Edge was relaxing on the couch in his hotel room, his long legs stretched out over the cushions. He was languidly flipping through a notepad while sipping a cold soda. "Shane Helms?" he suggested, glancing up at his tag team partner.

 Christian was sitting on the other side of the couch, his head laid back against the arm and his feet resting comfortably in Edge's lap. "Nah," he replied wrinkling his nose. "He's ok, but not too great."

 "Ok." Edge glanced at his list. "Hugh Morris?"

 Christian shook his head. "He's cute, but in a teddy-bear kinda way. Next?"

 Edge glanced at his list, trying not to smirk. "Lance Storm?"

 Christian rolled his eyes. "Next?"

 "Booker T?"

 "Hell no."



 "Mike Awesome?"

 Christian sighed, raising his head and glaring at his partner. "You're not even making real suggestions! This is supposed to be serious."

 Edge clicked his tongue disapprovingly. "Well you already rejected Kanyon, Sean O'Haire, and Chuck Palumbo, which are the only ones I would've agreed to!"

 Christian rolled his eyes again, pulling his feet out of Edge's lap and crawling over to his partner. He took the notepad and tossed it across the room, straddling Edge's hips and raising his eyebrows. "Let's just forget about WCW, why don't we?" He purred, nuzzling Edge's neck affectionately. "We've conquered the WWF, that's enough for me. There's no one really hot in WCW anyway. Besides Chuck that is, and I don't like him."

 Edge chuckled. "You only dislike him 'cos he kneeled on your foot when he was getting down to 'get to know you' better."

 "And it still hurts!" Christian muttered, glancing at his abused foot. "Clumsy oaf. If he did that much before we even got started, can you image what he'd do to someone in bed? It would be a nightmare!"

 Edge smiled and nodded, his fingers threading in Christian's hair as the golden blonde continued to kiss and nip at his neck. "Do you want me to read our list of conquests?" he breathed, knowing the effect the List always had on his partner.

 "Yessss," Christian purred, his hands sliding over Edge's chest as his mouth continued its ministrations.

 "Mmm, that feels good," Edge murmured as he pulled out a single sheet of paper from his pocket. He unfolded it and began to read the names which were neatly printed across it. "In alphabetically order, baby," he whispered. Christian nodded, his hands expertly sliding open the buttons on Edge's shirt one by one.

 "Albert," Edge read in a low, husky voice. "Al Snow." His breathing began to grow quicker as Christian parted the folds of his shirt, sliding it back over his shoulders to reveal his sculpted torso. "Bossman." Christian began to scatter kisses all over Edge's chest, the tall blonde forcing back a moan. "Big Show." Edge couldn't help but moan as Christian's full lips descended on one of his nipples, drawing the hardening bud into his mouth and sucking on his hungrily.

 "Oh god." Edge closed his eyes briefly, swallowing hard and continuing. "Bradshaw." Christian murmured his approval, moving to the other nipple and drawing it into his mouth. "Bull Buchanan," Edge continued, beginning to sound very breathless. "Chris Benoit." He had to stop for a moment to take a deep breath, trying not to lose himself in the pleasurable sensations Christian was sending through him.

 "Keep reading," Christian murmured, pulling back for a moment to gaze up at his partner with glowing, lust-filled eyes.

 Edge swallowed again. "Chris Jericho," he read. "Crash Holly." Christian happily returned to his ministrations, his mouth lowers to tease Edge's belly button while his fingers gently rubbed the other man's nipples. "Dean Malenko." Edge struggled hard to keep still as Christian's fingers slid down his belly, the other man's talented digits undoing his belt with practiced ease. "Essa Rios."

 Christian quickly cast away the belt, tapping Edge's hip lightly. "Eddie Guerrero," Edge continued as he raised his hips, allowing Christian to pull his pants down to his knees, along with his sleek skin-colored thong. "Faarooq." Edge almost jumped at Christian's first soft touch to his quivering sex. He swallowed and continued. "Gangrel." He tried not to moan as Christian's fingers caressed him, stroking him slowly and sensually. "The Goodfather," he managed to whispered.

 Edge couldn't stop the squeak which left his throat as Christian bent his head and took him in his mouth. "Oh god baby," he moaned, his head lolling back against the couch. He quickly raised his head and began reading again when Christian momentarily paused, looking up at him pointedly. "Grandmaster Sexay." He had to moan between names as Christian began to bob on him, his talented mouth sending waves of pleasure through his partner. "Hardcore Holly. Oh! Oh Christian please," Edge begged, earning himself a glare from the gorgeous blonde.

