"I am never getting drunk again," Chris Jericho moaned, his head in his hands.

 "Oh fuck you," Trish snapped. "It's not like I'm a fucking leper!"

 "Close enough, you're a girl," Chris muttered.

 Trish rolled her eyes. "Nice sentiment, Mr. Super-Gay."

 "I still can't believe you did this to me. You know I'm gay! I bet you drugged me with that whatever-it's-called," Chris snapped.

 "Fuck. You." Trish growled. "I was drunk too you know. Why do you think I was stupid enough to not use protection? Now I have to be tested for everything under the sun, who knows where you've been."

 "Haha, I'm a slut, funny." Chris made a face at the small blonde woman. "Isn't that stupid test done yet?"

 "Should be." Trish took a deep breath, glancing at where the little white object was lying on the table. "I can't look. You check it."

 "I'm not touching that thing." Chris crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly.

 "Fine." Trish crossed her fingers, a pained expression on her face as she picked it up and peeked at the screen. Her worried expression immediately turned into a bright smile. "It's negative!" she cried, jumping to her feet and doing a little dance of joy.

 "Yes!" Chris jumped up, punching the air victoriously. "Oh thank god! Thank god, thank god, thank god." He let out a sigh of relief, grinning happily. "Now we can just forget this entire horrible ordeal, and never mention any of this again."

 "Damn right!" Trish agreed. "Bradshaw would kill me if he knew I slept with you. Hell, he'd kill you too."

 "Gee thanks." Chris stood, running a hand through his long blonde hair. "Book would be mad as hell if he knew, and I don't want him mad at me right now, because I KNOW that bitch in heat Hunter has been eyeing him. I don't know when he decided that he's more bottom than top, but it seriously sucks for all us established bottoms! He's started panting after all our men!"

 "More than I needed to know," Trish stated, tossing the test into the nearest trash can. "You still here for a reason?"

 "Just making myself look pretty." Jericho straightened his shirt, glancing into the nearest mirror and smiling at himself. "I'm gonna go have a nice hot session of lovemaking with my man and forget this ever happened."

 "Don't let the door hit ya on the way out," Trish dismissed, flopping onto the bed and scooping up the phone to call her boyfriend.

 Chris quickly exited the room, heading for his room, a bounce in his step.

~ A little bit earlier that night ~

 Booker opened the door, surprised to find none other than Hunter Hearst Helmsley standing out in the hall. "What cha want, man?" he demanded, eyeing the other man curiously.

 "Booker, I have something serious to talk to you about." Hunter glanced around the hall, which was deserted. "Can I come in? I really need to tell you this in private."

 "I guess." Booker held the door open for the Game. Hunter took a seat on the couch, patting the cushion beside him. Booker hesitated a moment, but, figuring it could do no harm, sat beside the muscular blonde.

 "I really hate to be the one to tell you this, Book." Hunter gazed up at Booker, his chocolate brown eyes sympathetic. "But I think you need to know. Jericho's cheating on you."

 "What!" Booker jumped to his feet, glaring down at the other man. "Man you're full of shit. Get the hell out!"

 "Book, I didn't make this up," Hunter told him pleadingly. "And he's not just cheating on you, he's cheating with a girl!"

 "Now I know you're making this shit up!" Booker laughed, but the sound was unsure. "Jericho wouldn't touch a girl with someone else's prick."

 "Oh he would." Hunter crossed his arms over his broad chest. "He's sleeping with Trish, Booker. And not only are they sleeping together, but she's pregnant."

 Booker snorted. "Man, you seriously expect me to buy that?"

 "I have proof." Hunter pulled out a video, which had been concealed in the pocket of his jacket. "Bischoff's F-View cameras happened to catch this." He flipped on the tv and stuck the tape into the VCR. He only let it roll for a second, playing just enough to let Booker see Trish whispering to Jericho that she was afraid she was pregnant, and Jericho hissing to her to keep quiet, that they'd buy a test and see.

 Booker stared at the blank tv screen as Hunter stopped the tape. "I can't believe it," he cursed. "That unfaithful little bitch!" He punched the arm of the couch, scowling angrily into the air.

 "I'm so sorry Book." Hunter rejoined Booker on the couch, sitting down a little too close to him. Booker, however, was too angry to notice. "I didn't want to tell you, but I consider us friends, and I thought you had a right to know."

