"So you're rooming with Kurt tonight?" Adam asked his best friend as they packed up their bags.

 Jay grinned broadly. "You bet I am," he replied happy. "This is great! Especially perfect since we didn't really have a match tonight. More energy for later."

 "Oh?" Adam raised his eyebrows. "You think you'll be using it later on?"

 "I know I will be." Jay licked his lips in anticipation. "I finally persuaded him to go all the way with me. God, I can't wait! Have you seen his tight ass? And it'll be his first time, too."

 Adam chuckled. "Have you told him about your virgin fetish?"

 Jay stuck his tongue out at his best friend. "I do not have a virgin fetish!"

 "Sure you don't." Adam rolled his eyes. "Jay, you've had more virgins than Jericho's had styles of facial hair!"

 Jay smiled, a smug look on his face. "Yeah, so? I love virgins. Their so tight and delicious!"

 "Mmmhmm," Adam said with a roll of his eyes. "From what I've seen, though, they seem to get a little less delicious after they're been deflowered. Hmmm?"

 Jay crossed his arms. "That's not true. The reason why I've broken up with previous boyfriends was not because of that. There were lots of different reasons, and they were all totally unconnected to such things!" He glanced at his watch, noting the time. "Well I gotta go, Kurt's wait for me."

 "Tell me about it tomorrow!" Adam called after his friend as Jay walked out of the room.

 Jay hummed happily as he made his way towards the parking garage. He couldn't wait to have Kurt Angle beneath him, the brunette's legs spread, and his cock buried deep inside that beautiful, virgin body. Jay licked his lips at just the thought.

 "Hey, Jay!"

 Jay groaned internally as he heard someone rushing after him. He plastered a fake smile onto his face and turned around, coming eye to eye with Jeff Hardy. "Hi Jeff," he said in a friendly tone.

 "Hi," Jeff smiled shyly. "Um, the part of a match you had tonight was great, as always."

 "Thanks. You did good too," Jay replied.

 "Really? Thank you." Jeff cleared his throat and glanced at the floor before returning his gaze to Jay's eyes. "So, um, are you doing anything tonight?"

 Jay made a conscious effort to keep his voice soft and friendly. "Yeah, sorry, I've got plans."

 "Oh. Well, maybe another night?" Jeff asked hopefully.

 "Maybe. See you tomorrow." Jay patted Jeff on the shoulder, then turned to walk away. He and Jeff had broken up over a year ago, but Jeff was still trying to get back together with him. Jay figured their relationship had affected the younger man a lot, since he had been the first man Jeff was intimate with. As nice as their relationship had been at the time, he had moved on, and Jay Reso never backtracked. He climbed into his car, and drove off toward the hotel where his soon to be lover was waiting for him.


Kurt nervously adjusted the sheets around himself. He had been squirming ever since he had gotten in bed, even though Jay hadn't arrived yet. He felt awkward lying in bed completely naked. He had never once in his life slept completely naked. Closing his eyes, Kurt said a silent prayer. He had promised Jay he was going to do this, and had every intention of keeping his word, but that didn't mean he wasn't more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

 He had done a little bit of research on the subject after Jay had mentioned it, and he knew a lot more than he had a few weeks ago. Being raised in the his family, he had known next to nothing about intimate relations between two men. Despite the fact that he had known since he was 15 that he was attracted to the same gender, he had never found much opportunity to explore the subject. A few casual relationships, none of them having gone further than a quick kiss, made up his experience as far as dating went.

 The thing that was really bothering him at the moment was wether Jay would like it or not. He knew the attractive Canadian had a lot of sexual experience, and in Kurt's mind that meant a lot of other lovers to compare him to. He really had no idea how to please a man in bed, despite his research. Most of what he had learned consisted of physical facts, not technique. He kept his eyes closed, telling himself again that he could do this.

 "You look beautiful."

 Kurt jumped, his eyes flying open. He found Jay smiling down at him. "When did you come in?" he gasped, not having heard the door to their hotel room open.

 "Just now." Jay's eyes ran over Kurt's naked body, which was covered from the chest down by the rather see-through white sheet. "You ready baby?"

 Kurt swallowed and nodded. "Yes, I - I'm ready."

