"Edge, no!" Christian sat on the couch in their locker room, trying to push his insistent lover away. "Edge, cut it out!" Christian insisted, squirming as the taller blonde nuzzled his crotch. "Edge, we've only got ten minutes before your match! Edge no!"

 "I'll only take five, baby, I promise," Edge murmured, reaching for his lover's zipper, which Christian quickly clapped his hand over.

 "No!" the pretty golden blonde exclaimed. "Edge, baby, if you wanna give me head, why don't you do it after your match?"

 Edge pouted. "That would mean waiting, at the very least, 15 minutes!" he exclaimed, pushing Christian's hand away and sliding down his zipper.

 "But Edge - Edge!" Christian's breathing got a little heavier as Edge sunk onto his knees next to the couch, smoothly sliding his hand into his lover's pants and drawing out his hardening cock. "Edge!" Christian objected a final time, his body quivering with desire as Edge's fingers ran skillfully up his shaft. "Later!"

 "No baby, now." Edge leaned a little closer, his hot breath puffing against Christian's exposed flesh. Christian shivered, licking his lips as he gazed down at his lover. Edge cast the pretty blonde one of his killer smiles. "Unless you don't want me to do...this?" He promptly bent his head, taking the head between his lips and sucking gently.

 "Mmm, Edge," Christian murmured, his fingers tangling in his lover's hair. "Oh baby you're so good at this! Why do you have to have such an incredible mouth? It takes away all my power to say no!"

 Edge chuckled, making Christian gasp from the vibration around his cock. The golden blonde moaned loudly, his breath coming in short gasps as Edge slid his mouth down, taking more of his cock into his hot mouth.

 "Oh baby." Christian had to bight his lip to stop from screaming, throwing his head back in pleasure as Edge deepthroated him. "Oh god!" he cried out. "Oh baby that's so good...ohhh, yes....baby...baby bring me off fast! It's almost time for your match!"

 Edge complied, rapidly bobbing his head until his lover was on the brink, alternately deepthroating him and working his throat muscles around the other man's shaft. Christian's fingers clenched in Edge's hair, his body stiffening. "Baby...oh god baby I'm coming! If you don't want to swallow, get back now!"

 Edge just chuckled, pulling his mouth off his lover with a wet pop. He wrapped one hand around his lover's cock, holding it right in front of his face, his thumb trailing over the glistening head. Christian gave a strangled cry, his body shaking as his cock spurted come, the warm, gooey substance covering Edge's face, neck, and chest.

 Edge licked his lips satisfactorily while his lover collapsed back against the couch. It took a moment before Christian could speak, the pretty blonde turning a bright smile on his kneeling lover. He bent down to kiss Edge, chuckling as he drew back. "You don't like to swallow, but you don't mind getting it all over you." Christian shook his head, still grinning. "You're strange Edge, but I love you."

 "I love you too," Edge replied, a wide grin occupying his face, until he caught sight of the clock behind the couch. "Shit, my match!" he cried, leaping to his feet and hurtling out the door.

 "Edge, you're covered with come!" Christian screamed after his lover, but to no avail. He quickly flipped on the monitor in front of the couch, bighting his nails nervously as Edge's theme music began to play and praying that no one would realize that his lover was actually speckled with come.


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