuse of replacing her lower garments. She licked her lips, looking pleased. "You taste DELICIOUS," she told her lover, planting a hard kiss on her lips.

 "Goddammit, that was hot!" Matt exclaimed. He turned his lustful eyes on Adam, reaching for the fastening of the blonde bombshell's pants. "I'm gonna make you scream, baby," he promised as he slid Adam's pants down to his ankle. "And beg me for it, baby. I love it when you beg."

 "Please," Adam said meekly, breath thundering in his chest as Matt sunk onto his knees. "Oh, please suck me Matt!" He inhaled sharply when Matt's tongue darted out to touch the head of his sex. "Ooh, baby, please!" he begged, his cried becoming for forceful. "Please take me in that hot little mouth of your and suck me hard and make me come. I wanna feel your lips around me baby, please - "

 All Adam's pleading was rewarded when Matt moved forward, taking him in all the way. Adam cried out loudly, shouting a few profanities.

 "Oh fuck shit fuck!" Adam yelled as Matt began bobbing her head, deep throating him again. "Oh yes, take me all the way down baby! Yes! Oh shit, you're so hot...so hot..." he babbled, not even aware of the stream of words pouring out of his mouth.

 Carra and Gail were watching with rapt interest. They glanced at each other and chuckled over Adam's loud cries. "God, he likes to be loud," Carra whispered, turning to face the pair and pulling Gail into her arms. The shorter woman rested her head in the cleft between Carra's still exposed breasts as she watched Matt sucking hungrily on Adam's cock.

 Matt moaned as Adam thrust his cock deep down his throat, causing more tremors to go through the highly sensitized member. "I - I'm almost there," Adam panted, his fingers twining in Matt's loose hair. "Oh yes, keep sucking me like that! Yes baby, yes! Suck harder!" Matt increased his suction, his cheeks hollowing from the force of it. He moaned loudly as Adam came in a sudden explosion, nearly drowning the younger man as Adam's seed shot down his throat in a white hot rush. Matt swallowed it all, wiping his lips on the back of his hand as he rose to his feet. Adam was flushed from exertion, a tad of embarrassment also hitting him as he noticed the women staring at him intently, specifically at the part of him Matt had just had his lips around. He quickly reached down and snagged the waist of his pants, hurriedly pulling them up and covering himself.

 Adam noticed that Matt had slipped him hand down his own pants and was stroking himself rapidly. "Adam, could you help me with this?" Matt gasped, unzipping his pants and pulling his boxers down far enough so his manhood could escape its confinement. Adam eagerly pushed Matt's hands away and replaced them with his own, stroking Matt at a feverish pace until Matt gave a horse cry, his orgasm shooting through him.

 "Damn," was all Matt could say as he zipped himself back into his jeans. Looking around as his eyes started working again, he saw that Adam had put his shirt back on and Carra had refastened her top, although her nipples now stuck through it like tiny posts jutting out from the top of a perfectly round little hill.

 Carra frowned at her uncooperative buds for a moment, then shrugged. "It was the cold," she said with a wicked tinge to her voice, flashing a devious smile at her three companions."

 Matt rolled his eyes. "Sure, babe. I'd say it had more to do with HOT than cold," he breathed, letting his hand drift down Adam's back and clench his ass. "When we get back to the hotel, baby, I'm gonna fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for days," Matt whispered to his lover, who smiled at him in response.

 "I guess me should be getting back to the party," Carra said with a smirk, taking Gail's hand and pulling her towards the door. "There's LOTS of fun stuff you can do on the dance floor. She glanced back at Matt and Adam, then pulled a small card out of her top - where she'd had it hidden, neither man could figure out - and handed it to the nearest of the pair, which happened to be Adam. "That's my number on there," she told them with a big smile. "If you're in town again anytime soon, gimme a call. I would LOVE to do this again." With another quick smile, and a wave goodbye from Gail, the two lovers disappeared into the club.

 Matt and Adam stood in the alley, looking at each other. "Think we'll be calling?" Adam inquired, glancing at the card as he shoved it into his pocket.

 "Oh, we'll be calling," Matt replied confidently. "We will DEFINITELY be calling."


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