"Evening baby," Edge purred, coming up behind Christian and wrapping his arms about the golden blonde. "I was thinking baby," he growled, his hand moving to rest of Christian's thigh. "Maybe tonight could be the night, you know?"

 Christian leaned back against Edge, resting his head on the other man's shoulder and looking up into his eyes. "I don't know Edge. It would be my first time; I don't know if I'm really ready."

 "Come on baby, you're ready," Edge breathed, laying kisses along his partner's neck.

 Christian closed his eyes, enjoying Edge's soft touches. "The thing is, I have all these fantasies about my first time," he explained. "In some way, I don't wanna do it, because I'm afraid it wouldn't live up to all my fantasies." He opened his eyes, chuckling as a wicked gleam entered his eyes. "Tell you what. If you can guess my fantasy, then I'll give myself to you."

 A huge smiled broke out across Edge's face. "No problem, baby," he growled, his fingers stroking Christian's thigh as he thought. "I'd lick you from your head to your toes," he purred, darting his tongue into Christian's ear. "I'd suck on every inch of your beautiful body and make it so you'd never want to leave my bed."

 Christian chuckled, closing his eyes to listen. "Sound nice, but you'll have to be more specific than that, baby."

 "We could go to a club," Edge whispered. "We could do it in the DJ booth with whipped cream and strawberries." Edge saw a flicker of interest pass across the pretty blonde's face, storing the information away for later. "We could do it in a boat and make the whole thing rock, baby. Or I could take you to a beautiful beach with black sand, lick every inch of your beautiful, trembling thighs and make you scream you name. Or I could take you home and we could do it on the kitchen table, after you gave me a lap dance, and I made you feel sexy as hell. Or maybe you'd prefer it in a public bathroom, just for the thrill? Or in the back of a classroom?"

 Edge chuckled. "Am I getting close baby? I've gotta top that gorgeous ass soon." His free hand moved to clutch Christian's ass, giving it a squeeze, then beginning to stroke it.

 "Keep guessing, baby," Christian chuckled.

 "Mmm, don't worry, I'll figure out your fantasy," Edge purred. "I know you wanna give yourself to me. How about up on a roof under the stars?" He smiled as he saw another flicker of interest in his lover's face. "I could take you in a bathtub, the room around us filled with candles," he whispered. "I'd tell you to just go ahead and scream, and you'd be so loud the whole block could here. I'd make you scream for hours and hours until you were too tired to even think. Or maybe you'd prefer in the library on top of books?" He chuckled, nibbling on the beautiful blonde's neck. "You just wanna make me beg, don't you baby? You know how bad I want you."

 "Just guess," Christian breathed, enthralled by his lover's soft words.

 "We'd have champaign," Edge breathed, grinning triumphantly when he saw another flicker of interest. Slowly, he was piecing together exactly what Christian wanted as part of his fantasy. "It could in a sauna or a jacuzzi," he suggested, "or in the back row of a movie, just like we were teenagers again. How about a hay pile in a rustic country barn? Or would you like me to take you on silk sheets covered in rose petals?" Another flicker on interest. "In the back seat of my car," Edge whispered, stroking Christian's thigh and ass at the same time. "We'd fog all the window up and have hot, rough sex. Or we could go out in the garden and roll around in the dirt while I tapped that beautiful ass. Would you like it in a candy store? We'd make all the chocolate melt, baby. Or I could handcuff you to the bed and we'd have kinky sex with whips and chains."

 A smile spread across his face as he had a sudden flash of inspiration. "I think I know what you want," he growled, leaning in and whispering in Christian's ear. Christian grinned, nodding voraciously as Edge drew back. Edge chuckled, his eyes gleaming. "I'm gonna make your fantasy come true, baby," he purred. "Tonight, baby, I'm gonna teach you the pleasures of the flesh, and you're gonna learn that dream really can come true, because I'm your Prince Charming, babe."

"Edge, is this really necessary?" Christian asked as he emerged from the bathroom wearing a thin silk robe, and only a thin silk robe.

 "Oh yes," Edge told him as he fastened a blindfold around his soon-to-be lover's eyes. "I want this to be perfect for you, baby! Don't worry about anything, baby. You'll love this. And I have protection, so don't worry about this either."

