"Are you saying I'm easy?"

 Billy glanced up at his well dressed and angry-looking stylist, shrugging his powerful shoulders. " 'Course not babe. I'm just say that you don't exactly make a guy wait."

 Rico glared at him. "As if YOU do?" he shot back.

 Billy shrugged. "I don't have to, I'm a top. I'm supposed to want sex sex and more sex anyway."

 "Oh, so because you're a big masculine top and I'm a stylish mostly-bottom, I'm a slut and you're not???" Rico huffed.

 "Well, yeah," Billy replied with a shrug.

 "That's it!" Rico exclaimed. "This relationship is OVER! I can't take you anymore! You're a big unstylish meathead, you're a jerk, and you don't treat me with any respect!"

 "Oh well." Billy picked up the magazine he had been reading, turning to the page he had left off on.

 Rico stood gawking at his tall lover. "Did you not hear me? We're THROUGH!"

 Billy glanced up at the shorter brunette. "I heard. And I said 'oh well', didn't you hear ME?"

 "I can't believe you!" Rico ranted. "I've given you so much for so many months, and you don't even care that I'm dumping you."

 "I've still got Chuck," Billy replied nonchalantly.

 Rico gasped. "You WOULDN'T! Not with that overgrown bimbo!"

 Billy shrugged again. "Well, he's been hinting that he'd like to get with me, and if I'm unattached, why not? He's there and he's damn hot, I don't see why I shouldn't."

 "Because - because I can't lose my man to someone like HIM," Rico replied, spitting out the word distastefully. "No way! I won't!"

 Billy shrugged. "Hey, you're the one who dumped me. I'm not gonna pine away forever."

 "Yeah, but you could pine 5 minutes!" Rico exclaimed.

 "I'm not the pining type," Billy told him. "I really don't understand why you're dumping me. I'm great in bed."

 "Because life is about more than sex!" Rico cried. "It's about caring, and relationships, and love!" His voice seemed to falter a bit on the last word.

 Billy glanced up at him again, raising an eyebrow. "So if I say I love you, will you not dump me?" he questioned.

 It was Rico's turn to shrug. "I don't know. Why don't you say it and see?"

 "Ok." Billy set down the magazine, meeting Rico's eyes dead on. "I love you Rico."

 Rico stood stock still for a moment, then a huge grin broke out across his face. He practically fell into Billy's lap, scattering kisses across his lover's face. "Oh Billy! I love you too! I love you so much."

 Billy smiled and wound his arms around Rico's tight waist. "You know I love you babe. Now let's quit fighting and talk about more interesting things, ok?"

 Rico leaned back a little, still beaming. "Like what, darling?" he breathed.

 "Like shopping," Billy suggested. "We need to go shopping soon, one of my thongs is wearing out and I want to get a new one, but I want it to be more interesting than just black. What color scheme would you recommend."

 Rico's grin got even wider. "Now that's my area of expertise!" he exclaimed happily.


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