Scotty pulled up to the arena, a big smile on his face. He had been gone for what felt like forever, but tonight he was finally going to see his lover again. He had made sure to wear the outfit Brian had always liked best on him, and he had left his hair down, letting the soft strands brush against the top of his ears. Brian preferred it to be soft and touchable whenever they weren't in the ring.

 It had taken Scotty weeks to work up the courage to simply show up at an event, but he had done it. He was planning to surprise his lover with a wonderful, romantic night. He had made reservations at one of the nicest restaurants in the city, Italian, Brian's favorite, then had booked them a private room at a nice, quiet hotel. He hoped that Brian would want to go there and make love after dinner. Scotty was the kind of guy who never liked to ask for things like that, since he didn't want Brian to think he liked sex more than romance. Still, they hadn't been together in weeks, and he body was aching with need.

 He opened the back door of the car and picked up the large bouquet of flowers he had purchased, straightening a few blossoms to make sure it looked perfect, then headed into the arena to find his lover.

"Oh, Steve!" Brian moaned as he was shoved back against the lockers, Steve Blackman's hard body pressing tightly against his. "Ooh, oh yes," Brian murmured, meeting Steve's kisses as the dark-haired man explored his body with his hands. "Oh, more baby." He wrapped his arms around Steve's waist, running his hand over Steve's firm ass, which was covered by only a pair of thin blue shorts.

 Brian had discovered that Steve, while normally restrained and quiet around others, was in fact a passionate and often spontaneous lover. This was hardly the first time passion had overcome them in the locker room. He moaned as Steve's tongue slipped into his mouth, exploring every crevice while at the same time his hands worked Brian's pants down over his hips. Brian pulled at Steve's shorts, groaning when the fabric slid down and Steve's hard, erect cock brushed against his own.

 "Oh god baby." Brian fumbled around on the bench for lube, not parting his lips from Steve's for one second. His fingers grasped the bottle, pushing it into Steve's more than capable hands. Steve grinned, continuing to explore Brian's body with one hand while the other flipped open the bottle, spreading a fair amount of the slippery substance on his fingers. One hand trailed down Brian's back, a single digit extending and running down the cleft of his ass.

 Brian moaned, nodding emphatically as his breath became more labored in his chest. He had to bite his lip as a finger slipped inside of him. He inched his legs apart a little wider, spreading them as far apart as he could while standing. He rocked his hips back, impaling himself further on Steve's single digit, which was soon joined by a second.

 "Now baby," Brian panted, feeling more than ready to feel the dark-haired man inside of him. "God, now!" Steve withdrew his fingers, pushing their hips together so that the head of his cock brushed against Brian's opening. Brian groaned, wrapping his arms around Steve's neck and urging him on, pleading for more. He knew Steve loved it when he begged, and after only a few pleas he was rewarded by the feeling of Steve's thick, hard member penetrating his body. His breath caught in his throat, his eyes fluttering closed momentarily at the brief pain.

 "So tight," Steve groaned, making Brian open his eyes again. He licked his lips, his desire only heightened by Steve's passion hazed eyes. Steve began to thrust his hips, Brian arching forward to meet his thrusts, their breathing becoming thick and labored, moans filling the air. "Baby," Steve panted, asking for Brian's attention. Brian turned his eyes to him, making a face when he saw the nunchucks Steve held in his hand.

 "Oh not the nunchucks again," he groaned, but a hard thrust of Steve's hips silenced his complaints in a moan. He reached for the bottle of lube and squirted some over the end of the nunchuck, his other hand sneaking around to press into Steve's entrance. In all honesty he didn't really mind Steve's fetish for using karate equipment for kinky sex play. He himself had had some extremely pleasurable experiences with it at Steve's hands. He stretched his lover out, all the while moaning as Steve continued to thrust into him, then grasped the nunchuck firmly and began to slide it into his partner. Steve moaned, his face a mask of pleasure. Brian's eyes were locked on his partner's face, fascinated by this wild, passionate, completely unrestrained side of him. He began to thrust the nunchuck in time with Steve's thrusts, their loud moans mingling in the air around them.

Scotty walked down the hall, bringing the bouquet up to his nose to inhale the flowers' sweet perfume. It was Brian's favorite kind, and he was sure his lover would like them. He stopped to ask a surprised looking Chris Jericho where Brian's locker room was, pausing for a few minutes to chat with the friendly blonde. After explaining to Chris why he was at the arena, the blonde wished him the best of luck, then directed him down the hall. Scotty thanked him, then headed to Brian's room.