 Jay smiled his beautiful smile, the thoroughly lovely one that made Kurt feel a bit dizzy. "Let's get started, then," Jay announced. "Don't worry, baby, I'll walk you through it all. I'll teach you to be the best lover a man could ever want." Kurt blushed deeply at the remark, plus the feel of Jay's eyes hungrily roaming over his body. "The first lesson, baby, is that you have to be proud of your body. Show it off for you lover. Come on baby, stand up right now and show me what you've got. You should be proud of your body, Kurt, you work hard on it, and with fabulous results." Kurt tried to push the blush in his cheeks down, but with little success. He slowly stood up, taking the sheet with him at first. Once he was on his feet, his hesitantly let the sheet drop to the floor.

 Jay's eyes moved hungrily down his body, taking in every naked inch of him. "Definitely fabulous results," he murmured. "You look incredible." He walked up to Kurt, noticing how tense the Olympic champion was. "Kurt, you have to relax," Jay purred, guiding the brunette back to the bed. "I'll be gentle with you, baby." He pushed Kurt onto his back on the bed, sitting so he was straddling Kurt's hips. He could feel Kurt getting hard already.

 "Ok, next lesson. Foreplay. This is an essential part of any really good sexual experience. It's kinda useless talking about it, so I'll just show you." He slowly reached for the hem of his shirt, pulling the garment over his head and tossing it onto the floor. He ran his hands over his torso teasingly, pleased to hear Kurt gasp. He could feel the Olympian's eyes running over his bare flesh. Jay smiled to himself, loving every minute of the night so far. He leaned over and opened his mouth, gently beginning to suck on one of Kurt's rapidly hardening nipples.

 "Oh, Jay," Kurt moaned, running his fingers through Jay's silky locks. "Oh god, that feels so good!" Jay wasn't surprised by how sensitive Kurt was. After all, no one had ever touched him that way before. He continued to tease Kurt's chest for a few moments, then looked up to meet Kurt's baby blue eyes, his own eyes sparkling with desire.

 "Touch me Kurt," Jay commanded. He took Kurt's hands and moved them onto his own chest, encouraging the brunette to stroke his burning flesh. Kurt tentatively ran his hands down Jay's muscular chest, running his fingers across his well defined back and up to his shoulders. Jay loved the sensations Kurt's touches brought, but he felt a little impatient to get to the sex. Foreplay was really not his favorite thing when it came to his first time with someone. He preferred to save most of that for later, when they were more familiar with each other.

 Kurt seemed a little surprised by the speed at which Jay ripped off his pants and pounced on him, kissing his face and neck ferociously as he nudged Kurt's thighs apart with his legs. Kurt's breathing grew heavier. He could feel Jay's rock hard member pressed against his thigh. He swallowed and wrapped his arms around Jay's back, telling himself once again that he could do this. "I'm ready," he whispered.

 "Ready?" Jay drew back a bit so he could look into Kurt's eyes, an amused smile on his face. "Baby, I haven't even prepared you yet! And I thought you'd want to use a condom. Unless you really want it raw, but that hurts a lot."

 Kurt felt his face turning red. He desperately wished he had done a little more research. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "I'm sorry, I just, I don't know exactly what's supposed to happen here."

 "It's my fault." Jay's smile was warm and inviting. Just looking at his tender, caring expression made Kurt relax a little. "I'll walk you through it, ok? I'll warn you before I do anything, you just try and relax, ok? This is going to hurt more if you're tense." Jay reached into the nightstand, where he had hidden a bottle of lube earlier. He held it up and showed it to Kurt. "Most couples use something like this during intimacy. It makes it a lot easier, especially for the sub," Jay explained as he spread some of the lube onto his fingers. He looked down at Kurt, his eyes never leaving the Olympian's face. "Now I'm going to prepare you. Most people do it with their fingers, like I'm going to. It's going to feel really weird at first, and probably hurt a little, but stick with me, ok babe?"

 Kurt nodded, doing his best to relax. He cried out in pain as Jay's finger slowly pushed its way into him. He had to grab the sheets to hold himself still, fighting the urge to pull away from the invasion. His breath grew ragged as Jay slowly began to thrust his finger in and out of him, making the pain form into a painful burning sensation. Kurt closed his eyes tightly and tried to force himself to relax. He cried out again as Jay slid a second finger into his opening. "Just breathe, baby, just breathe," Jay whispered, stroking Kurt's chest soothingly. "It's ok. I know it hurts, but it'll get better. Stick with me here." Kurt nodded, biting his lip to contain a scream as a third finger was pushed into him.

