The music played throughout the arena. Billy was standing in the middle of the ring, which was filled with red roses and a beautiful white arch, Rico by his side. The pretty blonde was clad in the gorgeous deep blue wedding suit Rico had designed specially for him, Rico beaming in the dark purple suit he has made for himself. The designer watched with tears in his eyes as Chuck, in a fashionable deep green suit, strode down the ramp, which was currently covered with a plus purple carpet.

 Rico sniffed as the buff blonde climbed into the ring, taking his place next to Billy and sharing a loving smile with the other blonde. He held up the microphone he had been clutching for the past few minutes, pausing to wipe at his eyes before speaking.

 "Ladies and gentleman, we are gathered here to join together these two wonderful, fashionable men in holy matrimony!" Rico announced with pride. "The couple have written their own vows." He took a deep breath, turning to the larger of the two men. "Chuck, it's time." He held out the mic to Chuck, who took it, turning to Billy and taking the other man's hand as he pulled out a sheet of paper.

 "Billy," he began, frowning when suddenly the sounds of the Hardy Boys' theme rumbled through the arena.

 "What on earth!" Rico cried, scowling angrily as Jeff Hardy strutted onto the stage, doing his customary posing for the crowd. The fashion consultant snatched the mic from Chuck, shrieking, "How dare you interrupt Billy and Chuck's special night, you little witch! You turn right back around and get out of here so we can finish this!"

 Jeff, who remained at the top of the ramp, shook his green-dyed head, raising the mic in his hand to his lips. "I can't do that Rico. And I can't let this wedding happen either!"

 "What?!?" Rico gasped. "You little monster! Chuck proposed and Billy said yes, there will be a wedding, and there will be one today! Now get out of here, now!"

 "I'm not gonna go," Jeff repeated. "I can't let these two get married, because I slept with Chuck!"

 The crowd, Rico, and Billy gasped in shocked, while Chuck stared guiltily at the floor. "You cheated on me?" Billy shouted, scowling angrily at his to-be husband.

 Rico stepped between them before Chuck could say anything, putting his hands on Billy's shoulders. "Billy, Billy, I'm sure this happened months and months ago, long before you were with Chuck!"

 "It didn't!" Jeff informed everyone in the arena. "It was just a few weeks ago. I was gonna let it go, but now I can't! Chuck, you can't marry Billy because I'm pregnant with your child!"

 Everyone in the arena gasped collectively. Rico felt light headed, taking one feeble step forward, then collapsing in a dead faint.

 "No! No! Noooo!!!" He thrashed around, visions of uncoordinated, badly dyed, little green-haired children running around a horrid North Carolinan trailer park running through his head. "Nooooo, no Chuck, you can't, no!" Rico cried.

 "Rico! Wake up man!"

 Rico opened his eyes, seeing Chuck standing over him worriedly. "Chuck?" he gasped. He looked around the hotel room, heaving a deep sigh of relief. "Oh, it was just a dream! Thank god!" He shuddered. "What a horrid, horrid, disgusting, awful dream!"

 "What'd you dream about?" Chuck wanted to know.

 "It was about your wedding next week." Rico took a deep breath. "I dreamed we were all out at the ring, and it was BEAUTIFUL, and you and Billy were absolutely gorgeous, and so stylish, and then - and then - " He took a deep breath. "And then that horrid little green haired troll from RAW came out and ruined it all! It was absolutely terrible! That can't happen! The wedding is going to happen, and it'll be perfect!" He broke down in sobs over the very thought of all his hard work going to such waste.

 "Hey, hey, it's ok." Chuck pulled Rico into his arms, stroking his back reassuringly. "Don't sweat it, man. Everything's going to work out fine!"

 "Yes. Yes it is." Rico took a deep, calming breath. "I'm sorry, I'm just so stressed out with this wedding! There's so much to do, so much to plan, so much to organize, so much to design!"

 "Don't worry about it." Chuck gave the overwrought fashion consultant a friendly smile. "Billy and I are gonna get hitched, and it's gonna go fine. You gotta relax man, you're stressing out about this way more than Billy and I are!"

 "I know. I'm sorry." Rico took another deep breath. "Did you look over those designs I gave you yet?"

 "Yep." Chuck grinned. "Billy and I like the second set."

 "Perfect!" Rico perked up immediately, pulling out the huge folder he had devoted to Billy and Chuck's wedding plans. "And did you decide on the flowers?"

 "Yep. Those." Chuck pointed to one of the pictures Rico held up for him.

 "Perfect! Just what I was thinking!" Rico happily flipped through the pages, asking Chuck's preference on all the different items he needs to set up, his horrible nightmare soon forgotten in the happy buzz of wedding planning.


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