 Scotty paused in front of the door, straightening his shirt and making sure the flowers still looked perfect. Taking a deep breath, he put on a broad smile and pushed open the door. His jaw nearly hit the floor from the site he saw. His lover, his sweet Brian, was pinned against the lockers, a wild-eyed Steve Blackman thrusting into him at a crazy pace. Brian's hand was wrapped around a nunchuck, which he saw sliding in and out of Steve's ass. Both were moaning loudly, far too engrossed in each other to notice him.

 The flowers fell from Scotty's hand, landing in the heap just inside the doorway. Scotty turned around, stumbling out of the room. His mind was reeling. He didn't know what to think about what he'd just seen. One thing he was sure about, however, was the deep, ripping pain seeming to tear through his heart. Blindly he stumbled into the nearest locker room, collapsing into a corner and burying his head in his hands, sobbing uncontrollably.

 He was too upset to notice that the room was occupied. The occupants, who had been making out on the pleather couch, looked at each other. Hunter mouthed something to Christian, then nodded towards to door. Christian nodded, standing and approaching Scotty while his lover tiptoed out of the room. He was the more sensitive one in their relationship, and he didn't mind comforting duties being left to him. He knelt beside Scotty, gently touching the distraught man's shoulder.

 Scotty jumped, turning red-rimmed eyes to the golden blonde. "Hey, are you ok?" Christian asked, knowing as he said it what a stupid question it was. "What are you doing here? I thought you were out right now."

 Scotty shook his head, pulling his knees up to his chest and wrapping his arms around them, then burying his face once again. "Go away," he sobbed. "Just go away."

 Christian chewed his lip, contemplating whether he should heed Scotty's request. He decided against it, knowing it was a bad idea to ever leave a person in this condition alone. "Scotty, honey, let me move you to the couch, ok?" Christian said softly. He hooked his hands under Scotty's arms, the other man not fighting him as he was lead over to the black pleather couch and gently set down on the cushions. He was no longer sobbing, but was still sniffing and breathing raggedly, his eyes red and puffy from all his tears. Seeing that Scotty wasn't ready to talk yet, Christian simply pulled him into his arms, letting the other man take comfort from the warmth of his body. Scotty rested his head on Christian's shoulder, slowly beginning to calm down and think normally again.

After a bit more consoling, Scotty finally got enough control over himself to talk to Christian. He told him everything that had happened that night, as well as things that had happened before. Things like Brian being more brief with him in their conversations, always sounding like there was something else he would rather be doing. He talked to Christian for hours, telling him everything that he was feeling. He had been sure that what Brian and he had was true love, and now he felt like his world had been shattered. His heart seemed to be lying in a million bloody, unrepairable pieces. Christian soothed him as best he could, even offering to let him spend the night at his and Hunter's hotel room.

 Scotty felt comforted by the golden blonde's concern. He went back to the hotel with him, making it abundantly clear that he wasn't ready to confront his now ex-boyfriend. He went back home early the next morning, relieved that he didn't run into either Brian or Steve. Christian had given him his cell phone number, and he called every night, building up strength through their conversations. It was two weeks later that Christian finally convinced him to call Brian.

Scotty sat by the phone, staring at his, his hands frozen. He didn't want to talk to his unfaithful lover, but he knew he had to. Taking a long, deep breath, he made himself pick up the receiver and dial.

 Brian was in his locker room grooving to some music when his cell phone rang. "‘Low?" he asked as he filled open the phone, wishing that Steve would get out of the bathroom soon so they could play some more. When he heard Scotty's voice, he internally groaned, trying to hurry through the call. "Hey baby, I haven't heard from ya in ages! How ya been?"

 "Not so good." Scotty took another deep breath. "Brian, I saw you."

 "Saw me? Well why didn't ya say hi then?" Brian asked, still dancing to the music.

 "I saw you with him."

 Brian froze, swallowing. He abruptly switched off the music and sat down. "What do you mean baby? Who?"

 "You and Blackman, dammit!" Scotty clenched his fists, trying to keep his temper under control.

 "Aw, that's just a gimmick thing baby! You don't actually think - " Brian began, trying to cover.

 "I came to a show two weeks ago," Scotty continued. "I saw you with him, fucking him! How could you do this? How could you do this to me? God, I thought you loved me!"

