"Honey, come to bed!" Jeff Hardy whined.

 "I'm coming, I'm coming!" Jay Reso replied, stripping off his clothes and climbing into bed next to his lover.

 "Good." Jeff immediately pulled the beautiful blonde on top of him, wrapping his arms around Jay's neck. "Quick, let's do it before Matt and Adam get back!" he suggested, laying little kisses over Jay's jaw.

 Jay drew back, smiling down at his lover. "Actually, baby, why don't we wait until they get back?"

 Jeff frowned. "You mean do it in front of them? Wouldn't they object?"

 "Not if we asked them to join us," Jay replied.

 Jeff's eyes widened. "You're not serious!"

 Jay shrugged. "Why not? They're a couple, and we're a couple, and we've all been together for a long time; it would be fun! It would be like swinging."

 "I dunno," Jeff stated, still pouting. "What if you like Matt's ass better than mine?"

 Jay laughed. "I won't honey. Besides, don't you wanna know what Adam's like in bed?"

 Jeff smiled at that thought, picturing the tall blonde on top of him. "Well, yeah, I guess," he admitted.

 "You see?" Jay grinned, his eyes lighting up as they heard the lock on the door click, and both Adam and Matt stepped into the room. "He agreed!" he announced excitedly to Adam.

 "My dark angel did too," Adam replied with a huge grin. He turned to Matt, giving him a quick kiss. "Let's quick strip and get this started, baby."

 "Ok." Matt began to strip, glancing shyly at the two men on the bed. "But, um, you guys should know that I haven't really - you know - been with many guys before. Just Adam and my first boyfriend."

 "Don't worry, I'll be gentle," Jay assured him, his eyes skimming over the curve of Matt's ass as the silky skin was revealed. He felt himself hardening at the thought of being buried inside the dark haired young man's body. Without warning, Jay leapt out of bed and pounced, a growl escaping his throat as he tackled Matt to the floor.

 Matt squeaked in shock, his eyes widening as Jay pushed him onto his back, pinned both his wrists to the floor, and wedge himself between the dark haired man's thighs. "Are we starting already?" he gasped as Jay began to lay ferocious kisses along his jaw.

 "Sure, why not?" Adam, now naked, strode over to his bag, pulled out a bottle of lube and tossing it to Jay. Jay caught it, quickly slicking two fingers and inserting one into Matt's tight opening.

 Matt gasped, his eyes widening. His breathing was growing heavy, his eyes focused on Jay. As the gorgeous blonde inserted another finger, Matt began to arch his hips against them, his body begging for more. Jay grinned, pulling the other man into a heated kiss.

 Adam watched them with amusement, startling Jeff, who was also watching, when he jumping onto the bed. Jeff's eyes turned to look at him, the younger man's mouth opening to speak, but before he could Adam was on top of him, his tongue delving into the other man's mouth. Jeff moaned, wrapping his arms around Adam's strong back. He cried out as he felt the first of Adam's fingers slide into him, out of the corner of his eye keeping an eye on Matt and Jay.

 Matt was panting and whimpering, his hips moving frantically. He was begging Jay for more, and at least Jay pulled out his fingers, pinning both of Matt's wrists down with his hands as he positioned his cock at Matt's entrance. "What do you say baby?" Jay purred, letting his tongue dart in and out of Matt's ear.

 Matt moaned, so hard he felt about ready to explode. "Please," he gasped.

 "You can do better than that baby," Jay whispered. "Talk dirty honey."

 Matt swallowed. "I want you to put it in me," he breathed, the words coming to him easier than he had expect. "I - I want you to fuck me hard and deep and make me scream!"

 "As you wish," Jay replied with a feral grin, pushing the head of his cock into Matt's body. Matt gasped, his head lolling back against the carpet as Jay pushed further into him, until he was buried in the dark haired man's body up to his balls.

 "Oh my god!" Matt panted, his mind reeling as Jay paused to let him adjust. "Ohhhhh god, you fill me up so well! Fuck me Jay! Fuck me!"

