Christian ran full throttle for the limo, Bradshaw hot in pursuit behind him. He was really enjoying the match, but felt a little sad since it was about to end when he jumped in the limo and sped away. Following the script perfectly, he dived into the long white car and slammed the door closed behind him. The car took off, traveling only a few feet before it came to an abrupt halt.

 Christian frowned. "What are - " he was about to ask the driver, when from the driver's seat sprung a tall, slim blonde. Christian's eyes widened. "Edge, what the heck are you doing?" he gasped.

 "I couldn't wait to see you 'til after your match, baby," Edge purred, immediately tackling his lover and pinning him to the back seat of the limo. He began to forcefully grind his hips against Christian's, making the entire car shake. "You're so fucking sexy, I want you now!"

 "Edge!" Christian cried, squirming to get away. "I'm in the middle of a match! Stop it! There are cameras out there; do you know what this will look like?"

 Edge rolled his eyes, thrusting his hips demandingly against Christian's through their clothes. "Like the fans could figure it out? I'm just continuing our feud, remember 'little brother'? For all they know I'm beating the hell out of you in here."

 "Edge, no," Christian moaned, clawing his way to the door. "I want you, but I can't now!" He shoved open the door, managing to get halfway out before Edge reached out, grabbing him by the hair and yanking him back into the car. The taller blonde quickly pinned the other man beneath him again, grinding their hips together with even more force.

 "Come on baby," Edge breathed. They were both almost panting, their cocks hardening as they rubbed against each other through the fabric. "We've got time for a quickie."

 "No!" Christian objected. "We don't! I've got a match! Can you give me like five minutes to finish?"

 Edge shook his blonde head. "Baby, I need you! I wanna rip off those tights and fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for days."

 Christian groaned, feeling his resolve began to slip. "But...I don't...Edge..." The beautiful blonde let out a moan, overwhelmed by the feeling of their hips rocking together. Taking a deep breath, he shoved Edge away, lunging for the door and tumbling out of the limo. He quickly stumbled away from the car, purposely falling a few times to hide his bulging erection. He tried to stumble as though he had been fighting, praying that anyone watching would be fooled by his performance. Meanwhile, Edge stepped out of the car, cracking his knuckles and looking satisfied, as though he had just taught his 'little brother' a lesson. He made sure to stay behind the door so the camera couldn't see his own erection.

 "We're clear!" the camera man called at last.

 In what seemed like a split second, Christian came flying back into the garage and leapt into Edge's arms, their lips colliding in a furious and passionate kiss. "I...want bad," the shorter bombshell moaned between kisses, his hands already fumbling with Edge's pants. "I can' me...on camera!" he continued breathlessly.

 "I couldn't help it," Edge panted, drawing away from Christian for a moment to pull the golden blonde's shirt up over his head and toss it away. "You're just so hot!"

 "Boys, why don't you continue this inside?"

 Bradshaw's voice made both blondes jump. They looked up sheepishly, but quickly returned to each other. Shaw just shook his head, opening the limo door for them and closing it again when they tumbled inside. "Have fun boys!" Shaw exclaimed. "They're horny as hell, but they sure make a pretty picture," the Acolyte murmured to himself, chuckling as he saw the limo begin to rock wildly.

 Meanwhile, inside the limo, Christian had managed to shove Edge's pants down to his knees, his own tights discarded and his powerful legs wrapped around Edge's waist. "Oh god Edge!" he cried as his partner thrust into him, sending the limo into wild oscillations. "More! Yes! Oh yes, more! Oh god! Oh god!!!"

 "You're so hot," Edge panted, jerking his hips wildly as his mouth latched onto one of Christian's nipples and sucked hungrily. "Fighting you on camera just makes it hotter! Oh baby...oh god...Christian...oh...."

 "Edge!" Christian's head thrashed around on the limo seat, the movements of the long car only making the experience hotter. "Oh we should do this more often..." he moaned.

 "Yes...oh....oh!" Edge panted, his climax fast approaching.

 "Edge...Edge...oh....god...I...I'm almost....oh..." Christian gasped, barely coherent as their hips snapped together, both men bordering right on the edge. "I....I...just....just a little more...oh....oh.....oh Edge, YES! Yes! Oh god, yes, yes, yes!" Christian screamed as he shot over the edge, his orgasm making his body shake wildly.

 "Christian!" Edge moaned as he came, his breath momentarily pausing as his cock jerked and released into Christian's trembling body.

 Both men collapsed as their orgasms faded, Edge falling onto his lover's chest. It was silent for a moment, the car still at last. Finally, Edge raised his head, gazing dreamily at the beautiful blonde beneath him.

 "Wow," he whispered.

 Christian grinned and nodded. "Wow," he echoed.

 Slowly both men got back into their clothes, the whole time grinning slyly at each other and stealing little kisses and feels. When they were finished dressing, they leaned back against the seat for a moment, Christian curling up against Edge's side and resting his head on the taller man's shoulder. Edge wrapped his arm around his lover, the two men sharing a contented sigh.

 "We should probably go now," Edge murmured, his hand tracing down Christian's thigh.

 "Mmmhmm." Christian's eyes were glued to the lazy movement of his lover's hand as it ran over his inner thigh and settled there. He chuckled and shook his head. "Baby, you wanna get your hand off my thigh?"

 "Why?" Edge challenged, raising his eyebrows. "Can't I touch you here?" He squeezed the other blonde's thigh to emphasize his point.

 "Well, you CAN, but that means I can touch you HERE." Christian ran his hand up Edge's thigh, his fingers moving over Edge's crotch and grasping him firmly.

 "Mmm, anytime," Edge murmured, thrusting his hips against Christian's hand. Christian chuckled and shook his head. There was a moment of silence in which the two exchanged increasingly heated glances, then in an instant they were making out furiously and pulling off each other's clothes, and the limo began to rock again.

 Some time later, two very sweaty and rumpled blondes emerged from a limo that had seen enough rocking for a lifetime in one night. They both turned beat red as the crowd which had gathered around them burst into applause.

 "What are all you guys doing here?" Edge demanded, wrapping his arms around Christian's waist and holding the other man against him protectively.

 "Word got out there was a limo rocking out here," Shaw explained with a grin, "and these boys decided they wanted to see for themselves! I take it you boys enjoyed yourself?"

 "We did," Christian replied, blushing as the crowd around them whistled and cheered.

 "Come on baby," Edge stated, picking Christian up in his arms. "Let's get out of here and back to our hotel room." The crowd whistled some more as Edge carried his beloved off, both blondes bright red by the time they reached the safety of their car. They took off for the hotel without further ado. It was silent for a few minutes, before Christian turned to Edge, a wicked smile on his face.

 "Edge?" he asked timidly.

 "Yeah baby?" Edge replied.

 Christian grinned. "I think we need more limo rides."

 Edge laughed and nodded. "Now THAT," he agreed, his hand creeping onto Christian's thigh again, "is something I definitely agree with!"


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