 Christian swallowed, feeling a little tingly inside as it hit him that he was about to lose his virginity for real. He had thought about it so much, he couldn't believe it was actually going to happen. He was trembling slightly as Edge took his hand, leading him down the stairs and out the door. He could here the crickets chirping, the frogs singing, and the wind gently whistling through the grass. Other than that, the night was still and silent. He could it was a beautiful night out just from the soft, soothing noises around him. Edge had blindfolded him on the way up, not allowing him to see where they were driving to. When they had reached whatever the place was, Edge had hurried him inside and escorted him into a windowless bathroom, asking him to take a bath and relax, but under no circumstances leave the room. He had left the light robe for Christian to put on after he was done with him bath. Christian was more than a little eager to discover what the tall blonde had planned, but he had done as Edge asked, and not peeked ever once.

 "Alright baby, it's time," Edge breathed in his ear. "Ready?"

 Christian nodded eagerly. Edge moved behind him, slipping one arm around the pretty blonde's waist while pulling the blindfold off with his other hand. Christian gasped when he saw the scene before him. They were in the backyard of a beautiful cabin. Beyond the yard was a wide, open field, surrounded by a deep forest. Above them the stars shown brightly, undiminished by the lights of any city. On the ground lay a ring of brilliantly blazing candles. Inside the circle of light lay a large, blanket sized Canadian flag in all its glory.

 "Oh, Edge," Christian breathed, turning back to his partner, love shining in his eyes. "This is exactly how I always pictured it! How did you ever - "

 "Hush, darling," Edge breathed, brushing his finger across the golden blonde's lips. "A fantasy needs no explanation. Come my love." He led Christian over to the blanket, gently laying the smaller blonde down on his back, then joining him, laying partly on top of him. It was then that Christian noticed his partner's attire. Edge was wearing a pair of tight, form fitting black pants along with a loose, frilly white shirt, exactly the kind that any Fabio or Prince Charming would wear. Christian gazed up at him with utter adoration, hardly able to believe his fantasy was coming true.

 Edge's eyes locked with Christian's, the smaller blonde shivering as Edge reached for the ties of his robe. He bit his lip hard, feeling both excitement and anxiety bubble up inside him. He watched Edge slide the thin fabric aside, revealing his beautiful body in all its glory. Christian swallowed, glancing down at himself, then up at Edge, relieved to see that Edge seemed very happy with the vision before him.

 "You're beautiful," Edge murmured, leaning down to capture his lips in a sweet, passionate kiss. "Absolutely beautiful." As they shared tender kisses, Edge let his hands explore Christian's body, gently tracing every line and curve. Christian found he couldn't stop himself from trembling. He had never been so intimate with anymore, and it was somewhat frightening, as well as being wildly exciting. He found himself pulling at Edge's clothes, Edge helping him remove both his shirt and pants, until they were lying together, both naked and completely exposed to the other. It took a few minutes for Christian to gather the courage to look down, his eyes widening when he did. He looked back up at Edge with frightened eyes, but Edge quieted him before he could speak.

 "Don't worry, babe, I'll stretch you out really well before we do anything," Edge whispered. "It's ok; everyone's nervous their first time." He gave Christian a dazzling smile. "But we're not done yet. Isn't there another part to your fantasy?" He reached into the satchel he had brought with him, grinning wickedly at Christian as he drew out a can of whipped cream and a basket of strawberries. Christian's heart began to beat even more quickly, his breath catching in his throat. "Just relax and let me take you to places you've never been before," Edge purred. He pulled open the can of whipped cream, lowering the top to a place just above Christian's collar bone and beginning to release small trails of cool white cream over his partner's chest. Christian shuddered, feeling his nipples harden as they were coated in cream.

 After his had painted a pretty design across his lover's torso, Edge set the cream aside, picking up a strawberry and dragging it through a trail of cream. He wiggled his eyebrows at the blonde beneath him, who was already shivering in desire, then held the fruit up to Christian's lips. Christian gladly took it into his mouth, relishing the wonderfully sweet taste. Edge chuckled, repeating the motion several times before setting the strawberries aside. He lowered himself down onto his elbows, his tongue darting out to tease one of Christian's whipped cream covered nipples. Christian let out a gasp, arching his chest into his partner's touches. Edge smiled around his mouthful of whipped cream, proceeding to take the nipple between his lips and suck on it gently, laving it continually with his tongue. He ran his hands all over Christian's body as the other man gasped and shuddered beneath him, soon licking across Christian's chest and treating the other nipple to a nice, slow tongue bath.