 Then, suddenly, the fingers were gone. Kurt gasped and opened his eyes, finding Jay's face directly before his. He could feel Jay's hot breath on his lips as the golden blonde gave him further instructions. "I'm going to penetrate you now, baby. This is going to hurt, a lot. The pain only lasts for a moment, though, and then I'm going to give you pleasure like you've never felt before." Kurt shivered at the promise. He wrapped his arms about Jay's neck, at the same time wrapping his legs around Jay's waist. As Jay began to move, his lips descended onto Kurt's, giving the Olympian a passionate kiss. Slowly, he pushed to head of his cock through Kurt's tight, virgin entrance, taking it slow to cause his lover as little discomfort as possible. He slowly inched his way in, whispering reassurances to Kurt as the brunette whimpered, his face contorting with pain. Jay stopped when he was fully sheathed in Kurt's hot body. He groaned, savoring the delicious feeling of the Olympic champion all around him. He wanted to let loose and fuck the hell out of him, but he restrained himself and gave Kurt time to adjust.

 Kurt, on the other hand, was nearly sobbing with the pain. His breath was coming in ragged pants, tears coming to his eyes. "Oh god, Jay, it hurts!" he panted, trying hard not the cry. "Oh god it hurts!"

 "It'll get better, baby," Jay whispered to him. "Believe me, it will. Trust me Kurt." Kurt nodded, fighting his tears and closing his eyes again so Jay couldn't see how watery they were. Jay began to thrust into Kurt slowly, unable to suppress a moan at the delicious friction between their bodies. Kurt still felt like crying, intense pain ripping through is body. He was about to say screw it and tell Jay to stop, when suddenly a burst of pleasure shot through his body. Seeing his reaction, Jay smiled and thrust against his prostate again.

 "Oh god!" Kurt exclaimed. He wrapped his legs tighter around Jay's hips, beginning to arch into Jay's increasingly fast thrusts. White spots clouded his vision as Jay hit his prostate again and again, sending unbelievable levels of pleasure flooding through him. He wrapped his arms tightly around Jay's back, and the golden blonde did the same, pressing their upper bodies together in a heated embrace.

 Jay threw his head back as his pace quickened further, his orgasm close enough to taste. "You're so beautiful, Kurt!" he panted as he slammed into the shaking Olympian, who was writhing in pleasure beneath him, his head thrashing back and forth on the pillow as he moaned softly. "Oh, god I'm almost there!" Jay warned his lover, thrusting in harder, desperate for release. Kurt's hot body was driving him absolutely crazy, and there was nothing he wanted to do more than to shoot his load into that absolutely gorgeous ass. Wanting Kurt to come before him, Jay reached between them and found Kurt's own straining member. A few masterful strokes to the throbbing shaft was all the Olympian needed to tumble over the edge, screaming loudly as his release gushed out onto his stomach and Jay's.

 Jay came almost instantly as Kurt's muscles clamped down on him. He cried out in pleasure as an intense orgasm ripped through him, making him rock in pleasure as he came deep inside of Kurt. He groaned as the orgasm died down, swiftly pulling out of his lover and collapsing onto the bed beside him. He let his head loll back against the pillows, closing his eyes in utter satisfaction.

 Kurt was left panting on his back, his body feeling an unbelievable glow in the aftermath of his first orgasm ever. He had to let himself recover a moment before he could speak. "Jay that was - oh my god, that was so - " He swallowed, trying to piece his scattered thoughts together. "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt," he panted. He turned to Jay, whose eyes were still closed. "Was it - was it good for you?" he asked with a touch of apprehension.

 "Are you kidding?" Jay opened his eyes and stared at Kurt. "That was fabulous! You're going to be one hell of a lover, baby. You're a natural."

 "Really?" Kurt smiled, feeling himself relax.

"Oh yeah." Jay shook his head and grinned at Kurt. "We forgot to use a condom, though."

 "Oh." Kurt shrugged. "Well, that's ok." He bit his lip, not sure what he was supposed to say next. He had no idea what guys normally did after having sex.

 "You wanna cuddle?" Kurt blinked and turned his attention back to Jay.

 "Is that what people normally do?" he asked timidly.

 "Some." Jay shrugged. "I like to cuddle. Holding someone in your arms is how you show someone you care after you've had sex. I would love to hold you, baby." He held out his arms invitingly.

 Kurt smiled, happily moving into Jay's embrace. He laid his head down on Jay's firm chest, wrapping his arms around the golden blonde's sides. "Thank you, Jay," he whispered. "Thank you for everything. And thanks for being so patient with me."

 "No problem." Jay smiled as he watched Kurt quickly drift off to sleep. "Thank you too," he whispered, more to himself than his sleeping lover. He wrapped his arms around Kurt's back, then closed his eyes and let himself drift into a peaceful slumber.


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