 "Damn right I do!" Booker sighed, shaking his dark head. "Dammit, I knew that bitch was lying to me! He never could be straight with me." He glanced at Hunter, moving a bit closer to the other man. "I know we're friends, man, but since I'm single now, you interested in staying the night?"

 "Well I don't know. What does ‘staying the night' include?" Hunter inquired, licking his lips and letting his eyes trail down Booker's strong torso.

 Booker grinned, his hand moving to rest on Hunter's knee. "Is what I heard about you true?" he asked, letting his eyes rake over Hunter's body. "You really decide you'd rather take than give?"

 "Oh it's true," Hunter murmured, leaning back against the armrest as Booker moved closer, encroaching on his personal space.

 "You wanna cheer up a poor guy who just found out his boyfriend's a cheating bastard?" Booker murmured, leaning in close, his face only inches from Hunter's.

 "I would be so happy to," Hunter whispered, wrapping his arms around Booker's neck and pulling their mouths together in a scorching kiss.

~A bit later on~

 Chris quickly slid his key through the door to his hotel room. It was dark, so he flipped on the light, tugging off his shirt and heading for the bed. He froze when he looked up and saw that his boyfriend was not alone.

 "You bastard!" he cried, waking both Booker and Hunter.

 Booker sat up, glaring at the smaller man. "Damn, I forgot you had a key," he muttered.

 Chris threw his hands up in the air. "That's all you can say??? I find you in bed with another man, *him* of all people," he shot Hunter a disgusted look, "and that's all you can say? How could you do this me!"

 "Don't you get preachy on me! I know about the shit with you and Trish!" Booker shot back. Chris paled, his eyes widening. "That's right, I know it all," Booker growled. "I ain't gonna be with a guy who's messing around on me, especially with girls, and gettin' them pregnant!"

 "But she's not!" Chris objected, rushing to Booker's side, his eyes filling with tears. "Booker, baby, it was just one night! And she's not pregnant, she just thought she might be. We were drunk and weren't thinking, I never meant for it to happen! I don't like girls, I never have, I swear it!" He captured Booker's hand, pressing it against his cheek, which was growing wet with tears. "Please don't leave me baby. I love you Booker, I really do. I - I made one mistake, and it'll never happen again Book, I swear it! Please." He sniffled miserably, gazing at Booker with pleading eyes.

 Hunter, seeing his chance at one of the most desirable men in the company rapidly fading, reached out and yanked Booker's hand out of Chris' grasp, wrapping his arms possessively around Booker's waist. "Don't listen to him Book," he stated accusingly. "It's just an act! Of course he's sorry, now that he's been caught. You don't need him, baby, don't let him use you like this."

 "You're the one who's using him, you heartless bitch!" Jericho spat. "You're only trying to turn him against me to get him to sleep with you! You wouldn't know the first thing about love, you just want to steal other people's guys ‘cos it makes you feel big and powerful!"

 "That's not true!" Hunter hissed. "I've wanted Booker for longer than you've known him! It hurt so much to have to sit back and let you take advantage of him, lying to him at every turn and treating him like crap, I couldn't take it anymore! I had to show him what a deceitful little bitch you really are!"

 "Hey!" Both Hunter and Chris blinked at the angry roar, blue eyes and brown eyes turning to Booker, who was scowling at both men. "I'm not a damn piece of property for you to fight over!" Booker growled.

 "I'm so sorry Book, I didn't mean it to sound that way." Hunter pressed a kiss against Booker's neck, cuddling up against him. "I can't help it, I just want to be with you. Remember how it felt when we made love just now? Wasn't it wonderful?"

 "I'm a better lover than a wanna-be fem like you could ever be!" Chris hissed, propping himself on the edge of the bed and pressing himself against Booker's other side. "Isn't that right, Book? Don't you love laying me down, spreading my golden hair across the pillow, feeling me wrap my legs around your waist?"

 Booker glanced between the two men, not sure at all what to do in a situation like this. "Ok." He took a deep breath, sitting up straight and pushing both men off of him. "It's like this; Chris, I'm mad as hell ‘bout you and Trish, but I've had a bit of time to cool off, and I do still care about you, baby." Chris smirked, while Hunter scowled angrily. "But," Booker continued, "Hunter, tonight was great. I totally dig you, and I think you and me together could definitely work." Now it was Chris' turn to scowl and Hunter's to smile.

