I'm bored. Here I am, lying on my back in bed, my cock buried inside my lover, and I'm bored. He's moving around on top of me, riding me just the way I've always told him to. He's moaning, tossing his head around, pretty much acting like something taken out of a porn movie while he works himself on my cock. But he's not faking it. Matt would never fake anything, he's too damn honest for that. Don't ask me where that trait came from; it seems to have bypassed me completely.

 I don't know how I can be board. I used to find this so exciting. But somehow, it doesn't really do it for me any more. I don't know what the problem is. Maybe we've grown too used to each other. Maybe we're too comfortable. Maybe that's why it's just not hot anymore.

 My mind begins to wander as he continues to ride me. This'll last for a while longer; I trained him to ride me for a long time before he lets himself come, 'cos that's the way I want my bitch to be. Maybe what I need is another lover. I need to spend a few nights in someone else's bed, compare it to what I have with him, see if it's better or worse. If it's better, sweet, and if it's worse, I'll come back to him, and appreciate him more. Either way, I win. This sounds like a good idea to me!

Whoever I have an affair with, I want it to be tonight. We're sitting backstage before Smackdown, waiting for the show to start. We've got a few hours yet, so I've got time. He's reading some magazine, fortunately not paying attention to me. There are times when he likes to get frisky before the shows, and I'm in no mood for more boring sex play right now. I've got to figure out who I'm going to sleep with.

 I run through the list of candidates in my head. It's got to be someone easy, and someone who doesn't care that I'm officially taken. And, of course, it has to be someone hot. Don't think for a minute that I'm sticking my cock into something that looks like Justin Credible. Hell no! I'd love to do Adam or Jay, but Adam's so head over heels in love with Jay that he never even looks at anyone else, and Jay would never be foolish enough to risk losing a bitch as devoted as Adam. Raven comes to mind, but too much emotional baggage. Stevie Richards, not a chance in hell.

 Then, it dawns on me. The perfect man to be "the other man". He's easy, he's moral-less, and he thinks he's God's gift to men. In his mind, it would be wrong for him not to sleep around, because his body is just too good to not share. Hey, sounds like a good philosophy to me! His name? Chris Jericho! Now all I have to do is find him, and he's mine. Man I can't wait! I've never tasted his ass, since I've always been with Matt, but, as anyone will tell you, the boy's got one fine ass on him! And he's pretty to boot.

 I stand up, faking a nice smile for Matt. "I'm gonna go hang with some of the guys, catch ya later, 'kay baby?" I lean down and give him a quick pec on the cheek, just so he doesn't suspect anything. He smiles at me and nods, then goes back to his magazine. I smile to myself as I head out the door.

 It doesn't take me long to find Chris. He's lounging around catering, talking with some of his latest conquests. He perks up when I whisper in his ear, immediately getting up and following me. He leads me to his dressing room, shooting me a seductive look once the door is closed behind us.

 "So you finally decided to surrender to the power of my body, hmm?" he purrs, wrapping his arms around my neck and kissing me.

 I roll my eyes, pushing him back onto the couch and unfastening my belt. "I didn't come to talk, I came to fuck," I tell him brusquely.

 He just smirks, quickly slipping off his pants. He grabs a bottle of lube from his pocket, slicking two fingers and slipping them briefly inside himself while I throw off my clothes. He's ready by the time I settle on top of him, his hand stroking lube onto my shaft. In another second I'm inside of him, his legs wrapping around my waist as he moans wantonly. I begin to thrust into him, feeling my cheeks flush with a desire I haven't felt in an eternity. Why doesn't Matt's ass feel like this anymore?


 Adam Copeland looked up, catching the distraught Hardy that fell into his arms. "Woah, Matt, what happened?" he asked, backing onto a couch and pulling Matt into his lap, stroking the younger man's dark curls.

 "I - I went to find Jeff," Matt sniffed, burying his head in Adam's shoulder. "The guys said he'd gone off with that disgusting SLUT, Chris Jericho! So I went to his locker room, and - and - oh god Adam, they were fucking! My Jeff was fucking that cheap whore!"

 "Oh my god." Adam hugged Matt tightly, stroking his back and whispering softly to him.

 They sat like that for a few moments, until the door burst open, and Jeff stomped into the room. "What the fuck is going on here?" he demanded, glaring at Adam. "What the hell do you think you're doing with your hands all over my bitch, Adam?"