 Brian was silent for a moment. Then he sighed, squeezing his eyes close. "I'm sorry baby," he whispered. "I know it was wrong. I never meant for this to happen. But - well after they started putting us together on camera, we started hanging out afterwards to, and I found out that Steve's a really cool guy. It just happened one night, and it just felt so right, I let it keep happening. I'm so sorry Scotty, but I think I'm in love with him."

 "Oh." Scotty took a deep breath, feeling a bit calmer than before. "You should've told me."

 "I know. I'm sorry."

 "It's ok." Scotty sighed. "At least you admitted it. Were you ever going to tell me?"

 "I was going to baby, I swear I was. When you came back, maybe. I was planning to tell you next time we saw each other. God Scotty, I'm sorry! You're my best friend, buddy. Please tell me we can still be friends? I know it's not fair of me to ask, but I don't wanna lose you."

 Scotty took a deep breath. Surprisingly, this didn't hurt as much as he had expected. It helped that Brian had been honest with him, and he was glad that it was love instead of a cheap fling. He realized that in the past two weeks he had gone a long way towards getting over Brian's betrayal. "I think we can be," he answered after a moment. "It'll take some time, but we can be. And there's something else." Scotty took another deep breath. "I think I'm in love with someone else too."

 "Really?" Brian sounded surprised. "Oh. Well, um, I guess this is best for both of us, then. Can I ask...can I ask who it is?"

 Scotty smiled, a dreamy look coming across his face. "Christian," he replied, "I'm in love with Christian."

A few days later, Scotty was bustling about his house, making sure everything looked perfect. The WWF was in town that night, and he had made plans with Christian after the show. He had told the golden blonde he wanted to say thank you for all his support though out his ordeal. He was making dinner and had bought some beautiful flowers for Christian. He planned to tell Christian how he felt about him after dinner.

 A knock on the door signaled Christian's arrival. Beaming brightly, Scotty walked over to the door and pulled it open, warmly embracing the man standing there. Christian smiled and asked him how he was doing. He seemed surprised when Scotty presented him with the flowers, but kept smiling. They talked about a various things over dinner, Scotty lighting a few candles to make it more romantic. After the meal, they moved onto the couch to talk some more. Scotty hung on every word Christian said, gazing deep into the gold blonde's eyes. He felt an overwhelming urge to kiss him, finally giving in to it and leaning forward, barely touching his lips to Christian's before the other man pulled away.

 "Scotty, what are you doing?" Christian asked, looking confused and rather uncomfortable.

 "Just this." Scotty leaned in and captured the blonde's lips for another second.

 Christian drew back with a start, staring wide-eyed at Scotty. "Um, look Scotty, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression, but I'm in a relationship. A committed one."

 "But I love you," Scotty breathed, raising his hand to gently caress Christian's cheek. "I love you, Christian."

 Christian shook his head, standing up and pacing. "God I didn't mean for this to happen," he said, shaking his head. "Scotty, look, you might think that you're in love with me now, but you're not. You were hurt, and I comforted you. What you feel towards me is gratitude, affection, but not love. Give it a little time and you'll see that."

 Scotty was silent, letting Christian's words sink in. "You may be right," he whispered at last. "I don't think I'm ready to get involved with anyone again. Not for a while. I'm sorry."

 "It's ok." Christian sat back down, taking Scotty's hand in his. "You'll fall in love again, Scotty. And I promise I'll be there for you once it happens and up until the time it does."

 Scotty smiled, glad again for Christian's comfort. "Thank you, Christian," he whispered. "I can't thank you enough." He pulled the golden blonde into a hug, holding him tightly. Christian returned it, letting Scotty have the comfort he needed.

A few months later, Scotty was back on his feet and back at work. He and Brian were taking their time to rebuild their friendship, but both were sure that they could regain what they had before they got involved. Christian was still there for him when he needed, and he was there for Christian when he and Hunter decided to adopt a child.

 Scotty has decided to take a break from dating. He hadn't seen anyone since he and Brian had ended it, but he thought that given a bit more time he would be ready again. He had noticed Chris Jericho casting a few glances his way when he thought no one was looking. Despite Y2J's flamboyant in-ring personality, he was extremely shy backstage. Scotty like the idea of exploring something with Jericho, and he knew Chris would want to take it slow. For the moment, he was happy by himself. He once again felt healthy, happy, and whole.


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