 "Oh god Edge," Christian gasped, his head thrown back in pleasure. He couldn't believe the sensations running through him as Edge licked every bit of whipped cream off his chest. Once he was finished with that, the tall blonde looked up at Christian, whipped cream covering his chin and beard, giving him a feral smile. He grabbed a warm, wet towel from his back, wiping off his chin, then Christian's chest. Then, he slid down Christian's body, gently pushing his soon-to-be lover's thighs wide apart.

 "This part is going to hurt a little, baby," he told Christian apologetically. "But bear with me, please, because after a bit of pain it's going to feel very, very good." Christian nodded, trying to make himself relax. He couldn't help but jerk when he felt Edge's tongue brush across his entrance. "It's ok baby. Relax baby," Edge purred, placing his hands on Christian's hips to hold him still. "Just relax. This'll feel good. Relax." Christian forced himself into a cycle of deep breaths, his eyes widening to the size of saucers as he felt Edge's hot, moist tongue penetrate him.

 "Oh Edge," he moaned, struggling to keep his breathing even. "Oh Edge! Oh." The feeling of his partner exploring him so intimately was almost too much for him. He was panting when Edge finally drew back, little droplets of sweat running over his skin, his body achingly aroused. "Edge," he gasped, reaching desperately for his partner. "I want you inside me. I want THAT inside me," he panted, gesturing to Edge's large, erect cock.

 Edge nodded, also a little out of breath. He quickly grabbed a condom out of his bag, slipping it on, then positioning himself between the pretty blonde's legs. "You have to relax," he told Christian. "I'm sorry, baby, but this really well hurt at first. You're gonna want to tense up, but it's really important that you not. Ok?" Christian nodded, feeling his body tremble as the head of Edge's cock pressed against his entrance. Then, Edge was slipping inside of him, filling him and joining with him in a way he had never experienced before. He gasped, but forced himself to relax, wanting to scream from the feeling, but not in pain, or pleasure. It did hurt, but the knowledge that another man was inside his body was such a preoccupying thought that he hardly noticed it. When Edge had sheathed himself to the hilt, he paused, leaning down to kiss Christian. "You ok baby?" he whispered. Christian nodded, closing his eyes as he tried to adjust to the feeling of Edge inside of him. Edge was so deeply seated in his body, even if he closed his eyes he couldn't get away from the feeling; it was there, lingering, unable to suppress. But he didn't want to suppress it; he wanted to embrace it, in all it's power and glory.

 "Now wrap your legs around my waist, beautiful," Edge breathed, kissing the smaller man again as he complied. He began to move slowly, drawing himself in and out of his lover's body. He and Christian began to moan in unison, their bodies flooding with pleasure. Christian's mouth fell open, the feeling of Edge's cock rubbing against his highly sensitive walls sending his senses into overload. He began panting, arching his hips against Edge's, trying to force the other man's cock deeper inside him. He howled when the tip of Edge's cock hit a spot inside of him that he never knew existed. Edge thrust his hips against the same spot, making his lover shake with pleasure. With each thrust against that spot, a wave or searing ecstasy flooded Christian's senses, reeking havoc on his already tingling body.

 "Oh god!" Christian cried, his eyes widening as a tight pressure began to build in his stomach. "Edge....Edge...I...I..." He couldn't say any more, screaming at the top of his lungs, he body arching violently as he orgasmed. His body shook, his thoughts seeming to cease completely as white hot ecstacy, even more intense than before, tore through his body, enveloping his every nerve. He felt a hot rush inside him only a moment later, feeling Edge's body shake against him. Then, the ecstacy had passed, and he was lying, panting, beneath the stars, trying to put his jumbled thought back together.

 "Baby?" Edge cooed, trailing his fingers gently across Christian's sweaty cheek. "Are you alright? Did you like that?"

 "Like?" Christian managed to gasp, shaking his head and chuckling. "No. Like could never describe it. Never. Oh god, that was....that was..that just was."

 Edge smiled, pressing a loving kiss to the golden blonde's forehead. "I take it that means you'll want to do it again?" he asked hopefully.

 Again Christian laughed. "Oh yes! Definitely!" he exclaimed. "Again. And again, and again, and again, and again!"

 "Just want I wanted to here," Edge whispered to his new lover, holding Christian tightly in his arms and pressing their foreheads together. They lay gazing into each others' eyes, kissing occasionally, content to just cuddle for the rest of the night.


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