"Stop it." Gene's hands were on his neck.

"Come on, you said you had a cramp." The hands were massaging gently, soothing his sore muscles. It felt fantastic.

"I do, but we're at the arena!" As much as he loved Gene's touch, he wasn't ready for anyone to know about them.

"We're alone." Gene breathed the words directly into his ear, his skin shivering from the sensation of Gene's hot breath against it.

"The door's not locked!" He was already the butt of enough jokes around the locker room, he didn't need to give the vultures any more fuel. It was bad enough that they already joked about him being Christian's 'pet goat'.

Then, the door knob turned. Tyson's heart skipped a beat as John Cena, no less than the WWE champion, stepped into the room.

"Well hello." Cena smirked, eyeing the two large men with interest. "Getting close, are we boys?"

Tyson flushed, slapping at Gene's hands, which were still gently kneading at his shoulder. "Nothing! I just have a cramp!"

"Aw, it's ok." Cena's smirk widened. "I understand. You're two big guys, you need to be touched and rubbed and loved."

"It's just a cramp!" Tyson's face was red. He smacked Gene's hand a little harder, and the big man withdrew his hands momentarily, making an annoyed noise, then resumed his massage.

"Hey, as I said, I understand." Cena's smirk had morphed into a knowing smile, his eyes intently focused on Tyson and Gene. "Sometimes, you just wanna be touched. Intimacy can be tough for two strangely bearded giants." He chuckled. "LOVE the beards, by the way."

"Thanks," Gene cut in, his hands still massaging Tyson's neck, the other man having failed to dissuade him with a few more smacks. "He really DOES have a neck cramp," he asserted, "I'm just helping him out."

"I bet." Cena lingered a moment longer, his tongue darting out to wet his lips as he gazed at the two big men. He took a final look, then turned and headed out the door.

"This is not my fault," Gene said before Tyson could get a word out.

"Oh god." Tyson buried his head in his hands, sighing when Gene's hands moved with him, not leaving his shoulders for a moment. "This is it! We're screwed. He's gonna tell everyone!"

"No he's not." Gene's voice was soft and soothing. "What's to tell? We're not doing anything."

"You're touching me!"

"Yeah, but I'm not ‘touching’ you." Gene grinned, his hands leaving Tyson's shoulders and wrapping around his waist. He pulled the other man back against his chest, pressing a kiss to Tyson's neck. "NOW I'm ‘touching’ you," he chuckled.

"Would you get off?" Tyson growled, making a feeble attempt to escape. "We're still at the arena! We could get caught, again, at any moment!"

"Best kind of sex," Gene murmured, laying kisses up Tyson's neck and along the side of his jaw. One of his hands snaked down, massaging the bulge in Tyson's trunks. He smiled as it hardened under his touch, straining against the restrictive fabric. "You can let me fuck you," he chuckled, "or go out to the ring and have everyone see *that*."

"You bastard." Tyson gritted his teeth, the pressure getting too much for him to take. With a growl, he shoved his trunks down enough to expose his cock, gasping as Gene's hand instantly closed around it.

"Let's go over on the couch," Gene whispered.

"We have to lock the fucking door!" Tyson tried one final time, growling in frustration as his lover pushed him down onto the couch.

"It's funner this way," Gene purred. "Do you wanna fuck, or do you wanna wrestle with these in our pants?" He brought Tyson's hand to his crotch, letting the other man feel his erection.

Tyson gave him a final glare as they both hurriedly stripped off their shorts, then Gene was on him, kissing his furiously. Tyson wrapped his arms around the big man's neck, rolling his hips so his cock began to rub against Gene's equally hard shaft. "Where's the fucking lube?" he gasped.

Gene's body was suddenly gone, leaving Tyson alone and achingly hard. The other giant had made a frantic dash for his bag, throwing things left and right as he searched for his supplies. The second his fingers closed around a small bottle of KY, he was back on top of Tyson, their lips meeting furiously.

"Oh yeah," Tyson moaned as Gene squirted a liberal portion of lube between their bodies, their cocks now sliding delightfully against each other.

"Fuck yeah," Gene echoed, taking hold of Tyson's shoulders and beginning to grind their hips together.

"Hey, boys, I got a bit of a cramp, I was thinki-" The door was suddenly open, and John Cena was standing, staring wide-eyed, at the rutting giants.

"Shit!" Tyson shoved Gene off of him, grabbing a throw pillow to cover his engorged cock. He was flushed bright red, a combination of arousal and utter mortification.

John Cena blinked, swallowed, and closed the door. He stood gazing at them, much to Tyson's discomfort. "Damn, boys, I thought there was something between you, but fucking with the door unlocked - you boys must REALLY be hot for each other," the champ murmured.

