"You know what, Kane?"

 Kane glanced up at his brother, seeing a contemplative look on Taker's face. "What, bro?" he questioned.

 Taker slapped his brother on the back. "You and I, we're the men in charge in the fed. We're the big dogs. Yet we've never thrown our weight around to get something we want."

 Kane shrugged and nodded. "Yeah. So?"

 "So we're always helping out the other guys, always lending a hand, shit like that," Taker continued. "But it's all pretty damn selfless, ain't it? I think we deserve to throw our weight around a little every now and then, don't you?"

 "Yeah, I guess." Kane looked at Taker questioningly. "What is it you had in mind?"

 "I just wanna take what I want for once," Taker replied, an evil smile curving his lips.

 "Which is?" Kane prodded.

 Taker chewed over the question for a moment, then his dark, glowing eyes returned to his brother. "I'd like a hot little twink sucking my dick tonight."

 Kane licked his lips, nodding his dark head. "That sounds damn good to me, too. Wouldn't mind getting some ass, either."

 "Exactly my thoughts. So my point is; there are plenty of twinks in the fed. Why don't we go find one and get some ass?"

 Kane raised an eyebrow. "Most've ‘em have boyfriends and shit. As much pull as we have, I don't know if there are any that would agree."

 Taker smirked. "Who cares? What're they gonna do? Run and tell their boyfriends, at the risk that rumors will start flying that they're a slut? Or tell Vince? Who's the man gonna believe; you and I, two of his top money makers, or some dumb little twink?"

 A grin broke out across Kane's face. "I like the way you think, man. Let's go find us some ass! Who's did you want tonight?"

 "A good question." Taker thought for a moment, tapping his chin. "I want someone kinda quiet, reserved, so lets rule out Jericho and Christian. Raven's too....well, Raven, same with Richards." He snapped his fingers. "Say, what about little Jeff Hardy? Quiet boy, so he'll keep his mouth shut about it, and not a slut, so he should have a nice tight ass."

 "It's settled then." Kane stood up and headed to the door. "To the Hardys' locker room!"

Jeff was just stuffing his ring gear back into his bag when the door to the room burst open. His head shot up, his eyes widening when he saw that the Brothers of Destruction were looming over him. "C-can I help you?" he stuttered, his stomach doing flip flops from the predatory looks on their faces. His plans had been to go back to the hotel, spend the night cuddling with Matt and maybe make love, then spend a relaxing night in his brother and lover's arms. Being cornered by two huge, scary looking men had not been something he expected.

 "Such a pretty mouth, ain't it?" Taker commented to Kane, the two of them exchanging wicked looks. Without warning, the deadman grabbed Jeff by his hair, dragging him off the bench and forcing him to his knees. "Don't say a word, boy," he hissed as he unzipped his pants. "Just suck me off good. And don't try any shit or you'll regret it, you little bitch. I promise you that." He drew his cock out of his pants, pressing the tip against Jeff's lips. Jeff just shook his head, tears coming to his eyes. "You'll fucking do it!" Taker hissed, yanking on Jeff's hair and making the younger man cry out in pain. "You'll do it now or you can fucking kiss your precious career goodbye."

 Jeff whimpered, but having no choice, he opened his mouth, allowing the head of Taker's cock to slide inside. "Good bitch," Taker growled. "Now you better fucking suck me for all you're worth or you'll fucking regret it." Closing his eyes, Jeff began to bob on Taker's cock, trying desperately to pretend that it was Matt to force down the revulsion he felt. His eyes flew open as he felt his belt being undone, his pants yanked off his hips none too gently.

 "Relax you little bitch," Kane hissed in his ear, forcing him to spread his legs wide apart. "You just keep sucking my brother's cock while I fuck your ass." Jeff squeezed his eyes shut, wanting desperately to cry as Kane rammed into him from behind, beginning to pound into him forcefully. Having no other choice, he rocked his body in unison with both men, wanting nothing more than for this to be over so he could crawl into Matt's arms and cry. He nearly choked as Taker came in his mouth, desperately swallowing what he could, the rest dribbling down over his chin. He had to fight back sobs as Kane stiffened behind him, releasing his seed deep inside his ass.

 Both of the dark brothers drew back, quickly zipping up their pants and retreating. "That was fucking great!" Kane exclaimed, looping his arms around his brother's shoulders as they walked out of the room. "Fucking awesome idea, man!"

