The room was filled with candles. Jay bounced around, happily lighting more until the room was alive with flames. He tenderly turned down the covers on the bed, looking around and smiling, deciding that the carefully prepared room was now perfect. He hope fervently that Adam would be finished with his shower and teeth brushing soon so they could get started. This was one of the fairly rare nights on which his taller, beautiful lover had agreed to let the smaller blonde top him, and Jay was full of excitement.

 Quickly he stripped off his clothes, jumping onto the bed and striking a seductive pose as the bathroom door clicked and Adam emerged into the candlelit room. Adam raised his eyebrows, looking around approvingly. "Nice," he commented. "This is so romantic! You certainly go all out for me, don't you."

 Jay nodded, beckoning for Adam to join him. "Come here and let me show you how much I appreciate you, baby," he drawled seductively.

 Adam grinned, dropping the towel around his waist to the floor and approaching the bed. He settled onto the mattress, hardly having a moment to get comfortable before he was pounced by his enthusiastic lover and pushed onto his back. Jay began to kiss him frantically, fumbling for the lube on the nightstand.

 Adam laughed, picking up the tube which was alluding his lover's grasp and placing it in his palm. "Slow down a little, baby, we've got all night!" he chastised. "Ever heard of 'foreplay'?"

 "Mmm...maybe later," Jay breathed, his voice muffled as his lips ran over Adam's neck. "Right now I want you bad!" He squirted some lube onto his hand, moving his fingers down to brush against Adam's entrance.

 Adam jumped from the cold sensation. "Baby, that's cold!" he hissed.

 "Sorry," Jay murmured, his hand not ceasing its movements for a second. He quickly slipped a single digit inside his lover, beginning to stretch him out.

 "I always warm it up for you, you know," Adam pouted.

 Jay didn't respond, too eager to be inside the beautiful blonde to pay much attention to his words. He quickly slipped a second finger inside him, then a third. As soon as he thought Adam was loose enough, he pulled out all three digits and stroked a fair amount of lube onto his member. He pushed Adam's legs open a little wider, then began to slide into his tight, hot tunnel. He groaned as his member was encased in that wonderful heat, feeling pleasure already begin to flow through his body.

 Adam wrapped his arms around Jay's back, moaning as Jay began to thrust into him. Their hips began to work together, their moans and cries of passion growing steadily louder.

 "Oh Adam!" Jay moaned. "Oh god you feel so good! Oh baby." He dropped his head to nuzzle as Adam's neck as his hips continued to work.

 "Mmm, Jay! Oh baby I love the feel of you," Adam moaned. "You're so tight, baby!"

 Jay's hips paused for a moment. He looked down at his lover, a frown on his face. " 'Tight'?"

 Adam blushed in embarrassment. "Erm, well that's what I usually say when we're making, it just kind of slipped out."

 "Hmph." Jay pulled out of his lover and rolled onto his back, crossing his arms over his chest.

 Adam sighed deeply. "Baby, you're not mad at me for that, are you? Look, I didn't mean to say it, I'm sorry! What does it matter?"

 Jay glared at him. "It matters because it shows that when you think of sex, you automatically think of me bottoming to you! Even when it's the other way round!"

 "Well, baby that is how it usually is," Adam replied softly, his fingers tracing Jay's bicep.

 Jay swatted his hand away. "That doesn't matter! It shows that you think of me as being subordinate to you! Like I should always be the one taking it, because god forbid I could be in charge!"

 Adam sighed. "Jay, you're blowing this way out of proportion! It's not like I said the wrong name in bed! Come one!"

 "I'm not in the mood anymore." Jay turned his head away, his heated glare piercing into the wall.

 Adam peaked under the covers, an amused look crossing his face. "That's not what all of you thinks."

 "Well it's what *I* think, so - Adam, what are you going?" Jay's eyes widened as Adam threw off the covers, moving to straddle his hips.

 "Showing you I'm sorry." Adam tossed his blonde hair back over his shoulders, his head thrown back in pleasure as he spread his thighs apart and sunk down on Jay's still very erect member. "I know I usually like to stay all manly and in control in bed, but you're wrong when you say I act like you're subordinate to me. I don't think that at all. And to show you, tonight I'm going to be your bitch!"

 Jay stared at his taller lover, having never heard such words from the beautiful blonde's lips. He couldn't help moaning as Adam raised himself up and sunk back down again, creating delicious friction between their bodies. "My bitch, huh?" he managed to gasp as Adam began to bounce on him.

 "Yes." Adam closed his eyes, his breathing getting very heavy. "I'll do it however you want; you just tell me how you want me!"

 "Any way?" Jay marveled. "On your back or your hands and knees, or up against the wall, or the headboard, or riding me - " he paused to moan, savoring the feel of Adam's hot tunnel around him. "Riding me like this?" he gasped.

 "Yes," Adam moaned, his slim body wracked with pleasure as he continued to ride his lover's cock. "Any way! Now shut up baby and do me harder! Oh god yes!" he cried as Jay thrust his hips up forcefully, bumping against his sweet spot. "Yes, baby, yes!"

 Jay smiled to himself, making a note that he had to throw a tantrum again in the near future if this was the kind of extremely enjoyable apology Adam gave him. He closed his eyes, letting that thought slide as he focused on the wonderful rhythm between their two bodies.


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