 "Fuck off!" Matt yelled, startling his brother. "I saw you Jeff! I saw you with your dick up Jericho's ass! You can go to hell! If you want Jericho, fine, go fuck him!"

 Jeff snorted, marching over and grabbing Matt's wrist, pulling him to his feet. "I can do whatever the hell I want! So what if I wanted to sample Jericho's ass? You're still my bitch!"

 "No I'm not!" Matt pulled his wrist from Jeff's grasp, shocking his brother by slapping him across the face. "I said fuck off and I meant it! The way you've been completely ignoring me lately, even in bed, is one thing, but this is different! I don't have to put up with this!"

 Jeff frowned. He pulled Matt against him, giving him a sizzling kiss, which had always melted him lover in the past when they had fought. To his shock, Matt pushed him away. "I mean it Jeff!" Matt screamed. "You can go to hell!" With that, he stomped out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

I can't believe he left me. This wasn't supposed to happen! I was just fucking around with Chris; I never really planned to leave Matt. I never thought he'd leave me. I never even considered it. I figured if he caught me, I'd just kiss him and play all lovey-dovey for a while, and everything would be fine.

 I'm sitting on the floor in my hotel room, just staring off into space. Everything seems empty without Matt. I thought our sex life was boring, but I never realized how much it really did for me. I've spent two weeks alone, and since Matt left me I've had the worst case of blue balls I can ever remember. I've thought about fucking Chris again, but the idea just makes me sick to my stomach.

 I can't believe I'm feeling this way. I can't even appreciate looking at a beautiful man anymore. Any time I see a pretty bitch, I just think of Matt, and I feel sad inside. I feel like such a wuss! I'm a young virile guy, why shouldn't I be out fucking whoever I please and having the time of my life? But, no, the only person I can think of is Matt.

 I hate to have to admit it, but I need him. Now that I don't have him anymore, I want nothing but him. When did I turn into such a pussy whipped wuss? But I have, and if I don't get him back soon, I'm sure I'll go crazy.

I've got the flowers. I've got the wine. I've got the specially prepared gourmet meal and the heart-shaped chocolates. Fuck, I've even got the black silk sheets! I asked him to stop by my room around 11:00. I told him it was urgent. I absolutely can't believe I'm doing this, but if I don't get him back soon, not only are my balls going to explode from lack of gratification, but I'm also going to completely lose my mind!

 I never realized all the little shit Matt did to make our lives go a little smoother; he booked our rooms, he planned out dinners, he packed out bags; and the list goes on, and on, and on. The fucking slut Jericho could never do any of that shit for me. I don't know why I was so stupid as to fuck him. He wasn't that good anyway. Not better than Matt; hell, not anywhere near as good as Matt! He was just new, and pretty new things are always tempting.

 There's a knock on the door. Please god, let that be him! I need him back in my life! I open the door slowly, heaving a silent sigh of relief when he steps into the room. He gasps when he sees everything I've set up. He knows I'm not a very romantic person, and for me this is really going out on the limb. He looks at me and smiles. I'm hoping this is enough to win him back. If I absolutely have to say I'm sorry, well, I might consider it. But I've never said I'm sorry before, and I really don't like the idea of saying it now.

 Fortunately, he seems to be caving already. He lets me pull him down onto the picnic cloth I've set up on the carpet. I feed him grapes and chocolate, then offer him the fancy meal I've had prepared on a silver platter. He giggles, allowing me to feed him. He keeps smiling and shooting me these looks.

 I've got him. I know I've got him from the way he's looking at me. He's going to forgive me for everything; hopefully, he'll pretend it never happened, and we'll never have to speak of it again. We don't talk, because we don't need to. His body language tells me everything.

 After he finishes eating, I pull him into bed, so hard from watching him eat in a deliberately sexy manner that I'd swear my balls must be literally navy by this time. He kisses back eagerly as I bring our lips together, swiftly undressing him and myself. It's not long at all before I'm buried balls deep in his ass, feeling overjoyed just to feel his body beneath mine.

 It felt so good to get off again, after three entire weeks with no sex at all. It wasn't our hottest night ever, but I came out of it sated, and feeling fairly good. The most important thing, though, was that I got him back. I lived three weeks without my brother by my side, and I never, ever want to do it again! So what if the sex isn't all that great? I can deal.


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