Jeff lay on the floor shivering, staring off into space as the reality of what had just happened really hit him. His head jerked up again as the door slammed open. He felt relief flood over him at the sight of his brother. However, his relief quickly faded as his lover seized him and dragged him to his feet, slapping him hard across the face. He whimpered and clutched the injured cheek, staring at Matt in shock. Matt had never been anything but gentle and loving with him, and had never before raised a hand to him.

 "You little bitch!" Matt screamed, his face seething with anger. "You fucking little slut! I knew you were fucking around on me! I don't know how I could've been so god damned stupid! ‘I love you Matt. I've never been with anyone but you Matt.' Bullshit! All fucking bullshit!"

 "No!" Jeff cried in dismay, shaking his head, the tears spilling down his cheeks. "I have never been with anyone but you! I love you!"

 "You fucking little whore!" Matt yelled, grabbing Jeff by his hair and yanking it forcefully as he screamed into his brother's face. "I just say you fucking two men! It wasn't good enough to cheat on my with just one, was it? You had to make yourself the fucking dirtiest slut you could with two fucking men at the same time! I should've known. Edge and Christian warned me. They told me you were a no good slut! They told me you were fucking around on me. And now I've fucking seen it with my own eyes!"

 "Matt, no! Please, that's not what happened!" Jeff cried frantically, crying out as Matt struck him again, and again. He sobbed, curling up into a little ball as his brother hit and kicked him.

 "Stay out of my fucking life you whore!" Matt screamed back at him, stomping out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

 Jeff just lay on the floor, sobbing, for some time. He buried his face in his arms, crying until his eyes were red and swollen. He jumped when he heard the door open yet again, looking up with frightened eyes.

 Chris Jericho stood in the doorway, staring wide eyed at Jeff. When he saw Jeff's red eyes and the bruises forming on his face, he immediately rushed to the young man's side, pulling him into his arms. "Oh my god, honey, what happened?" he asked softly, stroking Jeff's hair as the other man buried his face in his shirt, sniffling brokenly.

 "It's alright sweetly," Chris whispered. "It's ok. What happened hon?"

 "M - matt," was all Jeff managed to stutter before beginning to sob again.

 Chris rubbed his back soothingly, holding the younger man against him. "Did Matt do this?" he whispered. He shook his head sadly. "I know he has a temper, but I can't believe he'd to this to his own brother! His own baby brother." Jeff just cried harder, clinging to Chris, desperate for comfort.

 "Shhh, baby, shhh," Chris cooed. "I'll just take you back to the hotel and put you to bed, ok? It'll be alright sweety, really. Just relax honey." He picked Jeff up in his arms, quickly carrying him away.

Meanwhile, Matt was sitting in the middle of Edge and Christian's bed, Christian in front of him and Edge behind. He and Christian were making out furiously while Edge kissed his neck and teased his nipples, exciting his body to no end. He had thrown himself into their embrace the moment they had offered, wanting nothing more than to forget about his brother's betrayal.

 "Matt," Christian breathed, pulling back for a moment and looking deep into the elder Hardy's eyes. "I want you."

 "We want you," Edge added. "Both of us."

 "We'll take your mind off all your troubles, baby," Christian murmured, reaching for the zipper of Matt's jeans, which the dark haired man allowed him to pull down. Christian continued to whispered soothing words to Matt as he stripped his, momentarily locking eyes with Edge. There was one thing that Edge and Christian wanted above all else: anything they couldn't have. Any time they met a supposedly ‘committed' couple, such as Matt and Jeff, they wouldn't rest until they got the supposedly ‘unattainable' person into bed. For months they had been whispered lies in Matt's ear while they pretended to be his friend, telling him that Jeff was a slut and sleeping around the fed, when nothing could be further from the truth. They didn't know what had happened earlier that night, but they both knew that Matt felt betrayed and was at his most vulnerable, which made him extremely receptive to their advances.

 "Relax baby," Edge breathed softly as he and Christian stripped. "We'll take your mind off Jeff." They made sure to say Jeff's name every now and then, feeding the pain Matt was feeling and making him turn to them even more for comfort.

 Christian lay himself down on his back, spreading himself wide for Matt. "Come on baby, I want you in me," he urged.

