The blazing sun was slowly sinking beneath the parched desert hills, bringing a touch of relief from the scorching day. Night descended on the land quietly, carrying with it a cool breeze. Ardeth Bay walked along a dusty road distractedly. It had been a very long day, and he felt exhausted down to the marrow of his bones. It had been only a month since Neffertini had become Pharaoh, and he still feared for her life, especially with Imotep still on the loose. He had stood guard outside her chamber door for the past thirty nights, foregoing sleep to protect his queen. She had finally commanded him to take the night off, return to his chambers, and relax for the first time in two fortnights. As Captain of the Magi, protectors of the Pharaoh, he had objected, but her command stood. Sighing, Ardeth approached his chambers. After finished a bit of work, he would relax as commanded.

Outside Ardeth's door, a man and a boy sat waiting. They had waited to see the Captain of the Guard for many hours. The boy, a fair young lad of 16, glanced up at his Egyptian master. He knew what his fate was to be tonight, and silently he bid the older man goodbye. The boy's name was Edge. He had been taken from his home in the far west as a young boy of no more than 7. He could barley recall his family, with the exception of a few small details. He remembered he had belonged to a tribe, the tatoo of which still shone proudly on his shoulder. The men of the tribe had named him Edge of Brightness for his shimmering golden hair, which had been shortened to Edge by his first Egyptian master.

 He had worked in the households and fields of the Egyptians since his capture. The way of life agreed with him, and showed in the healthy flush of his face. His body had grown tall and strong, lined with muscles from many years of laboring in the fields. His hair was long and silky, scented with flowers and a touch of spice. He wore only a piece of white cloth wrapped about his waist. The fabric was positioned to reveal nearly everything, from his strong young chest to his firm, well tanned thighs. He was the picture of beauty, his foreign features only adding to his appeal. His eyes were bright and filled with life, a feature that attracted many to him. His master had trained him well, planning to sell him to some rich noble when he was at the most desirable age. He was at that age now, but plans had changed.

 "He comes," his master stated. He rose to his feet, Edge standing beside him. "Stay here, boy," he commanded Edge, approaching the door after Ardeth had entered. He stood up straight, knocking firmly on the door.

 Ardeth pulled the door open tiredly. "Yes?" he asked, looking over the man standing before him.

 "My lord, I have been waiting for you," Edge's master stated regally. "I wrote to you before to arrange our meeting."

 "Oh yes. Come in." Ardeth motioned the man in, taking a seat in a comfortable chair and looking expectantly at his visitor. "Your business with me?"

 "I have come for my son," Edge's master stated. "He is a strong lad, powerful of mind and body. He wishes to join the Magi."

 Ardeth shook his head. "The Magi have trials in the spring. Bring your son then."

 Edge's master remained determined. "Only a scarce few are recruited from the trials, lord. I wish to know for certain that my son will have a place."

 Ardeth looked at him with tired eyes. "If he wishes to join the Magi, he must compete against the other who would be among our ranks and excel above them."

 Edge's master glanced towards the door, then back to Ardeth. "I have brought a gift, lord. A beautiful young slave who will fulfill your every need."

 Ardeth shook his dark head. "I have no need of another slave."

 "But you much at least see him," Edge's master insisted. "He is magnificent, my lord. Truly magnificent."

 Ardeth's frown remained, but his ears perked up at the word `he'. The Master of the Guard had always preferred the company of other men, and inside him something stirred, reminding him how long it had been since he had taken a lover. "Very well, bring him in," he granted. The man disappeared for a moment, returning a moment later with Edge by his side. Ardeth's eyes widened. He felt very glad he was sitting already, for the boy's beauty astounded him. He was truly magnificent, more so even than Ardeth would've dreamed. The Magi's eyes ran over his silky golden hair, his tanned, rippling chest, and his smooth, muscular thighs. Ardeth's breath caught in his throat when he pictured those powerful legs wrapped around him, the boy's thighs quivering and his body trembling.

 "Is he not lovely?" Edge's master prodded, clearly pleased with Ardeth's reaction. He glanced at Edge, knowing he needed to sell his charge just a bit more to win over the Captain. "He has a lovely mouth," the man stated, motioning for Edge to open his mouth. The boy did so, his tongue flicking against his lips seductively. "Can you picture being here, inside this?" Edge's master continued, turning Edge around to show off his fine ass. "He can be yours. All I ask is for my son to have a place in the Magi."

 Ardeth tried not to stare, but it was a hopeless task. He couldn't take his eyes off the beautiful young boy, a lust he hadn't felt in ages stirring within him. He was glad for the loose black robe he wore. The dark folds of fabric hid the evidence of his arousal quite well. "In exchange for the boy," Ardeth said slowly, "I will guarantee your son a place among our ranks." Although most men of power took bribes, Ardeth was rarely inclined to do so. However, this was an offer he could not resist.

 Edge's master smiled broadly. "Excellent, my lord. A thousand thanks from my house and son." He bowed deeply, then turned and left. Edge remained standing before Ardeth, knowing this would be his master from now on.

