"You wanna hook up?"

John Cena looked up from his bag, surprised to see Chris Jericho standing over him, looking gorgeous and cocky as ever. He raised his eyebrows in surprise, thinking his must have heard wrong. "What?"

"Wanna hook up?" Jericho repeated.

Cena swallowed. "You wanna hook up?"

"Yeah," Jericho replied.

"Even after I slapped you?" Cena questioned.

"Yeah." Jericho snapped his gum, looking bored. "So you want to or not?"

"Um - " Cena swallowed, his eyes moving over Jericho's fit, perfect body. "Well, yeah."

"Great." Jericho jerked his head towards the door. "We'll take my car back to the hotel. Come on, I wanna get started."

Cena quickly stood and slung his bag over his shoulder, following the hot blonde out of the room. He couldn't believe that the gorgeous man was interested in him, especially after the less than pretty start they'd had, but he certainly wasn't going to argue. The thought of sex with such a gorgeous man was far too tempting an offer to pass on. Out in the hall, Cena was a bit surprised to see Randy Orton standing there, waiting.

"Ready to go?" the darker man asked Jericho.

"Yeah." Jericho motioned down the hall. "Come on, let's get out of here."

Cena frowned, looking from Jericho and Randy. "He's coming with us?"

"Jericho's giving me a ride." Randy smirking, looking over Cena. "Why're you tagging along?"

Cena frowned, standing up to the other young rookie. "He's giving me a ride too."

"How nice. Your carpool pull out on you?" Randy was still smirking, acting as though he knew something Cena didn't, and felt just a bit superior as a result of it. "Well we'd better be going." He walked briskly towards Jericho, who was waiting impatiently a few feet away. The ride back to the hotel was uneventful, Randy having immediately snapped up the front seat, and Cena having to ride in back. Cena was a little annoyed that he wasn't sitting next to Jericho, but he reminded himself that once they reached the hotel, Orton would be history and he would have the gorgeous blonde all the himself.

After several minutes of rather tense small talk, they pulled up at the hotel, Jericho parking the car and striding towards the elevators. Both Cena and Orton followed him, neither moving to press another button when Jericho selected floor 6. Cena was a bit unhappy to see that Randy would be on the same floor as them, but he figured that in the long run, it wouldn't matter, as he and Jericho would be in the pretty blonde's room alone, the door closed and locked.

When the door slid open, they all stepped out, both Orton and Cena following Jericho down the hall. Cena was getting more and more annoyed, frowning and shooting Randy an annoyed look when the darker man stopped and waited as Jericho unlocked his door.

"Shouldn't you be going to your own room?" he snapped as Jericho opened the door and stepped inside his room. Cena followed the blonde in, scowling as Orton did the same.

"Shouldn't you?" Randy shot back. "What the hell are you doing, man?"

"Excuse me, but I was invited!" Cena growled. "What are you doing?"

Randy put his hands on his hips. "I happen to have been invited too! I think there's been a mistake here."

"Oh no." Both younger men turned to the grinning Jericho questioningly. "Why invite just one when I could have you both?" Jericho stated with a grin, moving close enough so that he could grasp the backsides of both young men with his hands. "Besides, I'd love to see you two play."

"You've gotta be kidding me!" Cena glared at Randy, his hands balling into fits. "No way am I gonna share with him!"

"Feel free to go then," Orton shot back. He grinned at Jericho, his tongue darting out to wet his lips. "I'll do whatever you want, Chris."

Not about to let his fellow rookie have the hot blonde all to himself, Cena managed to put on an alluring smile for Chris. "Chris, you don't need him with me here," he purred. "Send him away and I'll give you a night you'll never forget."

"I'd rather have you both here," Chris replied nonchalantly. He took his hands off them, walking over to the bed and pulling off his shirt as he did. "Come on boys, you fuck with your clothes on?"

The two rookies exchanged a hostile glance, then followed the gorgeous blonde, both pulling off their clothes as they did. Orton was the first to go all the way, casually pulling off his boxers and tossing them onto the floor. Cena hesitated a bit, but, not wanting Chris to look at Randy rather than him, he slid off his briefs, resisting the urge to cover himself from both Chris and Randy's prying eyes. "Nice," Chris whistled, taking in both firm young bodies. "Very nice." Still wearing his pants, and apparently not planning on removing them just yet, Chris sat on the bed and patted the mattress. "Come on boys, I wanna taste you," he purred.

Both Cena and Randy quickly moved onto the mattress, both wanting to get Jericho's attention first. Jericho looked between them for a moment, then headed for Orton, wrapping his arms around the younger man and pulling him into a steamy kiss. They kissed furiously, Jericho's hands running all over Randy's body while they did. Cena bit his lip, feeling jealousy boil up inside of him. But before he lost his temper and shoved Randy off the bed, Jericho was breaking the kiss and moving on to him. He closed his eyes as the blonde's lips connected with his, the kiss forceful and very hot. Jericho immediately set to work at feeling him up, Cena loving the way the blonde's hands felt on his bare flesh. He shivered as Jericho's hands brushed over the curve of his ass, feeling himself getting hard in anticipation.

Then, much to his dismay, the pretty blonde was pulling back and climbing off the bed. "Chris?" Randy beat him to the question. "What are you doing?"

Chris settled into a chair which faced the bed, propping his feet up and licking his lips. "Oh, nothing. Just relaxing. I wanna watch you two warm each other up." He chuckled, wiggling his eyebrows at the two young man. "You know what I mean, babes."

