This Monday was an odd night for me. Before we went on air, everyone kept asking me how I was feeling.

 "Are you ok?" they'd ask. "Are you upset about this?"

 Was I upset about breaking up with the man I've teamed with for years? My partner, my lover, my soul mate? Of course I was upset! But the bookers had made their decision, and there was nothing either of us could do about it.

 So I did it. It hurt me, but I did it. We both knew what was coming when I ran out to the ring. I took him, my beautiful Adam, in my arms, and we both knew it would be the last time we embraced before the camera. His arms squeezed me tightly, his breath heavy against my ear. I almost lost my nerve, wanting so strongly to simply stay in those arms forever.

 "Do it Jay," he whispered in my ear. His soft voice gave me the courage to go on. I nodded slightly, just enough so he could feel the movement against his face. We drew apart, and I turned like I was going to leave the ring. I tried to delay it, hating the idea of touching my Adam with anything but a loving hand. It took all my resolve to turn around a hit him with that chair. As I swung the unforgiving metal, I felt my stomach lurch into my throat.

 What if I did it wrong?

 What if I hurt my one true love?

 What if he hated me for doing this?

 I couldn't look at him as he fell to the mat. It was like I was running on autopilot as I smacked him with the KOTR trophy and preformed a one man conchairto on him. It felt like I was hitting myself with every blow I gave him. It hurt me as surely as it would had I been on the receiving end of those blows, even as I delivered them to him.

 I couldn't look at him until I was standing over him, screaming and pulling at my hair. I had tears in my eyes as I finally met his beautiful, half closed eyes. I was shocked by what I saw. Pure, unadulterated lust. A look I've seen maybe 3 times in the 10 plus years we've been together. We've had our fair share of wild nights before, but almost never with that look. I was practically shivered as I walked up the ramp. Part of the reason I looked so confused is because I was. I felt like I had just done a horrible, awful thing, and yet somehow my horrible act had inspired that passionate look in his eyes.

 As soon as I got backstage, I rushed to our locker room, watching the monitor attentively as Adam was helped up the ramp. I quickly grabbed a brush and stepped into the bathroom, wanting to look my best for him. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I understood the look in Adam's eyes. I stared at myself, taking in the my sweaty, messed up hair. My lips parted slightly, the thought occurring to me that I had never before looked this sexy. I looked so wild, so feral, I barely resembled my usual, quiet self.

 I set the brush down, not wanting to touch one hair and risk losing this look. I hurried back into the main room, my breath quickening as I heard footsteps approaching in the hall. I knew it was Adam. I could recognize his footsteps anywhere. He was walking quickly, the sound of his feet hitting the floor heavy. "Are you ok?" I heard someone, Kurt I think, ask, but the footsteps didn't pause for a second, merely brushing past the inquirer.

 Then, Adam shoved open the door, and my world began to spin. He looked wild and feral, just like the vision I had seen in the mirror. He didn't waste one moment, quickly sliding the lock on the door closed and coming towards me. Before I knew it his arms were closing around me, his lips meeting mine in a ferocious kiss. He backed us up as he devoured my mouth, shoving me down onto the leather couch and crawling on top of me, all without ever losing the contact of my lips.

 Our clothes seemed to fly off our bodies. I'm sure I heard the sound of ripping cloth, but I couldn't have cared less. Having my clothes ripped off by a wild, lust driven Adam was one of the most exciting moment of my life. That moment, however, paled comparison to what happened next. It seemed like only a second until he was inside me, thrusting into me like some kind of wild animal. My nails were digging into his back as mindblowing pleasure and excitement raced through my veins. The only thing I could do was moan against his mouth and arch my hips frantically, reveling in the feeling of him buried deep inside my body. I gladly accepted his tongue as he slid it into my mouth, sucking hungrily on it as our bodies arched together in a passionate, animalistic dance. His presence filled up my senses, his powerful body the only thing I could hear, feel, touch, taste, and smell. It was the most intense, passionate, and erotic moment of my life.

 When I looked at a clock later, when my body was so exhausted I could barely stand, I couldn't believe how long it had lasted. We had shared literally hours of intense, animal passion, and all because of an angle we were against from the start. But I suppose that's just one of life's little curve balls.

 As I said, Monday was an odd night.

 Some might think I was sad that night.

 Some might think I cried.

 Believe me, I didn't.


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