The room was filled with moans, an occasional cutting through the sounds of passion. Soft voices murmured each other's names as the two men explored each others' bodies.

 "Oh Kurt. Oh baby, mmmmm."

 "Oh baby that feels so good. Ooh, more. Yes, ooh. Oh god Shane."

 Edge sat up, frowning down at his lover. "Shane?"

 Kurt Angle bit his lip, a sheepish smile on his face. "Er, I mean Edge. I'm sorry baby."

 "And why are you calling my Shane?" Edge demanded, his hands sliding over Kurt's chest and massaging the Olympian's nipples.

 "I - mmmm that feels good," Kurt moaned, closing his eyes. "I've just got him on my mind after tonight, baby. It did take us a while to plan that match, you know. I worked hard on it."

 "And what about our match?" Edge murmured, his lips scattering kisses across Kurt's chest.

 "Highlight of my night, baby," Kurt replied, his breathing getting heavier as Edge took one of his pert nipples between his lips. "Oh god Edge don't stop," he moaned.

 Edge glanced up, releasing the erect bud for only a moment. "Keep talking to me about tonight, baby," he whispered, lowering his mouth to tease Kurt's nipple again.

 "I - ooh - oh baby it felt so great to see your hand raised in victory," Kurt murmured. "I had to stop myself for running up and hugging you. I wanted to smile so bad. I wanted to give you a huge hug and make love to you right there on the mat, in front of all those fans.

 Edge chuckled, raising his head again. "Well that certainly would've turned some heads," he commented. One hand continued to massage Kurt's nipple, the other sneaking down the Olympian's stomach. He leaned in close, nibbling gently at Kurt's earlobe. "Keep talking to me," he pleaded, "I love it when you talk dirty to me, baby."

 "Mmm, and I love to talk dirty, considering the treatment it gets me," Kurt replied with a grin. He glanced at a nearby chair, which help Edge's winning from the night. "I'll keep talking in a moment baby, but there's something you can do for me." Kurt raised his eyebrows craftily.

 Edge chuckled. "I can guess." He slid down under the sheets, taking Kurt's erect member between his lips. Kurt gasped, his breathing getting still heavier. He clutched the sheets, a look of pure joy crossing his features as he thrust into Edge's talented mouth. After a moment Edge drew back, sliding back up Kurt's body and laying on his chest. He chuckled at the disappointed look on his lover's face, tracing his finger along Kurt's pouting lip. "Well you didn't think I was gonna let you come yet, did you?" he admonished, shaking his fair head. His golden tresses were tumbling over his face, making him the picture of desire and beauty.

 Kurt shivered as he looked into that beautiful face, feeling his desire for the gorgeous blonde grow stronger. "Tease," he murmured.

 "But you love it," Edge shot back, scattering kisses across the Olympian's neck.

 "Do I ever." Kurt let his hands slide down Edge's back, running over the silky skin of his buttocks, caressing the sensitive flesh.

 Edge gasped as Kurt's finger brushed against his opening, teasing it with the lightest of touches. "Oh Kurt, I want you," the blonde whispered, nipping at Kurt's throat gently. He spread his legs slightly, his knees sliding down to either side of Kurt's hips. "I'm your new king, baby, you better show me a good time," he chuckled.

 "Oh, I will." Kurt grinned, brushing his lover's opening again.

 Edge moaned, his kisses growing more heated. "I'm ready baby. I'm so ready."

 "Hang on a moment. There's still something I want you to do for me," Kurt cooed, pushing Edge back just a bit. Their chests were still pressed together, the heat generated from that contact alone enough to make Kurt swoon.

 Edge pouted, one of his adorable pouts that drove Kurt wild. "I already did that," he whined, beginning to kiss his lover again. "I want you inside me baby."

 "Oh, I will be," Kurt promised." But first - " He looked to the chair again, then back to Edge. "Can you put on your crown and cloak, baby?"

 Edge raised his eyebrows. "Wouldn't that be kinda kinky?"

 "Kind of?" Kurt chuckled wickedly. "I would consider it full blown kinky, but whatever you say."

 "Hey." Edge slapped Kurt's chest playfully. "You wanna get laid tonight, don't you?"

 "You bet I do." Kurt grinned impishly. "And considering how horny you are, baby, I don't think there's any question that I will. Maybe even a few times."

 Edge looked at Kurt, challenge blazing in his beautiful eyes. "A few times, eh? I could go for that, assuming you can handle that."

 Kurt smiled. "I can handle it, baby. Trust me, I can handle it. But you have to wear your kingly adornments."

 Edge laughed and rolled his eyes. "Ok, fine. I'll get them, you get the lube." He shot Kurt a sultry glance, then hopping out of bed and picked up his garments. Kurt snatched the lube quickly, squirting a bit into his hand to warm it, then scooting down to the end of the bed to give Edge room. Edge gave him a look which made him ache with desire, then he placed the crown onto his head, taking the cloak and throwing it around his shoulders, running the soft fabric across his bare tan skin. Then he stood still for a moment, flashing Kurt a killer smile. "Five second pose," he stated, throwing the edge of the cloak back off his shoulder so Kurt had a full view of his naked body.

