Jeff closed the door of the hotel room, which he had just retrieved his bag from. He and Matt had dropped their things off there earlier in the night, but after what had taken place on RAW, Jeff had decided it would be best to get his own room. What had been caught on camera wasn't half of what had taken place that night. Before their match, Matt had confronted him, accusing him of conspiring with Lita to cheat him in their match at Vengeance, and calling him every name in the book when he swore it wasn't true. Jeff sighed, shouldering his bag and setting off down the hallway.

 "Hey." Jeff stopped in his tracks as a firm body blocked his path. "Where do you think you're going?" Matt growled, his eyes narrowed.

 "I'm getting my own room, Matt," Jeff told his brother. He swallowed hard, shivering internally from the look in Matt's eyes. If he was honest with himself, half the reason he wanted his own room was because he was afraid to stay in the same room as his brother.

 "What's wrong with this one?" Matt demanded, his eyes dangerously narrow.

 Jeff stared down at the floor, shuffling uncomfortably on his feet. "Matt, I think it'd be best if we had some time apart," he whispered.

 "Yeah?" The expression on Matt's face was almost a sneer. "Well I don't. Now get your ass back in that room." When Jeff didn't move, he tried another tactic. He softened his voice a little, but his words were still edged with steel. "Jeff, just ‘cos we're not gonna be a tag team anymore doesn't mean it has to change us," he whispered, raising a finger and trailing it over Jeff's cheek. After a moment of silence, he leaned in for a kiss. Jeff pulled away, still staring at the floor. Matt's eyes flashed dangerously. "You too good to even kiss me now?" he growled.

 "Matt, please," Jeff whispered. "We just need some time apart."

 "Apart? What, so you can go hook up with one of those brainless boy toys who follows you around the arena? I don't fucking think so! You're coming with me now." Matt grabbed Jeff's wrist, squeezing it so tight it made the younger man wince, and dragged him back to their hotel room.

 "Matt," Jeff cried, feeling tears prick his eyes. He tried to pull his wrist away to no avail, having no choice but to follow Matt into their shared room. "Matt you're hurting me!"

 "Wouldn't be if you'd behave on your own!" Matt shot back at him, tossing his bag down onto the floor after he had kicked the door closed. He caught the strap of Jeff's bag and sent it tumbling onto the floor, using his grip on Jeff's wrist to pull the smaller man against his chest. One of his arms wound around Jeff's back, the other grabbing a handful of blue hair as he crushed their lips together.

 Jeff pushed him away, shaking his head. "No Matt. I - "

 Before he could say another word, Matt kissed him again, holding firmly onto the back of his head so he couldn't pull away. He backed them towards the bed, pushing Jeff down onto the mattress and crawling on top of him. When he finally pulled back, there were tears in Jeff's eyes, but Matt ignored them. "You've been a real bitch recently," Matt spat, putting his hand over Jeff's mouth when the other man tried to speak. "You've got a hell of a lot of make up to me, and you'd better do a fucking good job tonight!"

 Matt lowered his head to capture Jeff's lips once again, his kisses anything but tender. He took hold of Jeff's tshirt, literally ripping the fabric from his body. Jeff tried to push the other man off of him, but Matt was bigger and stronger than him, and Jeff was already tired from their match earlier that evening. All his struggles resulted in was Matt grabbing hold of his wrists and pinning them to either side of his head, squeezing them so tightly that it made Jeff whimper.

 Jeff closed his eyes, struggling not to cry as Matt's demanding mouth worked along his jaw and over his neck. Taking a deep breath, he renewed his struggle, managing to push Matt away from him. Matt quickly regained control, straddling Jeff's hips and holding his wrists against the mattress. "You'd better fucking stop this shit right now!" he hissed. "I mean it Jeff!"

 "Matt, let me go," Jeff whimpered, struggling to free himself. "Get off me."

 A low growl escaped Matt's throat, his hand lashing out and striking Jeff hard across the face. Jeff cried out in pain, falling back against the mattress limply, staring up at his brother with hurt, tear-filled eyes. "You fucking behave and I mean it!" Matt yelled. With that, he lowered his mouth of Jeff's neck again, his hand beginning to travel all over the younger man's body. Jeff closed his eyes, unable to stop a tear or two from slipping from his eyes as Matt quickly unbuckled first Jeff's pants, then his own, pushing both pairs down onto the floor. He had to bight his lips hard as Matt slid into him, unlubed and unprepared.

 Matt paused briefly once he was fully sheathed, glaring angrily at his little brother. "If this hurts, it's your own fucking fault," he spat, his hands returning to Jeff's wrists, pressing them down into the bed as he began to thrust in and out of the younger man. Jeff couldn't stop the tears anymore, letting the tears slide down his cheeks in silent sobs as his brother took him in the most intimate way, against his will. He kept his eyes tightly closed, wishing he would pass out and never wake up again.


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