 Matt, who had never in life been with anyone but Jeff, didn't take a moment in his current state of mind to think before penetrating the blonde before him, groaning in pleasure as his cock slid into the tight heat. Christian moaned a little over dramatically, his triumphant eyes meeting Edge's as the taller blonde penetrated Matt from behind. Matt's breath caught in his throat from the sensation. Their bodies began to move together, the only sounds in the room their labored breathing and the noise of their bodies coming together. Matt was seeing stars, waves of pleasure washing through him. He was the first to come, throwing his head back and crying out, the blondes following him soon. After that they all collapsed together, too tired for words. Matt was quickly asleep, circled up between his two blonde lovers. Edge and Christian shared another triumphant look before drifting off to sleep as well, neither giving even a thought to Jeff.

"Come on sweetie," Chris cooed, helping Jeff into the younger Hardy's room. "You'll be ok sweetie. Let's just get you to bed." He led Jeff over to the bed, quickly stripping the younger man down to his boxers, then tucking him into bed. "Would you like me to stay?" Chris whispered, tenderly brushing a strand of hair out of Jeff's face. "I don't think I should leave you alone tonight."

 Jeff nodded mutely, moving over to allow Chris to climb into bed after the other man had stripped down to his boxers as well. "Come here sweetie," Chris whispered, pulling Jeff into his arms and hugging him tightly. "Wanna talk about it babe?"

 Jeff shook his head. "No," he whispered.

 "Ok." Chris stroked Jeff's hair, smiling down at the young Hardy. "You know I've wanted to get you into bed for a long time, Jeff," he whispered. "I've been trying to let you know that I was interested for months. Never could figure out why you never showed a bit of interest in me." He paused, then brushed his lips gently against Jeff's forehead. "Why don't you let me take your mind off whatever's bothering you? I've been told that I'm *very* good at that."

 Jeff raised his eyes to look into Chris' face, feeling a little afraid when he saw the look in the other man's eyes. "I - I really don't want to, Chris," he said quietly.

 Chris' face darkened. "Why the hell not?" he demanded. "Aren't I hot enough for you?"

 Jeff shook his head. "It's not that. You're very good looking."

 "Then what's the problem? Come on, Jeff! Your boyfriend, your own BROTHER, beat you up! Why can't I comfort you?" Chris wrapped his arms around Jeff waist, rolling over and pinning Jeff beneath him with his body.

 "Chris." Jeff tried to push him away, his breath catching in his throat when Chris grabbed his wrists, pinning them to the bed. "Chris no. Please," Jeff whimpered.

 "Relax baby." Chris began to scatter kisses along Jeff's neck, moving Jeff's pinned wrists into one of his hands and using to other to yank off both his and Jeff's boxers.

 "Chris," Jeff began, his eyes widening in fear, his heart beginning to beat quickly with apprehension.

 "Hush." Chris captured Jeff's lips in a kiss, his tongue slipping into Jeff's mouth and preventing the younger Hardy for speaking further. Jeff tried to struggle, whimpering as Chris' grip on his wrists increased, the older man using his weight on top of Jeff to hold the other man down. "Stop it," Chris growl, squeezing Jeff's wrist in a painful grip. "If you don't stop it this won't be much fun for you! Now stop it and relax, baby. Just relax." Jeff whimpered, but knowing there was nothing he could do, he relented, his sobs lost in Chris' mouth as the other man entered him uninvited, beginning to thrust in and out of him and moaning with obvious pleasure. Jeff felt tears slipping down his cheeks as Chris ravished him, unable to believe that he had been trapped and taken advantage of for the second time that night.

 Chris thrust into his body for what seemed like forever. He finally came, promptly rolling off of Jeff and pulling the covers over himself, closing his eyes. "That was pretty good," Chris murmured. "You're pretty decent in the sack, baby. Night." He was quickly asleep, leaving Jeff lying awake, staring into the darkness as tears poured down his cheeks.

The next morning, Edge, Christian, and Matt sat in the hotel café, waiting for their breakfast to arrive. Edge and Christian shared a look, then Edge turned to Matt, a sly look on his beautiful face. "We had a hell of a night, didn't we babe?" he cooed to the brunette.

 Matt grinned and nodded. "It was incredible. You two are really fabulous."

 "We know," Edge smirked, glancing around, then fixing Matt with a heated look. "How would you like a little snack before breakfast, Matt," he asked, glancing under the table, which was hidden by a long table cloth which reached the floor.

