"I can't believe he did that to you!" Rico ranted, pacing angrily around the hotel room. "That horrid sniveling little bitch! How dare he lay his hands on you! How dare he - he hurt you like that!"

 Edge sighed, adjusting the ice pack which was pressed over his eye. "It's just a black eye, Rico. I'll live," he told his enraged lover.

 "I don't care! He had no right to punch you! We were just sitting there at ringside watching the match, and he has to punch you! Damn that Jaime Noble!" Rico fumed.

 "Well you did accidently help Torrie defeat his girlfriend," Edge pointed out.

 Rico threw his hands up in the air. "It was an accident! I meant to throw that chair to Nidia! I was just as upset as he was, Nidia is my protege and she lost to that inflated barbie!"

 "Well you were the one who ducked when he tried to punch you!" Edge snapped. "If you hadn't ducked, he wouldn't have punched me in the eye."

 "Oh don't you blame this on me!" Rico scowled, continuing to pace. "He had no right to try and punch me! I was trying to help! He should be kissing my feet for helping his girlfriend to improve so much! We're going to get that thankless little bitch, Edge!"

 "Uh huh," Edge muttered, sighing.

 "I know what we'll do." A grin spread across Rico's face. "Yes, I know exactly what we'll do! Ok, listen here." He plopped down onto the sofa next to Edge, grinning at the taller man. "I'll call Nidia and ask her to meet me somewhere for dinner so I can make tonight up to her. But we'll call your brother and ask him to do it, and he can tell her I had a fashion emergency. He can tell her Jeff showed up to visit Matt or something, and I was needed immediately."

 "Glad to see you're keeping this simple," Edge commented sarcastically.

 Rico gave him a scathing look, then continued. "So anyway, once Nidia's out of the way, Jaime will be all alone, and - "

 "We'll break into his room, have our way with him, then duct tape him to the wall in the lounge with nothing on but a ribbon around his cock," Edge finished.

 "MUST you mock everything I do?" Rico snapped.

 "Sorry." Edge adjusted the ice pack again. "So what do you want to do?"

 "I want to humiliate him and make him sorry both for unfairly attacking me and for touching you," Rico stated. "So..." he grinned, "we're going to give him a good sound spanking!"

 Edge stared at his lover. "You're serious?"

 "What better way to make him sorry?" Rico rubbed his hands together gleefully. "I can just picture the flush of humiliation we'll see in his cheeks! It'll be perfect!"

 "Ok, fine, we'll spank him." Edge rolled his eyes. "What with?"

 "I don't know. Something lying around the room." Rico shrugged. "TV remote, phone book, whatever we can grab. So let's get started." He pulled out his cell phone, holding it out to Edge and looking at him expectantly.

 Edge just stared back at him. "Um, why do I need that?" he questioned.

 "To call Christian, duh!" Rico grinned. "We've gotta this whole thing in motion!"

 "Come on Rico, can't you just settle for cutting up his favorite shirt like you normally do when you're mad at someone?" Edge groaned.

 "I don't normally do that!" Rico objected. "I only did it once, and Torrie asked for it! She had no right to look that cute in that top!" He cleared his throat, raising his eyebrows. "If you call Christian, I'll do you a little favor." He licked his lips, glancing downwards.

 Edge groaned, his eyes focusing on Rico's darting tongue. "Why do you always have to bribe me with sex?"

 "Because I know you'll always give in." Rico chuckled, letting his hands slide up Edge's thigh and cup the bulge in his jeans. "And I know how damn much you love getting head while you're talking to your brother on the phone, you kinky beast."

 "I don't!" Edge denied, biting his lip as Rico undid the button on his jeans.

 "You do and you know it!" Rico purred, smoothly sliding down Edge's zipper. "You love the thought of getting caught." He glanced down again, then met Edge's eyes, offering him the phone.

 Edge groaned, taking it and beginning to dial his brother's number. "You know me too damn well," he muttered.

 "I know," Rico chuckled, lowering his head as Edge put the phone to his ear.

"Dayam that girl," Jaime Noble muttered, sighing as he flipped through channels on the tv. "Runnin' out on me to be with that silly stylist. And little ol' me left here with nothin' to do!" He jumped when there was a knock on the door, frowning as he turned off the tv and got up to answer it.

 "I swear, if that girl ordered herself room service before she left, I'ma give her a piece a my mind when she gets back!" he grumbled. He yanked the door open, gasping in shocked when Rico and Edge pushed their way into the room.