Cena swallowed, glancing nervously at Orton. This was most definitely not what he had signed up for. Randy was damn hot, but he didn't have the sexy appeal of Jericho, and Jericho was what he wanted at the moment. He tensed when Randy moved close to him, frowning when the other man chuckled. "Scared?" Randy mocked, too softly for Jericho to hear.

"No," Cena hissed back. "This just isn't what I planned on doing tonight!"

"Plans change." Randy licked his lips, looking Cena up and down. "So can I kiss you or what?"

Cena was tempted to answer 'what', but he just shrugged in response, hesitantly allowing Randy to put his arms around his waist and pull into him a kiss. He returned the kiss with more tolerance than enthusiasm, squeaking when Randy's fingers slid down his back and between the cheeks of his ass. Had Jericho not been watching, he would've shoved the other man away, but the last thing he wanted was to seem like a spoilsport baby in front of one of the hottest men in the WWE - and one of the best lovers as well, if the rumors were true.

"Here." Jericho's voice cut through Cena's thoughts. He watched as the blonde tossed a bottle of lube and a condom to Randy, winking at them suggestively. "Knock yourselves out, boys."

Randy grinned, immediately popping open the bottle and slicking up his fingers. Before Cena could protest and demand why the hell Randy thought he was bottoming, the other young man was nipping and kissing his neck, a finger prodding at his entrance. Cena shuddered as one long finger slipped inside of him, doing his best to relax and act sexy, for Jericho's sake. He figured this was some sort of test to see how he measured up in terms of the bedroom, and he certainly wasn't going to blow his chance at getting with Jericho, even if it meant having to fuck Orton first.

Before he knew it, that was exactly what he was doing. Randy moved incredibly fast, slipping in a second then third finger, then promptly pushing him onto his back and climbing on top, making sure Jericho has a nice view of everything. He gave his cock a few nice strokes, then slipped on the condom, not hesitating a moment before sliding his hips forward and penetrating Cena. Cena gasped, closing his eyes tightly as the initial pain of penetration washed over him. He was thankful that Randy stopped for a moment, giving him some time to adjust. When the darker man's hips began to move again, he was ready, rocking his hips in time with Randy's. Although it wasn't the sex he wanted, it was sex, and it did feel pretty good, although he did feel a bit dirty to be performing like he was in front of another men. But on the other hand, he had never done anything like this before, and the naughty element of it was rather exciting.

Soon he was moaning and wildly rocking his hips, clawing at Randy's back as the other man's cock jabbed against his prostate. His breath was erratic, his mind quickly clearing of all thoughts but his rapidly building need to come. He was thankful to feel Randy's hand close around his cock, arching into the touch, practically humping the other man's hand in his desperation to get off. Another jab to his prostate did the trick, sending him arching off the bed, his body shaking as he cried out in pleasure. Randy kept thrusting into the other man's body, throwing his head back and moaning as he, too, hit his climax. Randy fell onto his elbows as Cena collapsed back onto the mattress, both of them trying to catch their breath.

They were startled out of their post-coital daze by the sound of applause. Both boys looked up to see Jericho grinning broadly at them. "Now that was a show, baby!" Jericho exclaimed, nodding approvingly. "I'll have to invite you two back some time for an encore."

Randy and Cena exchanged a look, both a bit unsure. "Do you want us to go?" Randy questioned, sounding a bit disappointed.

"Well, I wouldn't want to keep you out all right." Jericho grinned, walking over to where Randy had dropped his boxers and tossing them to the dark young man. "But don't be surprised if I invite you over some other night." His licked his lips as Randy climbed out of bed and reclaimed the underwear, pulling Randy into a steamy kiss, and again letting his hands explore, before freeing the young men to dress himself and leave. When the door had closed after Randy, Jericho turned to Cena, again licking his lips. "Have fun tonight, baby?" he purred, flopping down onto the bed beside the young man.

Cena nodded, feeling his hopes rising as Jericho unzipped his pants and slid them off, followed by his skimpy red thong. His cock was left unfettered, jutting out from its nest of golden blonde curls. "Want some?" Jericho purred, gazing at Cena lustfully. "I'm so fucking hard from your display, I need someone to take care of me."

Cena quickly complied, shifting onto his hands and knees and lowering his mouth onto Jericho's cock. He sucked the hot blonde the best that he knew how, taking Jericho's cock as far down his throat as he could, then begining to bob his head up and down. Jericho groaned, leaning back on his hands and simply enjoying the younger man's mouth on him. "Oh yeah baby, oh that's nice. Mmmm yeah baby." Cena made sure not to bring him off too quickly, taking his time and using all the tricks he knew to make it better, fully utilizing his tongue, lips, and throat. He was enjoying his task immensely, still sucking happily when Jericho hit his climax, spilling his creamy seed into the rookie's mouth. Cena managed to swallow it all, licking his lips and sitting back on his heels when he was done, grinning at the older man.

Jericho grinned back, leaning forward to brush his lips across Cena's. "Nice work, baby," he murmured. "You're a talented little bitch. I'll keep your number if you keep mine." With that, he yawned, pulling back the covers and sliding underneath them. He buried his face in the pillow, murmuring, "Night," before yawning again and closing his eyes.

Cena swallowed, not quite sure whether he should just leave, or try to get into bed with Jericho, as he would've liked to do. As sappy as it sounded, sex had never really seemed complete to him without cuddling. However, it seemed pretty clear that Jericho was through with him for the night, and he didn't have the guts to try and get in bed with him anyway. Shrugging it off, he climbed off the bed and gathered up his clothes, hastily dressing and heading for his own room. He sighed as he walked down the hall towards his room, wondering if he had, truly, made the right decision that night.


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