"I don't think we should do this any more."

 Matt looked up from the bed, his eyes wide. "What?" he asked, a frown touching his lips.

 Jeff stood staring out the window, his back to his brother. "You and I. I don't think we should do this anymore."

 "Jeff, what are you talking about?" Matt demanded.

 Jeff sighed deeply, resisting the urge to wipe away the tears which were flowing down his cheeks. "I don't think we should be together anymore."

 "What?!?" Matt set his book down, peering at his brother's back. "That's crazy! Jeff, I love you."

 Jeff snorted. "Sure you do. You love me so much you've cheated on me with at least a dozen of the guys on the roster, whatever sucker you could coax into your bed. You love me so much you go out and party five days of the week, and end up at a cheap motel room with some random bimbo who's dick you apparently like more than mine, rather than being in my bed. You'd do just about anything to get out of actually spending an evening with me, wouldn't you? How long has it been since we really talked? Since we cuddled? Since we spent a night wrapped in each other's arms watching some cheesy old movie, like we used to?"

 He shook his head, turning to face his brother. "All you ever want to do anymore is fuck. You stumble into the room at 3 am, drunk and smelling like other men, and you won't leave me alone until I fuck you. You never want any kissing or cuddling. You won't even let me hold you after we fuck, you just climb into the other bed and fall asleep. I can't do it any more, Matt. You don't even want me; you just want a dick waiting in your hotel room for you, at your beck and call whenever you want it. Well you can find someone else, ‘cos I won't be your little sex toy anymore."

 "Jeff, baby, that's not true!" Matt insisted, climbing off the bed and walking up to his lover. "I swear it's not, baby. I love you," he repeated, wrapping his arms around Jeff's waist. Jeff just shook his head, turning his face away. "Baby, I haven't cheated on you, I swear," Matt stated, his voice full of conviction. "I know I've been going out a lot lately, but I haven't done more than dance with other men. I swear I haven't! I'm so sorry baby. I - I didn't realize I was treating you that way. Baby, please forgive me. Please don't leave me, Jeff, I love you. I need you." Matt gently ran a finger over Jeff's face, taking the younger man's chin in his hand and forcing his lover to look at him.

 Jeff eyes were still full of tears. "How can I believe you?" he whispered.

 "Ask Adam, ask Jay, ask Chris, ask any of the guys I've been going out with!" Matt exclaimed. "They'll tell you, I never did anything with anyone! I swear it baby! Please Jeff, give me another chance! I swear I'll treat you better."

 Jeff sighed, staring down at the floor for a moment, then looking up to meet his brother's eyes. "So you - you won't go out anymore? Except when we go out? You won't leave me alone?" he ventured timidly.

 "No, baby, I won't," Matt promised, his hands stroking Jeff's back soothingly. "And I swear I'll let you cuddle me and kiss me and hold me, before we make love, and after we make love, and all night long."

 It was silent for a moment as they gazed into each other's eyes, then a huge smile broke out over Jeff's face. "Oh Matt!" he cried, throwing his arms around his brother's neck and hugging him close. "Oh I love you! I'm sorry."

 "No, I'm sorry baby." Matt squeezed the other man tightly, then drew back, glancing at the bed. "Come on," he breathed, pulling Jeff towards the mattress. "Let me show you I can make you happy again."

 Their clothes were quickly discarded, and in no time Jeff had Matt pinned beneath him, eagerly kissing and caressing his lover's body. Matt moaned and arched into Jeff's touches, not complaining that his lover was taking his time. Jeff took a while to enjoy Matt's body before lubing both of them up and slipping inside Matt's tight ass. He pulled Matt close to him as he began to rock his hips, pressing their chests together so Matt couldn't see the look on his face.

 Then, across Jeff's face spread a huge, victorious smile. He continued to grin as Matt writhed and moaned beneath him, the brunette trying to do everything he could to make it better for Jeff. Jeff felt not only pleasure but also the satisfaction of a battle won spread through him. In reality, Matt had never really been bad to him. He did go out to clubs a lot with his friends, but Jeff hardly felt neglected. However, he did feel jealous. He had never liked sharing, and he didn't want to share Matt's time with anyone. Now, hopefully, he wouldn't have to do much of that. Chuckling to himself, he hid his victorious smile, moving to kiss Matt as he continued to possess his lover's body.


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