The golden blonde stopped and turned upon hearing the Vince's voice. "Hey Mr. McMahon," he greeted, feeling a little confused by the anxious look on his boss' face.

 "I'm so glad you're here. We've got in important booking change to discuss," Vince stated.

 "Really? You changed who's gonna win the tag team turmoil match?" Christian asked.

 Vince shook his head. "No, it's your personal booking we've changed. I'm afraid you won't be able to partner with Lance, since he's been in an accident."

 "And accident? It isn't serious, is it?" Christian replied.

 "Uh, no." Vince cleared his throat. "There a bigger problem than that. Austin was with him, so we've got no main event!"

 "Shit," Christian cursed. "That's not good. Can I ask what happened?"

 "Um." Vince cleared his throat again, flushing a bit. "Well, it seems that they were riding to the arena together, and, erm, got into a car accident."

 "Are they in the hospital?" Christian pressed.

 "No." Vince sighed. "It was only a fender bender."

 "Then why aren't they here now? Surely if it was only - " Christian began.

 "They're in jail," Vince interrupted.

 "What????" Christian stared at his boss. "Why?"

 "Well, uh," Vince explained, "it seems that they were, well, um, fornicating, while Austin was driving, and they rear ended a police car."

 Christian stared at Vince, trying not to burst out laughing. "That is just not a picture I need in my head!" he moaned.

 "I hear you." Vince sighed again. "We've set the damage control squad on this one already. But anyway," he clapped Christian on the shoulder, "since you're partner's out, we're pulling you from the tag turmoil match."

 "Great," Christian sighed, resigning himself to yet another PPV at which he had nothing to do.

 "You'd better get to Jericho's locker room to discuss strategy," Vince informed him.

 Christian blinked. "Um, what? Why do I need to talk to Jericho?"

 "Because you're going to be facing him tonight," Vince explained.

 Christian's mouth fell open. "I'm getting a title shot???" he gasped.

 Vince gave him a look. "Do you think we'd have the champion NOT defend at PPV?"

 "But...but I..." Christian stuttered.

 "Never mind anything else, just go talk strategy!" Vince exclaimed, giving Christian a light shove down the hall.

 Christian, still stunned, made his way to Jericho's locker room. The champion was standing in front of the mirror, just tying off his braid. He smiled at Christian, settling down onto the couch and propping his feet up on the coffee table. "Hey buddy," he greeted. "I've jotted down a few ideas for our match, what do you think?" He tossed Christian a notepad.

 Christian scanned over it, nodding in approval. "Sounds great Chris. But, um..." He frowned. "It says here that I pin you!"

 "Uh huh." Chris nodded. "I'm kinda tired of lugging these things around. Being a whiny champion is getting old, so I figured I'd pass it on to you."

 "But, Chris, I'm SURE Mr. McMahon said that you were supposed to retain!" Christian exclaimed.

 "Aw screw that." Chris shrugged dismissively. "Vince won't mind if I change it. He is my Big Daddy, after all. I'll make sure he doesn't mind at all." He wiggled his tongue obscenely at Christian, chuckled when the pretty blonde blushed.

 "Chris, this is the main event, I think Vince WILL care," Christian argued. "I don't know why Vince even put me in this match, but there's no way I'm supposed to win it!"

 Chris sighed, scowling at his younger friend. "Well you're no fun at all!" he exclaimed, slinging his championship belts over his shoulders and stomping over to the door. "Fine, I'll retain, but under protest!" he shot back over his shoulder as he marched out of the room.

Later that night, Christian was standing in the ring, in the middle of his match against Jericho. It had been a fabulous, fast-paced matched which all the fans seemed to be really into. Chris maneuvered Christian into the Walls of Jericho, the submission ending they had planned out, but before Christian could tap out, Jericho released the hold, acting as though Christian had somehow knocked him off balance.

 "Chris, what the hell are you doing?" Christian hissed as his opponent tumbled to the mat.

 "Doing the ending I want!" Chris whispered back. "Now do some move like an elbow drop on me and pin me!"

 "No, I can't!" Christian exclaimed. "You're supposed to - "

 "You'd better do it, and soon, because I'm not getting up!" Chris hissed. "Do it now before the fans realize something's up!"

 Hesitantly, Christian stood up, hitting the proposed elbow drop on the champion, then covering him. The confused ref looked between them for a moment, then dropped to the mat and counted the one-two-three. Christian felt a little dizzy as he rose to his feet, the ref raising his hand in the air and presenting him with the two belts of the Unified Championship. The crowd was cheering loudly, chanting out "Christian! Christian! Christian!"

 While Christian stood in a daze, a figure appeared on top of the ramp, swiftly jogging down the ramp and sliding into the ring. "Edge!" Christian exclaimed, staring at his former partner.

 Edge took slow steps towards him, just standing gazing at him. Then, a huge smile broke out across his face. "Congratulations baby!" he cried, pulling Christian into his arms and twirling the smaller blonde around in the air. "I'm so proud of you baby! I'm so damn proud!" he stated, setting Christian down and admiring the pretty blonde's new belts.

 Christian blushed when he realized that the audience, as well as screaming their heads off at the incredible reunion, had begun to chant "kiss him". Edge was grinning as he listened. He raised his eyebrows, then swooped in and captured Christian's lips with his own. The audience went wild, cheering even louder than before. Christian was blushing even harder by the time they drew apart, his embarrassment heightened by the scattered "fuck him" chants from the audience.

 "Come on baby," Edge murmured, wrapping his arms around Christian's back. "Let's go have our own little party." He led Christian to the ring apron, pausing before they exited to kiss him once more.

"Mmmm, Edge," Christian moaned. He opened his eyes, blinking when he came face to face with Edge's gorgeous countenance, which was positioned directly above him. It took him another moment to realize that he was lying in bed in a dark hotel room.

 "Dreaming about us, baby?" Edge purred, scattering kisses across his lover's jaw.

 Christian chuckled, wrapping his arms around Edge's neck. "I had the coolest dream!" he murmured. "It started off in the weirdest way. I was arriving at the arena, and Vince told me that Lance and Austin had been arrested for rear-ending a police car, which happened because they were having sex - "

 "Is that what they did?" Edge chuckled. "What idiots!"

 Christian blinked. "Wait, what?"

 "That's the reason they were arrested?" Edge clarified.

 "They were?" Christian frowned.

 "Well, yeah." Edge gave him a funny look. "That's why your match was changed, remember?"

 Christian just stared at his lover. Then, he eyes shifted onto the nightstand...and there sat the belts of the Unified Championship.


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