As Edge's master retreated, Ardeth shuffled his feet uncomfortably. As much as he wanted to bed the boy, he wasn't quite sure how to go about it. He knew he could order the boy to do anything he wished, but the idea didn't sit quite right with him. He simply stood staring at the young blonde, indecision warring inside him.


 Ardeth jumped when he heard the soft voice. Edge was still staring at the floor, his head bowed submissively. "Yes?" he managed to stammer, his eyes again exploring the boy's well muscled stomach.

 "Do you wish me to adjourn to your bed chamber, Master?" Edge asked softly.

 Ardeth forced back the positive answer on the tip of his tongue. "Aren't you hungry?" he asked instead. "You must be famished, you should eat something."

 "I do not require sustenance," Edge replied quietly, ignoring the pang of protest from his empty stomach. "I wish to please you, Master."

 "We'll have time enough for that later," Ardeth told the boy, motioning for him to follow. He led them into a large, comfortable room, taking a seat at the table witch his servants had piled with food and instructing Edge to take the seat across from him. Edge hesitated, feeling a little uncomfortable to sit at the same table as he master, but sat down obediently. He kept his eyes lowered respectfully.

 Ardeth felt equally uncomfortable as he watched the young slave boy. He had never eaten with a slave before, but he felt it was only right if they were to be intimate, and he knew without a doubt that he wished for that. "You may help yourself to whatever you like," he told the boy, placing a few things on his own plate. Edge's eyes widened. He ventured a glance up at his new master, not believing what he had heard. "Go on," Ardeth urged, his eyes locking with the young boy's.

 Edge quickly lowered his eyes, biting his lip and praying he wouldn't be punished for daring to look his master in the face. Ardeth quickly spoke, knowing just what the young slave was thinking. "I don't want you staring at the floor all night," he said softly. "I want you to look at me. It's ok for you to look at me when we're alone together. Come on, I want to see your eyes." Edge slowly raised his head, his eyes wide with surprise. Their gazes met, each exploring the other's eyes. Ardeth was taken aback by the young man's beautiful hazel eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen.

 The Magi leader cleared his throat, continuing to speak as Edge tentatively began to fill his plate with food, looking ready to stop at any moment at a chastising word from his master. "I'd rather you not call me Master," Ardeth told the boy. "My name is Ardeth. When we're alone, that's what I want you to call me." It was horribly improper for a slave to refer to his master by his given name, but Ardeth couldn't bare the thought of making a lover call him Master. He still felt that it wasn't quite right for him to sleep with a slave, who, unlike his past lovers, had no choice but to share his bed.

 They ate in silence, Ardeth trying to work out in his mind how to get the boy into his bed without feeling like he was taking advantage of him. Edge ate ravenously, despite his attempts to ignore his appetite and not appear greedy to his new master. He had not eaten all day, and never had he tasted such delicious food in his life, nor had he been allowed to eat all he desired. He devoured all the scrumptious morsels he could eat, stopping when his stomach began to feel comfortably full. He knew he couldn't eat any more and still be able to please his master. He liked the dark-haired Magi, wishing very much to please him and be able to stay with the kind and gentle captain.

 "I thank you for your generosity, Ma - " Edge swallowed and stopped himself. "A-Ardeth," he whispered tentatively, glancing up at his master for reassurance.

 Ardeth smiled, taking Edge's hand and brushing his lips lightly across the back of it. "It was my pleasure, lovely one," he whispered, turning on the charm witch had won him such devoted lovers in the past.

 Edge blushed, looking down at his feet. No one had ever complimented him before, but it was an experience he found quite pleasant. He knew that Ardeth would now ask him to share his bed, feeling very happy that the Magi captain was being so sweet even though he owned Edge's body and had every right to simply take it. He waited for the order to retreat to his master's bed, a little surprised when Ardeth simply kept holding his hand and gazing at him. "Do you wish me to go to your bed chamber now?" the young slave asked hesitantly.

 Ardeth felt a shiver pass through him at the thought of Edge in his bed. He nodded slightly, telling the boy he would join him in a moment. He watched as his slave walked away, lust rising in his body as his eyes focused on Edge's exquisite ass. He felt a pang of guilt as it occurred to him that this slave assumed he was to be no more than a sex toy, but the captain pushed the thought aside for the moment. He hurried to the bedroom, too eager to possess the young slave's body to listen to such thoughts.

Ardeth drew back to curtain which separated his bed chamber from the hall, gasping at the sight before him. Edge was laid out on the captain's large bed, the cloth about his waist discarded and every inch of his smooth, perfect skin exposed. He was sprawled wantonly on the mattress, his golden head resting on the pillows and his legs opened wide, providing a glimpse of his inviting entrance. Ardeth felt the effect of the stunning visual go straight to his groin. He clawed at the fabric of his robe almost desperately, yanking the garment off over his head and throwing it onto the floor. He quickly discarded his boots, then rushed for the bed, almost crazy with lust.