Gene looked more pissed than anything else. "Get lost, Cena, we're busy!" he growled.

Tyson shook his head, coving his face with his hands. "Now he's really gonna tell everyone!" he lamented.

Gene glanced between his flushed lover and John, a grin spreading across his face. "Oh yeah? Not if he's part of the deal!"

John swallowed as Gene stood and strode up to him, not in the least bit shy about his nudity. "What do you say, champ?" Gene challenged. "Wanna get fucked by two real big men?"

John stared at Gene with wide eyes, licking his lips. He glanced at Tyson, then back at Gene.

Gene cast a grin at Tyson. "Oh yeah. He's into it." He swiftly locked the door, then guided Cena over to the couch.

"NOW you'll lock the door?" Tyson moaned.

Gene shrugged. "Getting caught was hot as hell, but this I do not want interrupted." He slid his hands down John's chest, taking hold of the champ's jersey and pulling it up over his head. "You into getting fucked?" he questioned, unfastening John's belt and casting his pants down to the floor, smiling when he found nothing underneath but John's rapidly hardening cock.

"Yeah," John growled, reaching down to give his cock a stroke.

"Got condoms?"

John bent down to grab hold of his jeans, purposely turning his back to Tyson so the big man got an eyeful of his ass. John pulled a condom out of his pocket, then cast his pants aside. "Got lube?"

Gene waved the bottle at the champ. He grabbed the throw pillow which Tyson was still using to cover himself, flinging it across the room and pulling his lover to his feet. "You into this, baby?" he murmured, wrapping his arms around Tyson's neck and giving him a quick peck on the lips. "You wanna fuck the champ's tight ass?"

Tyson licked his lips, standing up straight and boldly grabbing his cock, taking a deep breath as he aimed it as John. "Yeah, I do," he growled.

"That's my man." Gene grinned lasciviously as John knelt on the couch on all fours, shooting him a hungry look.

"Fuck me," John dared, inching his thighs apart and bending down so his ass stood temptingly in the air.

"Go to it, baby." Gene clapped Tyson on the back, pulling him into a kiss, then pushing the lube and condom into his hand. Tyson quickly ripped open the packet and slid the condom on, slicking it with a bit of lube as he moved behind John.

Gene moved to the side of the couch, standing just an inch in front of John's face. "You want some dick, boy?" he growled, stroking his cock invitingly.

"Yeah." John licked his lips once more, then leaned forward and licked at the head of Gene's cock. Gene groaned, stepping forward to give John easier access.

"Suck it," he moaned, placing his hand on the back of John's head and kneading gently as John licked up and down his cock. John paused for a second, letting out a groan as Tyson slipped a finger into him. He swallowed, then began licking at Gene's cock again as Tyson stretched him out.

Tyson slid in a second finger, scissoring them to prepare the tight passage for his entry. His gaze flicked between his preparation and the hot sight of John licking Gene's cock. Groaning, he pulled out his fingers, his cock so hard it almost hurt. "Get ready, baby," he murmured, pressing his cock into John's tight ass.

"Shit." John ceased his ministrations for a moment, closing his eyes tightly and bighting his lip. "Oh fuck."

Gene gave him a minute to get used to Tyson's cock up his ass, then slapped him lightly across the cheek with his cock, offering it expectantly. John took a deep breath, then licked his lips and took Gene's cock into his mouth, beginning to bob up and down on it as Tyson's cock moved in and out of his ass.

Tyson got a good grip on John's hips, making sure he was well seated before beginning to thrust powerfully into John's hot tunnel. John bucked back against him, his body shaking as he was driven into over and over again. Gene now had a good grip on his ears, driving relentlessly into his willing mouth. John closed his eyes, able to think of nothing but the overwhelming power of being fucked from both sides. He spread his legs a little more, rocking back frantically against Tyson. His grunts and moans were stifled by Gene's cock filling his throat. One hand shot between his legs, grabbing his cock and stroking it furiously. His stifled moans grew quicker and louder, and he stroked his cock quicker and harder, letting out a loud cry as he spilled across the sofa cushions.

Tyson drove in deep, panting from the exertion. He slammed into John's ass as the muscles spasmed around him, driving him to a frenetic climax. Gene watched as his lover shook with his orgasm, the sight the final straw it took to send him over. He thrust powerfully into John's mouth, pulling out to spill his seed all over John's lips.

Tyson fell to a seat on the couch, taking deep breaths. Gene took a seat on the arm of the couch, John falling to lie on his stomach, his head resting on Gene's thigh.

"Well," Gene commented after a moment, taking a deep breath. "I guess getting hard in the ring tonight's not gonna be our problem."

Tyson and John, both still catching their breath, simply nodded.

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