 "I'd love one," Matt breathed, wiggling his eyebrows at Edge, then sliding under the table when no one was looking. He swiftly unzipped the tall blonde's pants, pulling out his hardening cock through the fly. He licked around the head, then sucked it into his mouth, loosening his throat and taking it all the way down his throat. Edge bit his lip, his hands slipping under the tablecloth and tangling in Matt's hair as the other man gave him head. He exchanged another look with Christian, who grinned and stood up.

 "I think I'll just go get some water," Christian stated, walking off briefly and scooping up an ice filled glass. He came back to the table just as Matt was swallowing Edge's come. Edge pulled his cock out of Matt's mouth in the middle of it, splashing come across Matt's face and into his hair. He quickly tucked his cock back into his pants, then exchanged an evil glance with Christian. Grinning manically, Christian promptly grabbed a corner of the table and overturned it, revealing a come cover Matt on his knees to the entire restaurant, which was filled with their coworkers.

 "Oops," Christian stated, still grinning wickedly. "Clumsy me!"

 Matt froze, horrified, as every eye in the place turned to him. The other men cast his scathing and disgusted glances, some murmuring "What a slut," and the like. Feeling tears of humiliation fill his eyes, Matt jumped to his feet and bolted for the door, the cruel laughter of the two blondes following him.

Jeff woke up just as Chris was pulling on his tshirt. The charismatic blonde gave him a brief smile, then headed for the door. "Last night was great," he told Jeff, "but I gotta run, I have to meet someone for breakfast. I'll see you later." With that, he popped out the door and was gone.

 Jeff curled back up in the bed, hugging himself and feeling absolutely miserable. His body ached, especially his ass and thighs. He wanted to scream "Go away!" when a timid knock came on the door, but instead he just buried his head under his pillow, ignoring it when the knock came again, a little louder this time. He tensed when he heard the door open, biting his lips, feeling his heart flicker with fear.

 "Jeff, baby?" Jeff instantly relaxed upon hearing his brother's soft voice.

 "Matt," he sobbed, turning and burying his face in his brother's shoulder. "Oh Matt." He held his lover tightly, feeling relieved when that familiar pair of arms wrapped around him.

 "Jeff," Matt began hesitantly, swallowing hard. "Baby, I'm so sorry about yesterday. I never should've done that. It was wrong, and I was so stupid." He held Jeff tightly, stroking his brother's back comfortingly. "You look awful baby. What happened."

 "Taker and Kane," Jeff began tearfully. "When you saw me with them, I - I didn't want to! They forced me. I told them no, but I couldn't get away! I'm so sorry Matt...I never wanted to be with anyone else! And....and I've never willingly been with anyone else!"

 "Oh god." Matt closed his eyes, feeling shame wash through him. "God Jeff I'm sorry! I should've let you explain."

 "But...but I was with someone else too." Jeff clutched Matt a little tighter. "Last night, Jericho found me, after you...after you hurt me. He helped me back here, and - and helped me into bed. But then he came onto me, and I told him no...I told him I didn't want to....but - but he forced himself on me, and I didn't want to Matt! I honestly didn't! But I couldn't stop him." Jeff looked up at Matt with tearful eyes. "I'm not a slut Matt. I never wanted any of them; I never wanted anyone but you!"

 "Shh, it's ok baby. I know it wasn't you fault." Matt took a deep breath, looking down at Jeff with guilty eyes. "Baby, I have something I have to tell you. Last night, I - I was really upset after seeing you with Taker and Kane...and I wasn't thinking clearly." He wiped a tear from his eyes. "Baby, Edge and Christian, they lied to me. They told me you were a whore who was sleeping around behind my back. That's why I got so mad....I thought they were right. But they were only lying to me because they wanted to get me into bed...they wanted me for a one-night stand, just so they could say they'd had me." He shook his head, wiping another tear from his cheek. "This morning at breakfast they....they completely humiliated me! Now practically the whole roster thinks I'm some kind of cheap slut, and anyone who wasn't there'll here about it soon."

 Matt took a deep breath, looking up at Jeff. "I'm so sorry baby. I can't say it enough! This was all my fault. God I hope you can still love me after this. I fucked up so bad!"

 Jeff lay his head on Matt's shoulder, tears in his eyes and his heart aching. "I don't have any choice," he whispered. "I'll love you no matter what you do. I don't care what you did, baby, I still love you."

 "I love you too," Matt whispered, holding Jeff tight and resting his head on his brother's shoulder. "I love you." They held each other, knowing that they would always have each other, yet also knowing that things would never be quite the same.


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