"Oh, my head!" Edge groaned, wrapping his arms around his head.

 Kurt poked his head out the bathroom door. "Hangover?"

 "I don't think so. I just feel stuffed up." Edge grabbed a kleenex from the nightstand and blew his nose. He coughed loudly, groaning again.

 "Man, you really sound sick. Let me take your temperature." Kurt walked over to his bag, digging through it for his thermometer.

 "I'm not sick. I'm fine." Edge tried to climb out of the bed.

 Kurt rolled his eyes, pushing the blonde back onto the mattress. "You are not gonna walk around sick, you're staying in this bed until you feel better." Edge was about to object, but before he could Kurt pushed the thermometer into his mouth, instructing him to hold it under his tongue. Edge did as his boyfriend told him, looking a little annoyed. Once the instrument beeped Kurt pulled it out and looked at it. "You've got a slight fever," he announced.

 "No I don't, I'm just hot `cos I'm in bed under all these covers!" Edge argued. "I'm fine!"

 "Edge, do you really think you're gonna win this?"

 Edge looked up at his lover. Kurt was crossing his arms over his chest, a stubborn look on his face. He sighed deeply, sounding resigned. "Can I at least take a shower?"

 "Do you feel up to it?" Kurt asked.

 "Yes I feel up to it! I'm not sick!"

 "Well, alright. But you are sick, and I won't let you forget it," Kurt agreed.

 "Whatever." Edge climbed out of bed, heading for the bathroom. He glanced back at Kurt inquiringly. "What, aren't you gonna come watch me to make sure I don't collapse or something?"

 Kurt considered for a moment. "You're right, I'd better," he decided.

 "I was kidding!" "Well, you've got a point there Edge, what if you passed out or something? You could hit your head, or even drown if you fell the wrong way."

 "I am not going to pass out!" Edge grumbled, turning on the shower as Kurt joined him in the bathroom. He glared at his lover. "You're acting like my mother!"

 Kurt put his hands on his hips. "Considering that you're sick, I'm just going to ignore that comment. Now get in the shower so you can get back to bed soon."

 Edge frowned, trying to ignore Kurt. He pushed his boxers down his hips and stepped out of them, ignoring Kurt's chastising remark. The Olympian picked up his lover's underwear and folded it neatly on the counter as Edge stepped into the shower. He was about to close the glass door when Kurt stopped him, his hand on the door. "What now?" Edge snapped.

 "I'm coming in with you," Kurt told him. He had removed his boxers as well, the fabric placed neatly next to Edge's.

 "What? Why?"

 "Well I should be in there in case you pass out," Kurt replied. "That way, I can catch you and you won't get hurt."

 "I'm not going to pass out!" Edge exclaimed. "I just want to shower!"

 "I'm sorry, Edge, but I'm not going to risk it," Kurt told him. "I won't get in your way."

 "Like hell you won't." Edge scowled at the Olympian as the brunette stepped into the shower, pulling the door closed behind him. Kurt moved to the front of the shower still, standing to the side so he didn't block the water. Edge stood looking at him, his hands on his hips.

 "Well go ahead," Kurt urged. "I don't want to stand here forever."

 "Then leave."

 Kurt shook his head stubbornly. "Afraid I can't do that."

 "Well then you might as well be useful." Edge moved forward suddenly, pinning Kurt against the wall and kissing him.

 Kurt groaned, melting into the kiss. He opened his mouth as Edge's tongue asked for entrance, sucking on the other man's tongue gently as the warm muscle explored his mouth. He raised his eyebrows when Edge drew back. "What was that for? I thought you were sick."

 Edge grinned wickedly. "I am. And now you will be, too!"

 Kurt's mouth dropped open. "You bastard!"

 "Serves you right. Now get out of my shower!"

 "Ok fine, but don't think I'm putting out tonight!" Kurt yelled as he stomped out of the shower.

 "We couldn't have sex anyway. I SICK, remember?" Edge commented as he closed the shower door tightly.


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