 Jeff giggled on the bed, watching as Jay began to thrust into his brother. "You sound like you're in a porn movie Matty!" he laughed, his mirth instantly turning to a moan as he felt the head of Adam's cock teasing his entrance. He turned his full attention on the tall blonde, wrapping his long legs around Adam's waist as the other man slid inside his body up to the hilt. "Adam!!!!" Jeff screamed as the first thrust came, instantly connecting with his sweet spot. "Holy shit! Oh! Oh my god! Oh god yes! More!"

 "And....and he says *I* sound like...oh!...like I'm...uh...oh...in a porn movie?" Matt panted, his legs propped up on Jay's shoulders, his hips arching against Jay's frantically. "Oh Jay! Oh god you feel so good inside me! Oh I'm gonna come....I...oh...oh god!" Matt cried, screaming in ecstacy as his come splashed across his stomach. He fell back against the carpet, taking in huge gulps of air as Jay pulled out of him, still very erect.

 "Come on," Jay breathed, pulling the panting man onto the bed, where Jeff and Adam were still in the midst of their passionate union.

 Jeff was feeling dizzy with pleasure as Adam thrust into him, the blonde teasingly avoiding his sweet spot, with the exception of that first sweet thrust. Once Matt and Jay joined them, Adam redoubled his effect, thrusting himself into Jeff's yielding body enthusiastically and hitting his sweet spot every time. Jeff began to writhe beneath him, screaming louder with every thrust, his pleasure building until he hit his climax, coming with an animalistic howl. He was left panting on the mattress as Adam pulled out, not having come yet. The tall blonde winked at his best friend, the two of them waiting for the panting Hardys to recover.

 "We've got one more fun activity for you tonight, boys!" Adam exclaimed once the brothers had calmed down a bit. "You're just been through ‘Partner swapping anal sex 101'. Now it's time for ‘Swingers oral sex 201'! As you may have noticed, we - " he pointed to Jay and himself, " - haven't come yet. Now it's your job to remedy that!"

 Jeff licked his lips, his eyes focused on Adam's long, glistening cock. "With pleasure," he breathed, crawling over to Adam and wrapping his hips around the head of the blonde's cock. Adam groaned, his fingers threading in Jeff's hair. "That's it baby," he murmured, moaning louder as Jeff inched him down his throat. "Damn you're good at this," he breathed.

 Matt glanced shyly at Jay, crawling over to the golden blonde and sitting on his haunches, swallowing as he looked down at Jay's cock. Jay smiled at him, instructing him to lie on his back, which he did. Meanwhile, Adam had flipped Jeff onto his back as well, rising onto his knees next to Jay. After only a moment's hesitation, Matt took Jay's cock into his mouth, moaning at how the hot flesh felt inside his mouth. As both Hardys began to suck like babies on a bottle, Adam and Jay leaned closer to each other, their lips meeting in a hot kiss. Both men opened their mouths, their tongues exploring the hot depths of the others mouth, then twining around each other. Their moans were caught in each other's mouths as the Hardys deepthroated them, pleasure beginning to flow through their bodies in incredible amounts.

 Adam and Jay kissed for a few minutes, little their respective lovers become familiar with the other's cock. Then, without warning, they pulled back, Adam diving for Matt's newly hard and straining cock while Jay went for Jeff. They each sucked on their own lover's cock as the other Hardy sucked them. Matt moaned loudly as Adam's mouth descended upon him, sucking even more fervently on Jay's cock, Adam's ministrations causing him to moan around the cock filling his mouth, sending even more pleasure racing through Jay's body.

 It wasn't long before all four were on the brink. Matt, being the least experienced, was the first to come, releasing into Adam's mouth while his body shuddering in a mindblowing orgasm. Feeling his lover's hot seed course down his throat gave Adam the last push he needed, his orgasm hitting him hard. Seeing that the other two men had come, Jay took Jeff all the way down his throat and began to hum, instantly triggering Jeff's climax. As he drank up all his lover had to give, he came in Matt's mouth, the elder Hardy's climax only made more intense by the hot liquid sliding down his throat.

 All four man collapsed onto the bed, panting and exhausted. Jeff found Jay and cuddled up to him, Matt doing with same with Adam. Two tired to even speak, the four men drifted off to sleep, all experiencing pleasant, erotic dreams that night.


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