"Damn that was sweet!" John gloated as he bounced back into the locker room, Bull hot on his heels.

 "Wasn't it though?" Bull grinned, cracking his knuckles menacingly. "The fat man never saw it coming! It felt great to slam him onto the mat like that!"

 "You did great," John agreed, slapping Bull on the chest. "I knew the second I saw you I had to get you in my corner! And you have perfect timing! I couldn't take another stink face from that disgusting ass!"

 "Those things are so sick." Bull shuddered in disgust. "No way I was gonna let you take that! Makes me wonder how someone like him ever gets laid!"

 "I don't think he does," John chuckled. "I just don't think anyone on Smackdown is that desperate!"

 "Let's hope not!" Bull licked his lips, taking a step closer to John. "But speaking of getting laid...and considering that I saved you tonight..."

 John grinned, closing the distance between them and easily settling into the big man's arms, which seemed to fit him perfectly. "You're right, I really should thank you. And, hopefully, I can secure your services for the near future, too." He ran his hands up Bull's bare back, smiling at him invitingly. "So do you want to come back to my hotel room?"

 "Are you kidding?" Bull let his hands slide over John's smooth back, dipping down to caress the flesh hidden by the young man's yellow trunks. "There's just no man in his right mind that could resist that offer!"

 "If that were true, I'd be banging Edge right now," John replied with a pout.

 Bull raised an eyebrow. "Are you saying you prefer Edge to me?"

 John chuckled. "Come on Bull, if Edge walked in here and told you he wanted you, would you turn him down?"

 Bull grinned at the thought. "Point taken. But considering no hot blondes are begging for us, I would love to spend the night with you."

 "Same here." John rested his head against Bull's strong chest, sighing contentedly.

 "Getting comfortable?" Bull asked, sounding amused.

 "Yep," John murmured. "I could definitely get used to this."

 "Me too," Bull agreed. He was enjoying having the attractive young man in his arms as much as John seemed to enjoy being held by him. "This is gonna sound stupid," Bull began, clearing his throat, "but, I was wondering, do you just wanna hook up, or - or would you maybe like to go out some time?"

 John raised his head, his eyes meeting Bull's. "You asking me out?"

 "Yeah, I guess. If you want to, that is," Bull replied. "I'll understand if you only want sex."

 "I'd like that." John smiled at the larger man. "Going out, I mean. And if you're actually interesting in a relationship - not that I'm implying anything serious right now - would you like to, maybe, start off at the beginning? If you wanna have sex tonight, that's totally fine with me, but I think it would be nice if we maybe went out a few times first and worked up to that like a normal couple, you know? Then our first time could be something really special." He blushed, glancing down at the floor. "I'm sorry, that's just stupid. Never mind."

 "Hey," Bull said softly, putting a finger under John's chin and raising the younger man's face so their eyes met again. "I don't think it's stupid at all. I'd like that."

 "Really?" John smiled softly. "You don't have to go along with it just to humor me. It's not like I'm refusing to put out or anything, I will if that's what you want."

 "John, I'd much rather have you as a lover eventually than as a quick fling," Bull told the young man firmly. "I really like you a lot. Besides, if we get to know each other better before we have sex, we'll have a better idea how to excite each other. Waiting will make us want it more, too." "You're right." John smiled, biting his lip as he gazed up at the surprisingly gentle giant. "You know I never expected you to be this - well, nice."

 Bull laughed. "I get that all the time. Everyone sees me as being big and scary, I guess. It's weird how people think that just because you're big, you don't have feelings like everyone else. I just get a weird look from people when I tell them I want to fall in love and have a close, romantic relationship with my partner."

 "I know what you mean," John sighed. "People seem the think that just because I happen to wear small tight shorts a lot that all I'm about is sex. I mean, come on, I wanna be cuddled and romanced too! I hate being treated as just a cute piece of ass."

 "You are definitely more than that to me," Bull assured him. "Does that mean you like cuddling?"

 "Do I ever!" John exclaimed. "Honestly, there are times when I prefer cuddling to sex. Only when I'm with the right guy, though. It's just so close and beautiful, you know? I love the feeling of being in someone's arms and just feeling happy because your skin is touching."

 "I can relate to that," Bull murmured, still holding Cena comfortably against his chest. "I'm just asking because I love to cuddle, and some of my past lovers have just thought that was weird coming from a big guy like me."

 "You won't get that problem from me," John assured him. He pulled away from Bull's strong, warm chest at last, smiling softly at the tall and handsome man. "Why don't we just watch a movie instead of sex tonight? We can sit close together on the couch and eat some microwave popcorn."

 "Sounds like a wonderful night," Bull stated with a wide grin. "Is that what we'll tell people we did if they ask?"

 "Aw, screw them," Cena muttered, grabbing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder while Bull did the same. He wrapped his arm around Bull's waist, exchanging a smile with the big man as they headed for the door. "We'll just say it's none of their damn business. The only thing they need to know is that you and I are no longer available!"

 "I'll make sure to let my squealing twink fanclub know," Bull snickered. "I'm sure they'll all be devastated!"

 John laughed, resting his head on Bull's shoulder as they walked. They were quiet as they walked, both simply enjoying the presence of the other, hopes for a great future together in both their minds.


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