 "I can't pick between you," Booker stated. "So, I think the only fair thing to do is to pick neither."

 Both Hunter and Chris gasped. "Bookie, baby, you can't dump me!" Chris whined. "We're so great together! Baby, I'm your boyfriend, he's just a slut!"

 "You're the slut!" Hunter shot back. "Booker, you need something fresh and new and exciting! I'm a real man, I can give you a real relationship. I'm mature enough to be able to give you intelligent conversation, not just whine about how fat I think I'm getting and ask you what color to dye my fake bleached hair next. I happen to be a NATURAL blonde!" He tossed his head, his shiny sandy blonde locks bouncing over his shoulders. "I'm not giving you up Book! I don't care if I have to fight the slut for you, I want to be yours!"

 "I'm not giving you up either!" Chris declared. "Booker, baby, I'll do anything for you. Please don't let him trick you, I'm the better man here."

 Booker through his hands up in the air. "I told you I can't pick between you! What do you want me to do?"

 "Pick me!" both men chorused, glaring fiercely at each other.

 "I can't choose, that's why I didn't pick either of you!" Booker exclaimed.

 "Book, I love you enough to stay with you, even if I have to put up with him!" Chris exclaimed, taking Booker's hand and squeezing it.

 "I'd rather share you with him that let you go," Hunter affirmed, taking Booker's other hand and holding it.

 Booker blinked, looking between the two lovely blonde. "Wait a minute. You two are saying - that I can have you both?" He shook his head. "Nah. No way that could work. I am *not* gonna be stuck in the roll of the catnip mouse between two cats!"

 "We could get along," Jericho stated.

 "Yeah, we could," Hunter agreed.

 Booker shook his head. "Are you two guys nuts? You seriously wanna share me? Man, this is getting weird. Shit like this only happens in porn movies!"

 "Well I'm not saying I WANT to share you," Chris replied. "I'm just not giving you up! And even if you have to date Hunter too, I'm still not giving you up."

 "Same here," Hunter put in.

 "This is way too crazy," Booker muttered. "You two don't even like each other!"

 "Well honestly I don't really know him," Chris admitted. "We've never really talked much."

 "I guess that's true." Hunter smirked. "Although I have to say, when you first came to the company, and I was still in butch mode, you were definitely on the top of my list of guys to nail."

 "Really?" Chris grinned, flipping his golden hair. "Well, I am hot."

 While the two of them chatted, amicably for once, Booker was thinking. He had two beautiful blondes, both wanting to be with him, and willing to share, and he was protesting? What was he thinking? "Hey," he cut in, drawing both Hunter and Chris' attention. "You two really think you can get along?"

 "I guess he doesn't seem so bad. I think so." Chris nodded.

 "As long as he promises not to touch Trish again, I'm ok with it," Hunter stated.

 "Great." Booker slid into the middle of the bed, putting his arm around Hunter on one side, and holding the sheets up for Chris on the other. Chris slid into bed, moving close to Booker and laying his head on Booker's shoulder. Booker smiled to himself. Even if this only lasted a day, it was gonna rock.

 Chris was thinking much the same thing. In all honestly, half the reason he had been so upset when Hunter had decided he would rather bottom was because he had always wanted to have an affair with the powerful blonde. His mostly suppressed kinky side had always longed to experiment with a setup like this anyway, and what he had said was true; there was no way he was giving Booker up, unless Booker himself booted him out the door.

 Hunter, too, was surprisingly pleased. As hard as he tried to be an exclusive bottom, he couldn't deny that the top instincts he had honed for so many years were still there. He had been trying to suppress them, figuring that most of the tops he wanted to hook up with would be put off by a guy who wanted to go both ways. But if he could keep this thing together, than he could have both Jericho and Booker, and he could have the best of both worlds. And, if he was smooth enough, he might even be able to fulfill his ultimate fantasy; being with two guys, at the same time. Jericho on one side, Booker on the other. Just the thought made him shiver.

 "Night guys," Hunter murmured, draping his arm across Booker's stomach, letting his hand splay across Chris' warm abdomen.

 Chris buried his face in Booker's shoulder, smiling as he rested his hand over Hunter's. Booker pressed a kiss to both blonde heads, grinning at the delicious promise of having both men.


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