It was late one night, and Victoria was trying to read. Stevie, always the hyper one, was bouncing around the room, murmuring softly to himself. Having dealt with his antics all night...and every night...Victoria was starting to get annoyed...


 "What Flower?"

 Victoria growled. "Stop calling me that. And hold still!"


 Victoria groaned, setting down the book she was trying to read. "Stop bouncing around the damn room! You're driving me nuts!"

 "I have to practice," Stevie replied.

 "Practice WHAT?" Victoria demanded.

 "I'm working on my next Stevie Night Heat exclusive; actually, I'm thinking of doing a collaboration between Stevie Night Heat and Ste-V," Stevie explained.

 Victoria stood up, walking over to Stevie and grabbing him by the hair. Not saying a word, she dragged him to the door.

 "Flower - ow - hair - " Stevie objected, having no choice but to follow as Victoria marched out into the hall.

 Victoria walked down a few rooms, then stopped and banged on a door. The wooden slab slid open, revealing a tousled, sleepy looking Miss Jackie. "Victoria? Stevie?" Jackie yawned, looking a them curiously. "Can I help you?"

 "Jackie dear, whoever is calling this late?" Rico appeared at Jackie's side.

 "Rico, you wear pink to the ring, right?" Victoria demanded.

 "Well - yes, but why - " Rico began.

 "Oh my god!" Victoria turned to Stevie, faking enthusiasm. "Look how much you two have in common, Stevie!"

 "Yes!" Stevie grinned, free to bounce again since Victoria had let go of his long lovely locks. He grinned at Rico. "Only real men where pink! Pink rules!" he cooed.

 "Darling, pink to fabulous," Rico agreed. "But still, I don't believe this is the proper time to discuss the matter."

 "Oh, I didn't come here to talk fashion." Before anyone could stop her, Victoria had grabbed Jackie by the arm and pulled her out of the room. "We're switching roommates!" Victoria called back over her shoulder as she took off down the hall. "Have fun!"

 "But I - you - Rico!" Jackie objected, frowning as she was pulled towards Victoria's room.

 "Hey! Bring back my ward - erm - I mean ‘girlfriend' at once!" Rico cried, huffing when the only response he got was the slam of Victoria's hotel room door. "Well I never!" He stamped his foot, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting. "What a thing to happen! Really!"

 "You know what would be great? A pink bed!"

 Rico jumped, turning around quickly. Stevie had wandered into the room, and was now happily crawling around one of the two beds in the room, seemingly fascinated by every corner of the mattress. "Excuse me, but that's my bed," the stylist objected, frowning at the younger man.

 "Good, I'll share it." Stevie peeled off his shirt, tossing it onto the floor. He flopped down on his stomach, reaching out to dig through the drawer of the nearby nightstand. "Ooh!" he cried triumphantly, pulling out a condom and a bottle of lube.

 "Hey!" Rico flushed, rushing over to grab his possessions from the hyper brunette. "Honey, those are mine!" he told Stevie, trying the take them back.

 "Aw, can't we play with them together?" Stevie grinned, ripping open the condom packet easily. Rico frowned, putting his hands on his hips. "How are you so good at that?" he demanded. "It took me years of practice to learn how to open those damn things."

 "Oh it's not that hard." Stevie held the packet out to Rico, smiling hopefully. "You want it?"

 "You want me to throw it away for you?" Rico inquired.

 "I thought we decided we'd play with it together?" Stevie purred, grinning and raising his eyebrows.

 Rico blinked and took another look at Stevie; somehow, he had effortlessly gone from hyper to seductive. "It's tempting," he replied, "but I'd rather not be garrotted by Victoria tomorrow morning."

 Stevie chuckled, his fingers unzipping his pants as his spoke. "She won't mind. She likes girls better anyway."

 "Oh." Rico was silent for a moment, watching with considerable interest as Stevie slid off his pants, leaving him in tight pink-heart briefs. "I'm suddenly rather worried about Jackie!" he commented, clearing his throat as his eyes slid appreciatively over Stevie's body.

 "Don't worry, Vic wouldn't hurt her, she's too pretty." Stevie patted the mattress next to him. He chuckled when Rico hesitated. "I may be wacko, but that isn't always a bad thing. Al said I'm wackily delicious in bed," he announced proudly.

 "Al, who's always complaining about your Stevie Night Heat exclusives?" Rico questioned. While he was speaking, Stevie had risen up on his knees on the bed and begun to undress him.

 "Yep. And Ivory - "

 "Now that I do not believe!" Rico objected. His shirt was gone, and Stevie was now working on his pants. "Ivory is not a switch hitter. She's girl and only girls."

 "Well kinda." Stevie grinned when Rico's pink thong was revealed. "That's fabulous!" he commented, pulling the nearly-naked stylist to join him on the bed.

 "Thank you darling." Rico found himself settling easily into Stevie's arms. "But what about Ivory?"

 "See, I knew you'd love gossip." Stevie was still grinning. "Vic never gets into gossip; she yells at me when I try and gossip to her. She's just no fun sometimes!" Rico cleared his throat. "Right, Ivory," Stevie stated, resting his head on Rico's shoulder happily. "She's into either girls, or boys on boys. Al was sooo embarrassed to have her watching, but I think he kinda liked it too. I think he got an ego kick out of us putting on a good enough show that someone wanted to watch."

 "I can definitely understand that," Rico replied. "When I was first hired by Billy and Chuck, they were embarrassed when they found out that I could hear them in the next room. It took me quite a while to help them get over their objections to me observing."

 "And people thought you were just a stylist," Stevie chuckled. Rico had moved so he was leaning comfortably against the headboard, Stevie resting his head on his shoulder, and their arms wrapped comfortably around each other. "Oh, did you want this?" He held up the condom he was still holding.

 Rico took the packet and set it on the nightstand. "Maybe later. Right now, what can you tell me about Maven?"

 Stevie chuckled. "What can you tell *me*? I heard this wacky rumor that you and he..."

 And so they talked, gossiping late into the night. The lovely boys in pink bonded, and decided that there would definitely be future gossip sessions.

 ...and did they eventually use that little packet on the nightstand? Well, you'll just have to check the trash can!


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