"Turn to the left. Yes. Yes, just like that!" The camera clicked several times. "Damn, baby, are you hot!"

 "Do I look sexy?" Matt giggled, doing an exaggerated pout into the camera and wrapping his arms around his chest, cupping his pecs like a woman would cup her chest.

 "Stop that," Edge chided. "That just looks silly."

 "Are you sure?" Matt threw back his long raven locks, pouting still more at the camera and the man behind it.

 "Well...what the heck." Edge snapped a few more. He took one last picture of Matt on all fours crawling towards the camera, then the camera clicked and began to make a whirring sound, signaling that it had reached the end of the film and was rewinding itself. "Well, that's it," Edge announced, setting the camera down on the nearest surface.

 "That was pretty fun," Matt admitted. "I'm glad I let you talk me into it."

 "Me too." Edge patted the camera happily. "I can't wait to get these babies developed! Finally, something to keep me sane when I have to go on tours without you."

 "We always had phone sex," Matt pointed out, twirling a dark lock of hair around his finger, his tongue darting out to lick his lips as his eyes traveled over his lover's body, which was covered only by a tight fitting pair of jeans.

 "Yeah, but I can't always reach you, and there's no visual aid." Edge sighed happily, pulling out the binder which had been holding back his crazy blonde mane and shaking his head, making his hair fly all over.

 Matt licked his lips again, leaning back against the headboard in what he hoped was a sexy pose. He frowned when Edge didn't even see, having turned around a second too soon. His frown deepened when he saw that he lover was headed for the bathroom. "Baby?" he pouted.

 Edge turned, giving Matt a beautiful smile. "Yeah babe?"

 "Aren't we gonna - you know?" Matt raised his eyebrows suggestively. "I mean, that was the purpose of me posing nude for you, right? To be sexy and to lead to a really *inspired* night?"

 Edge chuckled. "Baby, I told you, I took those photos for me when we're apart! I was just gonna brush my teeth and quickly hop into the shower before heading to bed. We've got a busy day tomorrow, as always. We don't have to make love."

 Matt looked annoyed, abandoning his sexy pose as he sat up to frown at his lover. "Edge, it's not that we *have* to make love. It's that I *want* to make love! You made me feel so sexy, and I really want to show you how much I appreciate it!" He lay back on the bed, shooting Edge a seductive look and running his fingers deliberately down one smooth hip.

 Edge licked his lips, glancing at the bathroom, then at Matt, carefully weighing his options. On the one hand, he was tired and did want a good night's sleep. On the other hand....his boyfriend was lying in bed naked, stunningly beautiful and wanting him. Much as he valued sleep, a night of passion with the gorgeous Matt Hardy was hardly something he was prepared to turn down.

 "That's right," Matt purred as Edge strode slowly towards the bed. "Come here baby." He rose up on his knees as Edge reached the bed, the young man's arms winding around Edge's neck once the blonde was in reach. They shared a passionate kiss, their bodies pressed tightly together. Matt's excitement was clearly visible in his unclothed state, and despite his jeans, Edge was starting to show the signs of arousal as well.

 "Do you want me to go down on you, or do you want to go right to the really sweet stuff?" Matt asked in a low, sexy purr, his hands moving to undo his lover's jeans.

 Edge swallowed, his breath becoming a bit uneven as Matt slid his jeans down, along with his customary thong. "I could take a little of the going down," he breathed, letting out a loud moan as Matt's lips instantly closed about the head of his shaft. "God that feels good," he gasped, moving his hands to lightly grasp Matt's hair. He let out more moans of pleasure as Matt took him deeper, beginning to bounce his head up and down in a nice steady rhythm. He groaned in complaint when his lover's dark head withdrew after a moment.

 "Sorry baby," Matt murmured, grinning cheekily up at the flushed blonde. "But I had to save some for this." He turned around, dropping down onto his hands and knees, leaving his ass facing Edge and high up in the air.

 Edge raised an eyebrow, hardly used to such a display from his long time lover. "You really are feeling different tonight, aren't you babe?" he chuckled.

 "Uh huh." Matt waggled his tongue at his lover. "I feel sexy as hell! Now come on, ride me!"

 Edge bit his lip, suppressing any further words of surprise. "One sec baby, let me get out supplied," he murmured, quickly striding over to his bag and pulling out their intimacy' pouch, which contained lube and condoms. He quickly returned to the bed, settling onto the mattress next to Matt. He pulled out their regular lube and popped it open, but before he could apply any Matt took it from him and chucked it back into the bag.

 "Not that one," Matt purred. "Use the bright pink strawberry lube!"

 Edge looked a little unsure, but reached into the pouch and took out the unopened bottle, which had been given to them by friends months ago, and had yet to be tested even once. "Are you kidding?" Edge questioned timidly.

