"Get your hands off me!" Jeff Hardy cried as he was roughly dragged into the locker room. The show had been over for hours, and his protests fell on empty halls. He had stayed late after being delayed by one thing after another, and now he was bitterly regretting not catching a ride with his brother. "Let me go you big bastard!"

 The Big Show smirked. He said nothing, releasing the young Hardy from his grip and pointing to the leather couch where another man was lounging. Jeff glared at the man known as The Game. "What the hell do you want?" he spat.

 Hunter's eyes slid over the young man's body, making Jeff feel more than a little uncomfortable. Staying silent, he stood, walking over the Show. "Thanks baby," he murmured, wrapping his arms around the giant's neck and pulling him into a heated kiss. "You can go now. You'll get your reward later." Show nodded, turning and leaving the room.

 Jeff swallowed as he heard a lock slide into place from the other side of the door. He turned to Hunter, glaring at the powerful blonde. "Let me the hell out of here now!" he demanded.

 "I'll let you go in good time." Hunter grinned, his eyes moving over Jeff's body. "You know I've been waiting a long time to get you alone. You're a *very* attractive man, Jeff."

 Jeff scowled at the taller man. "Great, so you've got a crush on me. Taking a freaking number!"

 Hunter licked his lips. "I love it when you talk that way," he growled. "Snotty bitchiness is damn sexy on you."

 Jeff bristled, his eyes narrowing. "If you don't let me out right this minute, Matt - "

 "Won't be doing anything, since you're not going to tell him a word of this," Hunter replied silkily. "You'll love it too much to send your brother after me."

 "You're deluded," Jeff snapped. "I don't know what you think is going to happen here, but you'd better not lay a hand on me!"

 "Oh I won't. Yet." Hunter walked over to where his bag was sitting on a bench, pulling out a small slip of material and tossing it to Jeff. "Put that on, baby."

 Jeff unfolded the material, his eyes bugging when he realized it was a tiny purple miniskirt. "You're out of your fucking head!" he sputtered in outrage. "I am NOT going to wear a fucking skirt so you can get some kind of sick titillation!"

 "Not just a skirt. This too." Hunter tossed him another slip of material, which turned out to be a tight belly shirt which closed with just one fastening in the front. It matched the skirt in color and style.

 Jeff gawked at the skimpy feminine outfit. "You've got to be kidding me."

 Hunter gave him a wicked smile. "Oh, I'm not. And you're not going anywhere until you put it on."

 Jeff crossed his arms. "Well you're out of luck, ‘cos I'm not putting it on."

 Hunter arched an eyebrow. "If you'd rather have me rip off your clothes and put them on you myself, I'd be happy to oblige."

 "You wouldn't dare!" Jeff challenged.

 "Oh, I would," Hunter assured the younger man. "Just ask any of my previous lovers. I can be very aggressive when I want something, and every one of them loved it, just like you will."

 Jeff flipped a lock of blue hair over his shoulder, glaring steadily at the game. "I'm afraid you'll find I'm not some little whore like whoever else you've been with! I don't believe in that sort of thing. If you want to get with me, then you can send me flowers and presents and act like a gentleman."

 Hunter burst out laughing, much to Jeff's chagrin. "Oh, baby, you are funny!" Hunter murmured. "Very funny. But, I might point out, you are completely at my mercy. There's no way to escape, and my arms are at the very least twice as thick as yours. Do you really want me to have to force you to get dressed?"

 Jeff swallowed, his eyes locking on Hunter's thick biceps. He scowled, glancing down at the clothes in his hands. Putting them on was the last thing he wanted to do, but clashing with such a powerful foe was even less appealing. "Turn away," he demanded.

 Hunter raised his hands in mock surrender, turning his back on the younger Hardy. "Anything you say, baby."

 "Don't you dare look!" Jeff threatened, quickly slipping off his pants and t-shirt.

 "I don't know if you're wearing any underwear," Hunter told him coolly, "but if you are, take those off as well."

 Jeff bit back a nasty retort, hesitating a moment before slipping off his thong as well. He pulled on the skirt and top, taking a moment to adjust them before stepping in front of a mirror. He gawked at his reflection, staring at the obscenely tight outfit.

 "That's better."

