"So, Rico." Jamal stood in front of the stylist, glancing over Rico's fit body, which was clad only in a pair of beige tiger striped pants, his shirt and jacket having been discarded before his match.

 Rico looked up from the house show schedule which he was studying, glancing at Jamal, then at Rosie, who was standing to his side. "Did you want to look at this?" he offered.

 "Nah, that's not what we want," Jamal replied, moving a step closer to the stylist, as did his tag team partner. "You see, now that you're our manager, Rosie and I were just wondering if you could provide us with the same *services* you did for Billy and Chuck."

 Rico raised an eyebrow, looking over both large men. "Well, I hardly think you two could pull off the tiny red shorts and headbands, but I could definitely spruce up your wardrobes a bit," he stated.

 "That's not what we meant." Jamal took another step forward, so close to Rico that the stylist took a step back, his bare back touching the lockers behind him.

 "We meant the *other* services you gave Billy and Chuck," Rosie put up, closing in to one side of Rico, Jamal's arm reaching out to block the other side.

 "Other services?" Rico squeaked, swallowing as he looked between the two men, then taking a deep breath and standing up straight. "I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about, unless you want me to arrange your wedding! Now, if you would please let me by, I have very important matters to attend to."

 "Oh, you know what we're talking about," Jamal smirked, not budging one inch. "You kept your boys nice and *satisfied*, didn't you?"

 "If you mean in the fashion department, I did. That was my job," Rico replied huffily.

 "Stop playing games with us, stylist," Rosie growled. "We both know what you did for them boys."

 "What are you implying?" Rico demanded, his eyes narrowing. "If you're implying that I, a world renowned stylist, preformed *sexual favors* for my clients, you are quite mistaken! I take offense to the very idea!"

 "You got a problem with us, that it?" Jamal challenged, still menacingly close to the stylist. "You're eager to jump into the beds of two pretty boys like Billy and Chuck, but two real men like Rosie and I don't turn you on?"

 "Certainly not!" Rico exclaimed, clearing his throat and continuing quickly. "I mean, I didn't mean it like that! You've got this all wrong! I never had such a relationship with either of my former clients, and I don't plan on doing such things with either future or current clients either! It would be completely inappropriate for me to have that kind of relationship with a client, and might well impede me from doing my job!"

 "That's a risk we're willing to take," Jamal stated, looking at his tag team partner and holding out one large hand. "Gimme the camera." Rosie grinned, pulling a small video camera from behind his back and placing it in Jamal's hand. Jamal flipped open the view screen, holding it so Rico could see. "Rosie and I don't take no chances, so we had you followed for a few weeks before you defected, just to make sure you were legit. This is one of the most interesting pieces of footage we got. There's no sound on this thing, but I think the picture speaks for itself." He hit the play button, the screen instantly filling with an image of Rico, lying on his back, his legs wrapped around Chuck's waist, his back arching as the bigger man thrust into him. His head was tilted back, his hands resting on the hips of Billy, who was kneeling at the head of the bed. The stylist's tongue licked around Billy's engorged shaft for a moment, before he wrapped his lips fully around it.

 "That's enough!" Rico cried, horrified, his face beat red from the most indecent footage he had just been shown.

 Jamal hit the stop button, passing the camera back to his tag partner. "So, stylist, what cha got to say now?" he challenged, smirking at the indignant man before him.

 "It was very rare occurrence!" Rico insisted.

 "Uh huh." Jamal leaned forward, his fingers brushing over Rico's lips. "Now explain why it can't occur with me and Rosie."

 "Look," Rico replied, taking a very deep breath, "I choose my sexual partners of my own free will. I won't be forced into having relations with anyone."

 "In other words, you just prefer those two pretty little muscleboys to us, right?" Rosie challenged.

 "No! If I preferred them, I'd still be working for them, not here!" Rico told his new clients resolutely. "I came to RAW to manage the most dominant tag team in history, which is going to be you two! But that's business, and I prefer to leave my personal life, including my sex life, out of that."

 "Rico, you seem to be missing our point." Jamal leaned in closer to the stylist, so close that their faces were nearly touching. "We want sex. And Rosie and I, we like you. We want you."

 "I'm flattered, I really am," Rico replied. "But I've told you - "

 "Now we're telling you," Rosie growled, his fingers tracing down Rico's well muscled arm. "We. Want. You." He grinned a domineering smile, his eyes moving down Rico's body. "We didn't get to be this dominant by giving up on what we want. Now we want you to come back to our hotel room. You show us a good time, and we'll show you one."

 "At least give us a shot to show up the pretty boys," Jamal put in. "If you're still that damn against the idea afterwards, we may be willing to rethink things."

 Rico swallowed hard, looking between the two large, dominant men. "Well, I - I suppose you really ought to try everything once," he stated, putting forth a weak grin. Rosie and Jamal looked at each other, grinned, and quickly hurried Rico out to their car.

Later that night, Rico lay in bed between two exhausted, sound asleep Island Boys. ‘Well, that wasn't too bad,' he thought to himself. ‘I could probably do that once a week. And if it keeps them focused and pursuing the gold like it did with Billy and Chuck, it'll be worth it.' He smirked to himself. ‘What is it about sex with me that makes a man successful?' he mused. He chuckled softly to himself. ‘Never mind it's not important why, just that it does. I really did make them want me, didn't I?'

 He nodded his head, giving himself a mental pat on the back. ‘The more of that aggression and dominance I can bring out in them, the better. They'll get to the tag belts for sure if they pursue them like they did me. They're not half bad in bed, really. No Billy and Chuck, certainly, but I've fed in those pastures plenty, it was time for something new.' He looked at the sleeping Island Boys to either side of him, smirking slightly. ‘Nothing I can't handle, but I'll make sure to let them think they're in control. That does seem to work well.'

 Laying back comfortably against the pillows, he let his mind wander. ‘Wonder who I could find to fill my bed on the side?' he mused. ‘Somebody good for a plain, business-free tumble. It's a shame I won't have Edge, John, or Matt anymore, we certainly had some lovely times! But here I've got Christian, Jericho, possibly even HHH. This will be fun."

 Smiling to himself, he slid down under the sheet, closing his eyes and reveling in the warmth of his two newest conquests.


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