Christian was humming. Just quietly humming as he brushed out his long golden hair. Edge glanced up suspiciously from the magazine he was reading. Seeing the satisfied grin on Christian's pretty face, the tall blonde groaned, setting the magazine down.

 "Ok, what did you do now?" Edge demanded.

 Christian glanced up, blinking innocently. "Why Edge, I don't know what you mean!" he exclaimed.

 Edge groaned, now positive that Christian had done something, and probably something terrible. The pretty while, while he may have seemed harmless, actually had quite a capacity for holding grudges. And not only did he hold them, but he got payback. The ‘jokes' he played on those who insulted or angered him had been known to put the recipient out of action for months.

 Edge stood up, marching over to Christian and putting his hands on his hips. "Who is it now Christian?" he demanded sternly.

 Christian giggled. "That ugly, nasty, rodent-like thing, Storm! He and his buddy Hamster-in- Credible had the audacity to not only insult me, but SPIT at me as well! And rodent-thing called me a bimbo and pulled my hair! My beautiful golden hair!"

 Edge frowned, his face remaining stern. "You could've just told me, baby. I would've beaten the shit out of them for touching you!"

 Christian shrugged, running the brush through his hair for a few more strokes. "I prefer to handle thing my own way," he replied.

 Edge closed his eyes for a moment, knowing this was going to be bad. "Baby," he said through gritted teeth, speaking slowly, "I want you to tell me what you've done, and I want you to tell me NOW!"

 Christian looked up at his lover, a huge smile spreading across his face. "I switched their lube with super glue!" he giggled, breaking into hysterical peals of laughter.

 Edge stared at his lover in absolute horror, then snatched up his cell phone, dialing frantically. Christian only laughed harder. "It's no good!" he crooned, wiping tears from his eyes. "The rodents do it at the exact same time every night; Jeffy's been bored and he documented it. And that time was a good two hours ago, so it's too late!"

 Edge groaned, falling back into a chair and covering his eyes as Christian's gales of laughter continued. "Christian," he muttered through gritted teeth, "I just don't know how I put up with you sometimes, I really don't!"


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