 Matt gave him a wicked grin. "Come on Edge, we need a more exciting sex life! I think using a kinkier lube is a good start at least."

 "Well, ok." Edge bit his lip, quickly opening the bottle and squirting some onto his fingers. He blinked as Matt raised his hips into the air, spreading his legs wantonly. The tall blonde swallowed again, making sure his fingers were nice and slick before gently slipping one into Matt.

 The Hardy moaned as the digit slid into him. "That feels great baby," he moaned, working himself on Edge's finger. "Put another one in! Stretch me good!"

 Edge, still feeling a little ill at ease with Matt's uncharacteristic behavior, slowly inserted a second digit, then a third as the Hardy begged him for it. "Ready?" he questioned after he felt enough preparation had been done.

 "Yes," Matt groaned, moaning again as Edge's fingers slipped out of him. "God am I! Ride me Edge! Ride me so hard I forget my name and can only scream yours! Ride me like a wild bucking bronco you have to tame! Ride me so hard I can barely walk tomorrow!"

 "You have to wrestle tomorrow," Edge chastised, pulling the condoms out of the pouch.

 "No!" Matt snatched the rubbers and threw them clear across the room. "Bareback me baby!"

 "Matt!" Edge cried, looking appalled. "We always have safe sex!"

 Matt rolled his eyes. "How long have we been together Edge?"

 "Three years in a month," Edge supplied.

 "And how many other people have you had sex with in that time!"

 "None!" Edge cried, looking scandalized at the thought.

 "Right! Ditto for me, and I'm sure as hell not gonna get pregnant, so there's absolutely no reason for us to use protection, is there?"

 "You told me you feel better in the morning if we do," Edge replied, as close to a pout as he ever got.

 "Well sometimes I do, but tonight I don't want anything but you inside me!" Matt announced determinedly, thrusting his hips pointedly at his lover. "Come on baby, just forget about everything else and RIDE ME!"

 Edge took a deep breath, and did his best to let his inhibitions slip away as he let it out. A wide, feral grin broke out across his face. "You want it hard and bare, you got it," he growled, quickly slathering some strawberry lube onto his hard cock and positioning himself between Matt's legs, putting one hand and Matt's hip and burying the other in the Hardy's dark mane. "You want it hard?" he breathed, moving his hips forward and pushing just the head of his shaft inside Matt's body.

 "Yes," Matt groaned, already spinning with ecstacy from the stimulating evening.

 "And deep?" Edge pressed, slipping in another inch.

 "Yes!" Matt cried, growing mad with desire at the feel of his lover slowly penetrating him.

 "And hot and wild and intense?" Edge slid in still further.

 "Yes! Yes all that! God Edge, ride me, do me, stuff me, pound me, fuck me!" he shrieked, letting out a moan as Edge did just that, the tall blonde beginning and jerk his hips in a fast, pounding rhythm. Matt was writhing in ecstacy in only seconds, his back arching and hips thrusting madly as Edge pounded into him, the blonde firmly gripping his lover's hair as he rode him hard. Matt tossed his head as much as he could, screaming his lover's name in utter ecstacy, his every remaining thought quickly diverted to pushing back his climax. He couldn't help letting go first, the feeling of his lover taking him so aggressively turning him on more than he knew he could be. He felt his muscles clamp down on Edge as his orgasm sent wave after wave of hot, searing pleasure through him. The feeling of Edge coming directly inside him only intensified the feeling, making him weak with ecstacy.

 He couldn't help but collapse, so out of breath he thought for a moment that he couldn't breath at all. He finally managed a shallow, shuddering breath, noting as his thoughts returned that Edge had collapsed beside him. They lay in wonderfully satiated silence for a few minutes, both needing the time to catch their breath and rearrange their mental functions.

 "Damn," Edge murmured at last. "You know in our three years, I don't think we've ever had sex that hot!"

 Matt chuckled, rolling over and laying his head on his man's smooth chest. "That's because we're both nice boys," he chuckled. "We try to make it all too clean."

 "Well, I like nice boys," Edge stated, brushing a strand of hair off Matt's flushed cheek. "That's part of why I love you so much. You're gorgeous and sexy, but in a classy sort of way."

 Matt sighed happily, closing his eyes and rubbing his cheek against Edge's chest. "One thing I love about you is how you're always a gentleman," he murmured. "You treat me with respect and do sweet old fashioned things like hold the door open for me."

 "Anything for my baby," Edge affirmed, pressing a kiss to Matt's temple.

 Matt's smile grew wider still. "I love you, Edge," he whispered.

 "I love you Matt." Edge gave Matt another light kiss on the temple, wrapping his arms tightly about the smaller man's body and closing his eyes. "Night."

 "Night," Matt returned, already half asleep, and feeling as near to heaven as he ever had been in the arms of the man he considered his one true love.


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