Pirate Monkeys
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash and mention of adult films
Characters: Shannon Moore, Alex Shelley
Summery: Shannon. Alex’s stuff. Boredom.
Note: My ditzy Shannon muse decided he wanted a piece of Alex, and here it is! This is a goofy little piece, enjoy!
Note II: Can you imagine Shannon and Alex as a couple? Talk about high energy twinkiness! *bg*
Written 3/21/08

Shannon bounced happily into Alex’s arms as the door opened, giving his boyfriend a big welcome home kiss. “I missed you!” Shannon cooed, grinning brightly at Alex.

“I missed you too, baby.” Alex dropped his travel bag, wrapping his arms around Shannon’s neck for a longer kiss. “Mmm. Normally it’s you coming home from shows, but I like getting this welcome.”

“I was SO board without you here,” Shannon murmured. “I have three whole days off, and you weren’t here for a whole one of them!”

“M’sorry, baby.” Alex found his way into a chair, welcoming Shannon into his lap and nibbling happily on the blonde’s ear. “What’d ya do?”

“Oh, I explored,” Shannon chirped, stroking his hands appreciatively down Alex’s chest. “I found what you keep in the bottom drawer of your dresser, under your suit pants.”

Alex flushed, clearing his throat. “Uh. That was a joke. Chris bought it for me last April Fools Day.”

“And you didn’t even open it.” Shannon giggled. “Oh! And I found your pirates movie, too!”

“You - ” Alex sat up straight. “You found that!”

“Yeah. It was great! I thought it was a spinoff of the one with Johnny Depp at first, but he wasn’t in it. I wish they’d make more movies like that, though! It was like a regular movie, but you actually get to see the sex! Can you image if the Johnny movie was like that? Jack Sparrow, on a ship alone with Will Turner…nothing around them but sea…the course is set, nothing to do…” Shannon giggled again. “Now if Jack and Will were in your movie, it would be perfect! But it was still great! I like the ditsy captain who fucked those two blonde whores in the brothel.”

“Uh. Right, that pirate movie.” Alex cleared his throat, quite relieved that what Shannon had found was a well produced adult video, not the one he, Johnny, and Kevin had shot.

“If I were in that movie,” Shannon continued, “I’d be that pirate hunter chick who fucks everybody. She rocks.”

“Did - did you watch my entire porn collection?” Alex stammered, a little embarrassed that his lover had been getting into his private things.

Shannon threw his head back and laughed. “Are you kidding? You were only gone one day!” He grinned wickedly. “I did watch the footage on your camera, though. You sure got a sweet thing going on in TNA! I wonder if I started carrying a camera around if guys would let me film them fucking? Watching Kevin go at Sonjay like that, man, that was hot. I always thought Sonjay had a thing for Jay, I didn’t know he and Big Kev did the nasty!”

“Uh - you didn’t tell anybody that, did you?” Alex asked worriedly. “I think Sonjay kinda wants to keep that footage, you know, private.”

Shannon rolled his eyes. “Aly, baby, I’m not an idiot. I don’t kiss and tell; well something I do, but I don’t watch and tell most of the time! If Sonjay wanted Kev to help him get his rocks off, that’s cool. Every boy gets horny.”

“Good.” Alex let out a sigh of relief. He let his hands trail up Shannon’s back, grinning when his lover arched into the touch. “Did the videos help you bear a day without me?” he teased.

“Mmm. That and that ‘joke’ from Chris,” Shannon murmured. He laughed out loud at the look on Chris’ face. “Kidding, kidding! Geez, I’m not Mr. Elastic Ass. Although I know some guys who would totally be willing to take something that big, crazy fuckers.”

“I guess you’ll just have to put up with me, hmm?” Alex drew Shannon’s hand down to his groin, groaning as Shannon’s fingers squeezed him through his jeans.

“I could definitely put up with you for a while. Maybe the next hour or two.” Shannon bent to kiss Alex again, standing abruptly and pulling Alex to his feet. “Oh, Alex, looking through all your stuff made me so horny!” he exclaimed as he pulled his boyfriend toward the bedroom. “You have the best videos ever!” he announced as they kicked the door closed behind them.


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