 "Hello, Jaime." Rico closed the door behind himself, locking it securely.

 "What're y'all doin' here?" Jaime demanded. "You's s'posed ta be out with my girl!"

 "Oh, that was just a decoy to get you alone!" Rico cackled. "You've been a VERY bad boy Jaime, and it's time for payback!"

 "What're y'all talkin' about?" Jaime questioned.

 "I'm talking about that!" Rico gestured to Edge's eye, which was considerably swollen, a large bruise forming right beneath it.

 "Man, that was an accident!" Jaime insisted. "Sorry ‘bout all that, Edge."

 "Not good enough!" Rico looked around the room, grinning when he saw the tv remote on the mattress. He walked over to the bed, scooping up the device and tapping it against his palm. "Ok Edge, bring him over."

 "Sorry about this, Jaime," Edge sighed, grabbing Jaime around the waist and carrying him over to the bed. "You're dating Nidia, you understand how it is, right?"

 "How!" Jaime protested as Edge dropped him onto the bed, pinning his arms over his head. "What're y'all doin'? Ya ain't gonna do something weird like shave my privates are ya?"

 "You hicks have the strangest ideas!" Rico chuckled. "Shave that region? Who on earth would anyone shave when we've got the best waxing technology available at any common salon? Really!" He bent over Jaime, ripping his shirt open and running his hands over Jaime's chest.

 Jaime frowned, glancing worriedly at Rico, then Edge. "Hey now, y'all know I ain't like that!" he objected.

 "Don't flatter yourself!" Rico huffed, yanking down the sweatpants Jaime was wearing and tossing them aside. He nodded to Edge, who flipped Jaime onto his stomach, continuing to keep his arms immobile.

 "Hey what y'all doing?!?" Jaime demanded. "Y'all stop this now!"

 "Not until you're sorry for punching my boyfriend!" Rico told the smaller man. He winced as he looked down at Jamie's checked boxers. "Have you no pride, man?" He shook his head. "Really! Any respectable man would buy himself a thong!" He clicked his tongue disapprovingly, yanking down Jaime's boxers as well.

 "Hey now, that ain't cool y'all!" Jaime struggled, scowling when he was unable to break the hold of the much stronger Edge.

 "Oh I'll show you cool!" Rico snapped, clutching the tv remote, then bringing it down hard on Jaime's bare buttox.

 Jaime squealed, struggling to get away. "Y'all stop that now!" he demanded, squealing when Rico smacked him again.

 "This is for hitting my boyfriend!" Rico told him, smacking him over and over with the remote. "This is what you get!" He nodded with satisfaction as he saw Jaime's buttox grow red from his whacks, setting the remote aside and crossing his arms smugly. "And I'll do it again if you ever touch Edge again!" he told the flushed young man. He frowned, tilting his head, then gasping. "My god! You enjoyed that, didn't you?" he sputtered.

 "I didn't!" Jaime insisted.

 "You did! You're - " Rico cleared his throat as he started at Jaime's erection. "Erm, excited."

 "I can't help it!" Jaime sat up, Edge having freed his arms. He pulled a pillow over his crotch, blushing as he rubbed his sore buttox. "I ain't never felt nothin' like that before," he admitted. He licked his lips, glancing between Rico and Edge. "Since y'all here anyway, ya maybe wanna have a l'il roll in the hay? I ain't never been with a boy before, but I know what I like when I feel it."

 Rico blinked, staring at Jaime in shock. "I believe that is the most forward, honest, and polite proposition I've ever had," he breathed, giving Jaime a little smile. He looked at Edge, raising an eyebrow. "He is cute, you know. You wanna?"

 Edge grinned. "I thought you'd never ask me to be in the threesome with you!" he exclaimed.

 Rico threw his hands up in the air. "Is there ANY kink you don't like?!?" he demanded.

 Edge shrugged. "I only like the fun ones," he replied.

 "Fine, whatever." Rico turned to Jaime, smiling at the younger man. "You sure you wanna go all the way?" he asked kindly.

 "I think so," Jaime replied. "If I don't like somethin', I'll just tell y'all to get the fuck off me."

 "Well all right then," Edge chuckled. He ran a finger over Jaime's lips, his eyes moving over the young man's body. "How about I teach you how to use that pretty mouth?" he purred.

