"What baby?"

"You know! Touch them!"

Adam clicked his tongue. "I don't appreciate being spoken to that way, baby."

Jay growled. "You started this, now come on! You've been 'massaging' me for a half hour now, I want to get to the good stuff!"

"Who said this was anything by an innocent massage?" Adam murmured.

"Oh you didn't have to say it!" Jay exclaimed. "You know what I want and you've been teasing me this whole time! Now get to it!"

"Maybe I don't feel like it," Adam sulked.

"Oh, you feel like it!" Jay replied. "You wouldn't have started this if you didn't, you're just being a bitch and teasing me!"

"I really don't like being spoken to like that," Adam pouted, his hands, which were slippery with massage oil, gliding over Jay's strong shoulders.

"Come on!" Jay groaned, frowning up at his lover. "Just do it Adam! Touch them!"

"Maybe later," Adam told him.

"No!" Jay slapped the soil he was lying on, now openly glaring at the taller blonde. "You are evil! You better do it, and I mean now, or I'll do it myself! And you won't be getting any for a week!"

Adam rolled his eyes. "You couldn't go a week without me baby, and you know it. You love my ass too much."

Jay sighed. "Fine, whatever," he muttered. "But there are other things I could do! Come on Adam, now!"

"I don't know, what have you done to deserve it?" Adam challenged.

"Everything!" Jay huffed. "I hold doors open for you! I always get the check! I take you shopping all the time and buy you clothes! I even want to the freaking ballet with you!"

"Well someone had to go!" Adam pouted. "Me, Rico, Sean, and Chris were gonna go together, but thanks to their stupid boyfriends, those dumb meatheads Kevin and Hunter, Sean and Chris couldn't go! We had two extra tickets and we needed someone, anyone, to come with us! And since you and Billy are our boyfriends and we do satisfy all your sexual needs, you have an obligation to go to stuff like that with us!"

"Then you should come to the monster truck rallies with me!" Jay shot back. "Hell, you should actually let me go." He shook his head. "But we'll talk about that later. I went to your stupid ballet, now touch them!"

Adam crossed his arms stubbornly. "I sucked you in the cab on the way home for that! Besides, you've used that about 50 times already to get sexual favors out of me!"

"Adam!" Jay whined, squirming uncomfortably. "Can you please be bitchy later? Come on, I'll suck you after you touch them."

Adam thought for a moment. "Ok. Well, maybe, I guess. But you have to take your time and not rush through it like you usually do!"

"I do not!" Jay objected.

"Do too!" Adam insisted. "I'll suck you for a half hour, then you bring me off in 5 minutes!"

"I do not give bad head!" Jay was scowling. "I'm very good at giving head, as a matter of fact! Extremely good even!"

"Oh, yeah, sure you are," Adam replied.

"I am!!!" Jay cried.

"That's what a said!" Adam told him.

"Well you were sarcastic," Jay muttered.

"Look, do you want me to touch them or not?" Adam questioned.

"Yes!" Jay instantly dropped it, sticking out his chest. "Touch them, please! You've got me so horny from your stupid massage I am going absolutely nuts here!"

Adam grinned, licking his lips. "Well, if you insist." He positioned both his hands on Jay's chest, drawing a lazy circle around his nipples, both hands working on their own sides of his lover's chest. Jay bit his lips, his breath growing heavy as Adam's hands closed in, beginning to stroke and fondle his nipples.

"Oh, yes!" he gasped, closed his eyes and moaning. "Oh I love that!"

"I know you do," Adam murmured. Licking his lips again, he bent his hand, capturing one of the perky buds between his lips, while his fingers continued to stroke the other.

"Adam!" Jay cried, already writhing with pleasure. "Oh god yeah. Oh! Like that! Ooh!" Adam chuckled, sending a wave of sizzling heat through his lover's body. Before he knew what was happening, Jay's back was arching and he was hit with his climax, crying out as Adam's continued ministrations drew out his pleasure.

Adam was chuckling as he sat back up. "I still can't believe I can make you come just by touching them," he commented.

A flushed and panting Jay sat up, taking a deep breath. "Can I help if I have sensitive nipples?" he stated. "You have no idea how fucking great that feels! And that way you do it is absolutely perfect!"

Adam grinned and shrugged. "I've had a long time to learn. Now speaking of things you do well..." He raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Jay chuckled. "Damn right I do it well!" he exclaimed, pushing Adam down onto his back, already reaching for the zipper on his lover's jeans. "I do it very well!"


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