 Edge shot him a seductive look as the dark man approached, quickly rolling onto his hands and knees and spreading his legs apart once more, bracing himself against the pillows. Ardeth settled onto the bed behind him, licking his lips as he looked over the young slave's tempting ass, then shaking his head. "I want to see you while we're - " he cleared his throat, his heart beating quickly in his chest. "Intimate," he finished in a whispered.

 Edge felt a little confused, but he quickly obey, rolling onto his back and spreading his legs once more. Never before had any of the men he had lain with wished to look at him during sex, despite his beauty. It was more impersonal when a slave was on his hands and knees, and it was the position most slave owners prefered. The pretty blonde tried to keep his breathing even as the Magi captain settled between his legs, feeling the touch of fear he always did when a new man claimed his body. He gripped the sheets tightly, knowing the men he had pleased in the past did not wish for him to touch them. He closed his eyes tightly as he felt the head of Ardeth's sex pressing against his entrance, bracing himself for the pain of penetration.

 Ardeth, who had slicked himself well with a lovely scented lotion, pushed slowly into the boy's hot, enticing body. He went very slowly, being careful not to hurt his slave. Edge was shocked that he felt almost no pain. His master filled him slowly, stretching yet not hurting. It was a new sensation for the young slave, as every other man who had taken him had been quite rough, not caring in the least if they caused him pain. Edge obediently wrapped his legs around the captain's waist once he was completely filled, beginning to rock his hips in time with Ardeth's slow, sensual thrusts. He found that, for the first time he could remember, the sensation of a man inside him actually felt rather pleasant. He found him himself arching his back into the thrusts as Ardeth's pace grew quicker. Try as he might to bight them back, a few moans slipped through his parted lips.

 Edge was absolutely shocked when Ardeth bent his dark head and kissed him. He had been kissed a few times before, but only in a hard, demanding way. Ardeth's lips felt soft and wonderful against his, and Edge welcome the touch. He eagerly met the captain's lips as their hips rocked together, gladly accepting Ardeth's tongue into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. Suddenly, an incredibly jolt of pleasure tore through his body. Edge cried out, shocked beyond belief that sex could've caused such a sensation in him. Ardeth smiled and thrust his hips against the same spot, making Edge cry out as another bolt of pleasure hit him.

 Edge recalled something a friend of his, another slave, had once told him. His friend had dared to sleep with another slave behind their master's back, whom he professed to love with all his heart. He had told Edge stories of how wonderful sex could be between two lovers, how much pleasure one man could give to another. Edge had never believed his stories. All sex had ever been to him was a chore with was rough and painful. Yet as his body writhed while Ardeth thrust against that spot again and again, Edge knew every word of it had been true. He felt unbelievable pleasure coursing through his veins, his tedious control over his body quickly slipping away.

 Edge released the bedsheet he was tightly clutching, his arms wrapping around Ardeth's back and his nail's digging into the captain's flesh. His golden head thrashed around on the pillow, his hips pounding frantically against Ardeth's. He couldn't stop the moans which poured from his throat, shrieking with pleasure as Ardeth's hands moved to his nipples and squeezed the achingly erect buds, the captain's mouth devouring his slave's neck.

 "Oh, Ardeth!" Edge cried. "Oh god. Oh god! Oh yes! Oh!" He completely forgot that his former master had taught him to never utter a word during sex, unable to stop from screaming out Ardeth's name. His body was shaking with pleasure that he had never thought possible. He felt his own sex grow almost painfully erect, gritting his teeth and trying to stop himself from coming, knowing he hadn't be given permission.

 Ardeth was panting as he thrust into the boy's beautiful body, his head swimming with pleasure. He noticed Edge's highly excited state, wrapping his fist around the slave's sex and stroking him in time with his thrusts. "Come for me, baby," he gasped, thrusting hard against Edge's sweet spot. "Come baby."

 Edge let go his control the moment he heard those words, rocketing into an intense and incredible orgasm the moment he did. As his body thrashed and shook, he felt Ardeth swell within him, spilling his seed into his body. The pleasure he felt was so intense he couldn't even breath for a moment. Their bodies shook together, both lost in pleasure.

 As the waves of ecstasy began to withdraw, Ardeth collapsed onto Edge's trembling body, laying still for a moment, then rolling off to the side so as not to squish the slender blonde. He took several deep breaths, trying to put his thoughts back together. Never before had any of his lovers given him so much pleasure in bed. Not even caring that it was a slave, rather than a comrade, lying next to him, Ardeth pulled the fragile body into his arms, holding Edge tightly against his chest. He kissed the boy's temple, smiling when he saw that the slave's beautiful hazel eyes had drifted closed, and he had lapsed into a peaceful sleep.

 "You are so beautiful," Ardeth whispered, placing a gentle kiss on the slave's lips. "My lover." He gazed at Edge's still form, taking in the beauty of the boy's relaxed face and smiling. "You'll never have to worry again, lovely," he promised softly. "You'll share my bed, but only when you wish. And I'll give you pleasure as well as take it for myself. You'll never want for anything, my beauty." He kissed the boy's lips again, lowering his head onto the pillow and closing his eyes, feeling happier than he ever had as he held the boy's body tightly against him.


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