 "I'd like that," Jaime breathed, tossing the pillow aside and easing himself down onto his back. "I ain't never put nothin' like that in my mouth before, but it ain't that hard, right?" he questioned, licking his lips as Edge and Rico both quickly disrobed.

 "Well it's a learned art," Edge told him. "But enthusiasm counts for a lot."

 "Do you have some kind of lotion?" Rico questioned, easing Jaime's legs apart and looking down at his nude form hungrily.

 "I think Nidia's got some in her bags," Jaime replied, pointing to one of the bags sitting on the nearest chair.

 "Wonderful." Rico walked over to the bag, quickly digging through it. He made an appalled noise when he found the lotion bottle. "This is not the brand I told her to get!" he exclaimed. "I swear, that girl!"

 "Would y'all hurry up!" Jaime told the stylist, fidgeting and glancing at Edge. "I wanna get this here started!"

 "Fine, fine, I'm coming!" Rico huffed, scurrying back over to the bed and jumping onto the mattress. He groaned as he looked at Jaime's spread legs, quickly squirting some lotion onto his fingers. "You should relax, ‘cos this does hurt the first time," he told the eager young Southerner. "But not as much as the first bump you take in the ring! Am I right Rico?" Edge stated.

 "I didn't say it's the worst pain ever," Rico quipped. "Just brace yourself, but DON'T tense up, because if you break my fingers I'll definitely spank you again!"

 Jaime chuckled. "That don't sound so bad," he commented.

 Rico put his clean hand on his hip. "And Edge and I will leave immediately after!" Rico proclaimed.

 "Well that don't sound good." Jaime fidgeted, glancing between the two men. "I sure am gettin' impatient, can we do this now?"

 "Certainly. Now relax, ok? How this works is - " Rico began.

 "I know I know, ya stretch me with y'all's fingers, like 2 or 3 of ‘em, then ya get down to the real stuff." Jaime shrugged when both Edge and Rico looked at him, shocked. "Nidia likes gay porn, ok?"

 "Well, alright then. Here it comes." Rico spread the cheeks of Jaime's still red buttox, prodding his opening with one slick finger. Jaime gasped as the single digit penetrated him. His chest began to move heavier as Rico slid his finger in and out.

 "You ok?" Edge whispered, stroking Jaime's cheek gently.

 "Yeah," Jaime breathed. "Don't hurt as much as I thought it would." He looked up at Edge, letting out a little whimper as Rico slid in a second digit. "Would y'all mind kissin' me?" he asked softly.

 "My pleasure." Edge leaned down, pressing his lips against Jaime's willing mouth. Jaime let out a soft sound of enjoyment, wrapping his arms around Edge's neck and deepening the kiss. He moaned into the tall Canadian's mouth as Rico added a third finger, stretching him out well.

 "You ready for it?" Rico questioned, exchanging a smile with his lover as the gorgeous blonde pulled back from their current quarry.

 "Hell yeah!" Jaime replied, spreading his legs apart a little further. He licked his lips, his eyes locking on Edge's engorged cock. "I get that too, right?" he breathed.

 "You bet you do!" Edge exclaimed. "I'm not about to be left out of this sweet little equation!"

 "Sweet." Jaime took a deep breath, than nodded to Rico.

 Rico pressed the head of his cock against Jaime's stretched entrance, pushing just hard enough to slip the tip inside. Jaime whimpered, taking deep breaths, but not protesting one bit. He turned his eyes to Edge, the tall Canadian grinning as he stepped forward, touching the head of his cock to Jaime's soft lips. Jaime licked his lips once more, then opened his mouth and took the tip of Edge's cock into his mouth, his tongue trailing over the very end. Edge moaned, his hand curling around the back of Jaime's head, caressing his dark hair, but not pressuring him to take any more of his cock.

 Rico slid his cock in further, slowly burying himself inside the responsive young Southerner. Jaime had to moan around Edge's cock as Rico paused, fully sheathed inside of him. Rico gave him a moment to adjust to the feeling of being penetrated, then began to rock his hips, his cock sliding in and out of Jaime's warm tunnel. Jaime groaned in pleasure, raising his hands and setting them on Edge's slim hips. He pulled Edge towards him, taking more of the blonde's cock into his mouth. Edge bit his lip, groaning as Jaime bobbed his head on his thick shaft. His eyes moved between the site of Jaime's lips wrapped around him and the vision of Rico's cock sliding in and our of the lovely young man.

