"You SO did not say that!"

 "I so did!" Edge snarled.

 "Bitch," Christian growled, his eyes narrowed.

 Edge crossed his arms haughtily. "I am, and goddamn proud of it!"

 Christian put her hand on his hips, glaring angrily at his partner. "Take it back!"

 "No." Edge shook his head, a snooty look on his face. "It's true!"

 "It's not!" Christian screamed. "You take it back NOW!"

 "I won't!" Edge yelled.

 "Fine," Christian hissed, his hands clenching into fists. "Then I'll just have to BEAT an apology out of you!"

 Edge snorted. "You just try!"

 "I will!" Christian screamed.

 Edge uncrossed his arms, taking up a fighting pose. "Bring it on, chumpstain!"

 Christian shrieked angrily, lunging at Edge and knocking him to the floor. They rolled around, scratching and pulling hair as they hurled insults at each other.






 Christian pinned Edge beneath him, straddling his middle and slamming his wrists to the floor triumphantly. "You already used that one, you dorkchop! You so totally lose!"

 "I do not!" Edge scowled, trying to wiggle out of Christian's surprisingly strong hold. "Let me go now!"

 "Not until you take it back!" Christian hissed.

 Edge's scowl turned into a pout, his full, moist lips jutting out in his most adorable sulk. "I don't wanna take it back!"

 "Take it back!" Christian screamed. "Or I'll - I'll - I'll tickle you!" He swiftly moved both of Edge's wrists into one of his hands, using the other to tickle Edge's armpits and stomach mercilessly.

 Edge began to laugh uncontrollably, thrashing around on the floor as he tried in vain to escape his partner's hold. "Alright, alright, I take it back!" he giggled through tears of laughter.

 Christian stopped tickling him, still glowering down at the tall blonde. "I want you to say it!"

 Edge sighed. "Fine. Your hair does not look like, nor resemble in any way, Jeff Hardy's hair."

 "And..." Christian prodded.

 Edge rolled his eyes. "And I only said it to tease you; there was no actual truth to the allegation, and I'm sorry."

 "Good." Christian smiled, sighing happily and laying his head down on Edge's chest. "I can go back to loving you, then."

 "I'm glad." Edge ran his fingers gently through Christian's long, silky golden hair, sighing contentedly as the small blonde snuggled up against him.


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