 Jeff jumped, spinning around to find Hunter directly behind him. "Don't you touch me!" he warned again.

 Hunter just smirked. "I wouldn't dream of it. You're not ready yet." He raised his hand, in which he held a pair of strappy purple high heels to match Jeff's outfit.

 Jeff's mouth fell open. "You can't be serious!"

 Hunter shrugged. "It just wouldn't be completely without matching shoes. Normally nylons would be in order as well, but in this case they'd get in the way."

 Jeff just glared at him, snatching the shoes and marching over to a bench to put them on. He kicked off his boots and socks and strapped on the heels, sitting up and glaring at Hunter. "There, I look like a total fairy, are you happy now? Can I go?"

 Hunter chuckled. "You're not ready yet, baby."

 Jeff threw his hands up in the air. "Well what the hell else can I do?!?"

 "First off, put your hair up in those adorable pigtails you seem to like," Hunter instructed, tossing Jeff too frilling purple hair binders.

 Jeff sighed and rolled his eyes, but quickly pulled his hair up, crossing his arms and glaring at Hunter when he had finished. "Now?" he demanded.

 "Almost." Hunter chuckled. "I'd have you redo your nails to match, but that would take so long. As it is, a bit of makeup should do it."

 "Makeup?" Jeff shook his head. "I am NOT going to wear makeup! No way."

 "Just a little." Hunter pulled a small case from his travel bag, opening it up and choosing a tube of black mascara, purple eyeshadow, a pad of blush which matches Jeff's skin tone, and a deep red lipstick. "This'll only take minute," he murmured, taking out the mascara brush. "You'd better hold still or you'll have this all over your face, which believe me you don't want."

 Jeff scowled but held still, resorting to pouting when Hunter warned him to relax his brow or risk getting mascara in his eyes. He was indignantly silent as Hunter made up his face, resuming his scowl as soon as Hunter had applied the last bit of blush.

 "Isn't that pretty?" Hunter murmured, holding up a small mirror so Jeff could see his decorated face. "You look gorgeous."

 Jeff glared fiercely at the larger man. "I look like a girl!"

 "I think you look very masculine," Hunter murmured, his arms snaking around Jeff's waist. "Don't tell me you're not enjoying this."

 "I'm not! I look freaking ridiculous!" Jeff protested, trying to throw Hunter's arm off him.

 Hunter chuckled, his fingers trailing over the skin of Jeff's exposed midsection. "You have an incredibly strong raw sexual power, you know that?" he growling, his lips brushing against Jeff's neck.

 Jeff squirmed, shoving at Hunter's chest, but unable to push away the strong man. "You've had your fun, ok? I'm all dolled up now, and I want to leave!" He squeaked when Hunter suddenly stood, sweeping him into the air and striding quickly over to the couch. He was set down on the leather surface, Hunter quickly moving on top of him.

 "You can leave in a few minutes, baby," Hunter purred into his ear, his lips following a trail from the younger Hardy's ear to his painted lips. Jeff was about to object when his deep red lips were captured in the most heated, passionate kiss he had ever received. He had to moan, shocked at himself when his lips parted, allowing Hunter's tongue to slip into his mouth. By the time the other man's slick muscle had finished exploring every surface of the wet cavity, Jeff's body was burning with desire. He couldn't believe that one kiss had cast off all his inhibitions, but the fact that it had was as obvious as the bulge tending his skirt.

 "You want me, baby?" Hunter growled, his hand already sliding up Jeff's thigh and under his skirt.

 Jeff gasped as a single finger probed his entrance, slowly pushing its way inside. "Oh god. Hunter," was all he managed to gasp.

 "That's a good girl," Hunter murmured, pulling Jeff into another steamy kiss as he slid another finger into the younger man. His free hand found and unfastened the clasp of Jeff's belly shirt, pushing the material aside and alternately massaging his nipples. Jeff moaned, gasping as a third fingers slid into him. He didn't know what was wrong with him to cause him to act the way he was, but at the moment he didn't care. He would've begged Hunter to put it in him if the other man's tongue hadn't been in his mouth. Fortunately, he didn't have to ask.