 "God you are so tight!" Rico groaned, perspiration glinting on his brow as his hips worked fiercely.

 "Well duh, he is a virgin," Edge told his lover, gasping when Jaime moved a hand to wrap around the base of his cock, stroking the part of it which he couldn't get into his mouth.

 "Best virgin in the world," Rico moaned, not missing the proud gleam which appeared in Jaime's eyes upon hearing that. "I'm gonna come! Really really soon!"

 "Me too." Edge stroked the back of Jaime's head as the young man continued to bob on his cock. "Make him come first, baby."

 "You got it." Rico adjusted his angle slightly, making sure to jab Jaime's sweet spot with every single thrust. At the same time, he wrapped his hand around Jaime's straining cock, stroking it rapidly.

 Jaime let out a little squeak around Edge's cock, his muscles tensing as his come spurted onto his stomach. Rico threw his head back, the stylist climaxing as Jaime's muscles tightened around him. It only took the sight of his lover coming, and the continued heat of Jaime's sweet mouth around him, to bring Edge over the brink. They all rode out their orgasms together, the three of them collapsing onto the mattress, the only sounds for a moment their heavy breathing.

 "Damn," Jaime commented, rising up on his elbows. He gave Edge and Rico both a huge grin. "That's all I got to say! Damn!"

 "Hot damn that was good!" Edge sighed happily. "You sure you've never given head before?" he asked Jaime.

 Jaime shrugged. "I reckon I'd remember if I had! I liked it a whole lot, though."

 "Well if you ever need pointers, feel free to ask me," Rico told him, patting the young man's thigh. He let out a contented sigh, his cheeks happily flushed. "I've been doing it for years, and I am a total expert!"

 "Well damn you boys are friendly." Jaime was about to say more, when, to the horror of all three men, the door clicked and opened. In the doorway stood Christian and Nidia, both gazing at them in shock.

 "Girl!" Jaime exclaimed, quickly snatching the bedsheet and hiding his nudity. "Damn girl, this ain't what it seems!

 "Geez, Edge, is there a single guy in this company you HAVEN'T slept with?" Christian shook his head.

 "Plenty!" Edge shot back, sticking his tongue out at his brother. "Oral sex doesn't count!"

 "Oh yes it does!" Rico put in. "Oral sex always counts!"

 "Excuse me!" All eyes in the room turned to Nidia. who was staring at Jaime. There was a moment of tense silence, then a huge grin broke out across Nidia's face. "About damn time you realized, boy!"

 Jaime blinked, glancing at Rico, then Edge, then Christian, then he returned to staring at Nidia. "What y'all talkin' bout, girl?" he questioned.

 Nidia chuckled. "Jaime, honey, I've been with a lotta guys, ok? Let's just say I can tell whether a guy really want pie, or if he's craving some strudel."

 "Well damn, girl, why didn't ya tell me?" Jaime chuckled and shook his head.

 Nidia shrugged. "Mostly ‘cos all the boys in the back are strudel lovers and you're a decent lay. Although I hope you don't mind, I've kinda been seeing Torrie on the side. We've just been messing around, but she's been asking me to go out with her. Since you look like you've discovered a taste for strudel, would you mind if we just kinda called it quits on us as a couple?"

 "Works for me, girl." Jaime grinned. "Y'all have fun with Torrie!"

 "Thanks." Nidia smacked her gum, grinning broadly. "But we're gonna get together later boy, and you're gonna tell me EVERYTHING!" She spun around, her hair flying behind her as she strode away.

 "I wanna know too!" Christian put in. "Promise to tell me Edge? Please?"

 "You said hearing about my sex life was gross!" Edge exclaimed.

 "Well I have to say that, I'm your brother." Christian grinned and shrugged. "But I still wanna know! I'll tell you what I did with Charlie Haas this afternoon if you tell me what you did here tonight!"

 "So a deal!" Edge beamed.

 "Really Edge!" Rico climbed out of bed, marching over to the door, shoving Christian unceremoniously into the hall, and slamming the door behind him. He crawled back into bed after that, yanking the sheet from Jaime and spreading it out neatly over the bed. "I'm definitely ready to get some sleep." He moved in close to Jaime, draping his arm over the young man's waist. "Night Edge. Night Jaime."

 "Night," the two of them chorused, Edge hitting the lights as they all settled down for a night of peaceful slumber.


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