 Edge quickly continued reading, watching as Christian stood momentarily, casting off his own shirt and pants. "Jerry Lynn." Edge was panting with need as Christian settled back onto his lap, their bare skin blazing where it touched. "Kane," Edge gasped, watching with hungry eyes as Christian sucked two fingers into his mouth, thoroughly coating the digits with his own saliva.

 "K-Kwik." Edge watched with fire burning in his groin as Christian slid his fingers over his own belly, his hand moving between his legs and finding his tender opening. He felt almost ready to explode with anticipation as Christian slid his fingers into himself, tossing his hair and moaning as he quickly stretched his entrance. Edge forced himself to keep reading, even though his tongue felt several sizes too large for his mouth.

 "Kurt Angle." Christian let out a particularly loud moan, again tossing his head and making his golden hair fly. "The Mean Street Posse." Christian looked at Edge and growled, baring his teeth in an almost animalistic fashion. He leaned forward to nibble on Edge's ear, slowly drawing his fingers out of himself. "Perry Saturn," Edge gasped, his body quivering with excitement as Christian positioned himself over his partner's hips, the head of Edge's sex pressed against his opening.

 "Raven," Edge moaned, his head again falling back as Christian slowly impaled himself on his partner's quivering member. "Rhyno," he gasped, managing to continue even as every last inch of him slid into the golden blonde's snug tunnel. "Oh god." He had to take a deep breath before continuing. "Rikishi."

 "Edge," Christian moaned, pausing for a moment, his mouth open slightly from the feel of Edge buried inside him. "Oh Edge, don't stop!"

 "Rocky," Edge gasped, crying out as Christian raised himself up and slammed back down. "Oh yes! Oh - Scotty 2 Hotty." Christian was panting as he raised himself up and slammed back down again, throwing his head back in ecstasy. "Shawn Michaels!" Edge cried, thrusting his hips up to meet his partner. "Oh - Steve Austin!"

 "Yes! Oh Edge!" Christian moaned, riding his partner at a furious pace, his hands clenching in the tall blonde's hair. "Yes! More baby more!"

 "Steve Blackman," Edge continued, closing his eyes and reciting the list from memory. "Steven Richards." His breathing was growing shallow, his hips bucking up to meet his partner's frantically. "Tajiri. Tazz. Test," Edge panted in one breath, feeling his impending climax hovering just out of his reach.

 "Yes!" Christian cried, his eyes glazed with passion. "Oh baby, I'm almost there! Oh, harder, faster! Oh, Edge, yes! Yes!"

 "Triple H!" Edge cried, thrusting harder into Christian, knowing he was hitting his sweet spot by the way Christian writhed and moaned. "The Undertaker. Oh baby!" Edge felt his body beginning to tingle, tensing with the intense orgasm which was only seconds away. "Val Regal Pac!" he spat out quickly, just as his body began to rock with ecstasy, his orgasm sweeping through him and singeing every nerve with intense pleasure. Edge could feel Christian tense and shout his own release as his seed shot into his lover's body, filling the golden blonde completely as Christian shook with orgasm, his head thrashing from side to side and his breath coming in shallow gasps.

 As the waves of pleasure began to recede, Christian collapsed against his lover's chest. Edge let the list fall through his fingers, wrapping an arm around the golden blonde's waist and raising his other hand to stroke Christian's soft, sweaty hair. Christian sighed happily, his eyes closed and his body relax. He made no move to pull away from his lover, seeming to enjoy the feeling of their connected bodies.

 "I love it when you read the list," Christian breathed after a moment.

 "I know you do baby," Edge whispered, pressing a gentle kiss to Christian's cheek.

 Christian smiled, snuggling into the tall blonde's strong chest. "The way you read it is so sexy," he murmured.

 "I love the way you react," Edge replied with a contented sigh. "You're so incredible, baby."

 "So are you." Christian raised his head, meeting Edge's gaze with eyes brimming with love and affection. "We must both be pretty special to have gotten all those guys into our bed," he chuckled.

 Edge shrugged, his eyes glowing with love. "They were all more than happy to, baby. All they needed was one look at you."

 "And you." Christian leaned in to kiss Edge tenderly, pulling back and giving his lover a soft smile. "Let's go to bed, baby. I want to fall asleep in your arms," he whispered.

 "I can't think of anything more beautiful," Edge breathed, sweeping the golden blonde into his arms and carrying him to their bed as if he were the greatest treasure in the world.


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