 Hunter's fingers were gone in a flash, and his cock was pushing into Jeff's willing body. Jeff moaned into the other man's mouth, his fingers digging into Hunter's back. He wrapped his legs around Hunter's waist, his purple high heels resting on the small of the tall blonde's back. His skirt was riding obscenely high on his hips, revealing both his straining cock and his stretched opening. Hunter's lips slid down his jaw to his neck, where the bigger man began suckling on the sensitive skin as his hips began to thrust. Jeff just moaned, his painted lips parting in an expression of pleasure, his breath seemingly stolen from his lips as Hunter moved inside him.

 It was fairly quiet in the room, the only sounds being Jeff's choked breathes and the noise of flesh moving against flesh. Jeff was swimming in pleasure, his every thought focused on the intense waves of pleasure which the action of Hunter's hips was sending through him. He felt the pleasure building inside him, his vision beginning to swim as he climbed every higher, feeling nearly ready to faint as his orgasm hit him, rocking his body and stealing even his gasping breaths from his lungs. He was vaguely aware of Hunter stiffening above him, warmth flooding into his snugly filled tunnel.

 He was left panting, feeling unable to even move as Hunter withdrew. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath to steady himself. When he opened his eyes, he was quickly snapped out of his post coital reverie as he witnessed Hunter tossing a used condom into the trash can. "You were using one of those?" he demanded.

 Hunter glanced at him, raising his eyebrows. "You didn't notice?"

 Jeff flushed bright red. "I wasn't paying attention," he muttered, quickly sitting up, pulling his skirt down to cover himself and refastening his top. "You think I'm dirty, is that it?"

 "Not at all." Hunter gave him a small smile as he fastened his pants, grabbing a fresh tshirt from his bag. "I figured it'd be best to use protection, for both of us. Just to be safe."

 "I don't blame you," Jeff stuttered, feeling tears well up in his eyes. "I can't believe what a - a slut I just acted like! I don't do stuff like this! I'm not a slut, Hunter."

 "I never thought you were." Hunter settled onto the couch next to Jeff, his manner now nothing but sweet and caring. His earlier feral aggressiveness seemed to have vanished for the moment. "Don't cry, baby, you'll make your mascara run," he breathed, trailing his finger gently down Jeff's cheek.

 Jeff sniffed, blinking back tears. "Like you care!" he shot back. "You just wanted me to be some fucking little painted slut for you!"

 Hunter shook his head. "Jeff, you had fun tonight, didn't you."

 Jeff nodded, still sniffing back tears.

 "Good," Hunter continued, patting Jeff's leg reassuringly. "Then why should you feel bad about it? Enjoying yourself isn't a crime, baby. It's ok to loosen up and just have fun sometimes."

 Jeff swallowed, resisting the urge to wipe at his mascara clad eyes. "So what do we do now?" he whispered.

 Hunter shrugged. "We get to be in a great mood tomorrow since we had some fun tonight."

 "But what about us?" Jeff pressed.

 Hunter shrugged again. "We go back to just being us. If we want to hang out together, we can. And if we want to get together again, we can do that too."

 A small smile crept across Jeff's face. "That actually sounds really nice," he admitted quietly. "I haven't really done anything like that before."

 Hunter smiled and patted the smaller man on the back. "What did I tell you? It'll be fun, just like tonight. I knew you'd like it once you loosened up a little. You're too young to be so serious Jeff, let yourself have a lit of fun. Just make sure you're safe when you do it."

 Jeff nodded, gazing up at the older man, then glancing down at his attire. "What's up with this, though?" he questioned.

 Hunter's wicked grin returned. "What can I say? I love a hot guy in a skirt and makeup. You can keep the outfit, free of charge. Have fun with it."

 "Thanks." Jeff watched as Hunter gathered up his bag, slinging it over his shoulder and preparing to leave. "I'll see you at the show tomorrow, I guess."

 Hunter nodded. "See you then." He gave the younger Hardy a quick once over, licking his lips before turning and heading out of the room. The door now seemed to be unlocked, which Jeff made a mental note to ask the tall blonde about the next time they spoke.

 "Bye," Jeff called after him. Once Hunter was gone, he quickly changed back into his own clothes. He picked up the skirt and top and gazed at them for a moment. Then, a big grin spreading across his face, he tucked them under his arm and headed for his locker room.


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