 Kurt's breath caught in his throat. He was breathing heavily, his desire and need for the stunning blonde increasing with every sweep of his eyes over his lover's body. "Come here baby," he growled, his voice low and husky.

 Edge raised his eyebrows, sauntering over and crawling onto the bed, moving onto his hands and knees at the head of the bed. "I presume I'll get the royal treatment?" he questioned, putting on a snobbish accent.

 Kurt just chuckled, spreading the lube over his fingers. He folded the cloak up so it's folds rested over the blonde's back, revealing his smooth, perfect ass. Barely daring the breathe, Kurt let his finger trail over Edge's opening, one finger gently pushing inside. Edge moaned, spreading his legs apart a little wider. Kurt moved his finger in and out a few times, loving the silky feel of Edge's walls around him. Gently he slid in another finger, stretching his lover a bit more before inserting a third. He slid the digits deep into Edge's body, quickly finding the spot he was looking for.

 Edge's reaction was instantanious as Kurt bumped his sweet spot. He threw his head back, a loud moan slipping through his lips. "Kurt!" he cried, his every breath becoming more of a gasp for air as Kurt repeatedly bumped the same spot, sending hot sparks of pleasure through his body. "Kurt! Now!" Edge moaned, his hips rocking back against the other man's fingers. "Now!"

 Kurt quickly removed his fingers, thoroughly coating his achingly erect member with lube. He positioned himself at Edge's entrance, pushing the tip of his cock inside the warm passage. Edge was resting on his elbows, his face buried in the pillows. His moan could still be heard, his body rocking back against Kurt, wanting more. Kurt put his hands on the blonde's hips to steady him, pushing in as quickly as he could without hurting his lover. They were both panting loudly by the time he was fully seated. Kurt closed his eyes, his mind swimming from the feel of his cock buried in Edge's sweet, hot flesh.

 "Baby," Edge gasped, his voice muffled by the pillow. "Talk dirty to me baby."

 "Whatever you want." Kurt began to thrust in and out, his speech punctuate by moans as pleasure filled him. "I love how you feel around me baby. So warm, so smooth, so wonderful. I love it when I'm inside of you. It's a feeling a want everywhere, all the time. I want to throw you over a table at breakfast, a chair in the airport, the steps outside the ring, and make love to you, make love to you for hours on end."

 "Yes. Yes. Oh god Kurt, yes!" Edge cried, his voice heavy with passion. He rocked back against Kurt, his hands unconsciously stroking the sides of the crown as Kurt hit his sweet spot over and over. Kurt had to bite his lips to stop from coming, the site being one of the hottest things he had ever seen. "Touch me Kurt," Edge gasped, "I'm almost there! Touch me!"

 Kurt didn't still the action of his hips for one moment. He reached around a took Edge's straining cock in both hand, stroking it in time with his rapid thrusts. He could feel his orgasm building, the wonderful sensation starting in his abdomen and growing more and more intense. He was panting as the pleasure began to consume him, spreading throughout his entire body.

 "Oh, YESSSSS!" Edge screamed, his cry simultaneous with Kurt's. Both their bodies began to shake, white hot pleasure flooding through every nerve of both men's bodies. Kurt collapsed as his orgasm began to recede, collapsing onto Edge's trembling body. His sweaty chest pressed against the fabric of Edge's cloak, the breath thundering in his lungs.

 Edge moaned softly, his body going limp. For a moment the only sound in the room was the heavy breathing of both men. After a moment, Edge swallowed and spoke. "Oh baby, that was so good," he groaned. "You feel so good inside me. You always know just how to touch me! And you always hit it, baby. Every time."

 Kurt took a deep breath. "It's you, baby. You make me wanna love you the best that I can. You drive me absolutely wild, everything about you."

 "Do I?" Edge managed to roll over without displacing Kurt from on top of him. His long legs wound about the Olympian's waist, pulling their hips together. "Show me again, baby," Edge murmured, trailing kissing over Kurt's neck. "You said more than once. I want you again, baby."

 Kurt grinned, taking hold of Edge's wrists and pinning them to the bed. "Well you're gonna get more, baby," he whispered, meeting Edge's lips for a passionate kiss. His positioned his hips so his cock was pressed against Edge's opening, the tip just barely inside. "You want more of this?" he breathed, thrusting his hips very gently. A bit more of his length slid inside of Edge's waiting body.

 Edge's head pressed back against the pillows, his mouth open in need. His golden hair was splayed out beneath him like a halo, his chest beginning to move heavily again. "Oh yes," he moaned, arching his back to try and impale himself further. "Oh god Kurt, more! Now!"

 Kurt grinned. "Yes your highness," he murmured, slowly sliding in further.

 "Dirty," Edge whispered, "Talk dirty."

 Kurt busied himself with kissing every inch of Edge's face as he began to thrust his hips. "You better by prepared for a passion filled night baby," he breathed. "You're not gonna be doing any sleeping on this night! I'm gonna make love to you like this, then you're gonna ride me baby, then I'll take you up against the headboard, and on your stomach, then your hands and knees, and on you're back again. And by the time I'm done you'll fall asleep in my arms just as the sun is rising, the most exhausted king on the planet."

 All Edge could do in response was moan.


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