The room was dark, the only sounds the quiet breathing of two men. Suddenly the stillness was broken by the sharp trilling of the phone. Matt groaned, quickly snatching up the annoying object before it could ring again and wake his sleeping husband. "It's 3 am, who the fuck is this?" he muttered.


 Matt's eyes widened, his lean form sitting straight up in bed when he heard the voice. "Jeff?" "Yeah!"

 "Oh. Hi." Matt blinked in surprise. He hadn't spoken to his brother in more than a year, after Jeff had confessed his love to him and done everything in his power to win Matt's love and break Matt up with the man he was now married to.

 "Man it's great to hear your voice. I haven't talked to you in forever! How are you? How's the old ball and chain?"

 Matt chuckled. "He's fine. You?"

 "I've been awesome! Guess what!! I have the greatest news!"

 "What?" Matt asked, trying to keep his voice quiet so as not to disturb his husband.

 "I've not in love with you!"

 "You're not?" A grin spread across Matt's face. "Really?"

 "Yep, I'm really not! I guess it was just an infatuation or something. I was really sure I was, but then I met this guy, and oh Matt, I am so in love with him! I tried to deny it at first, and I kept telling myself that I loved you, but I just couldn't deny my feeling for him."

 "That's incredible news!" Matt exclaimed, forgetting to speak softly. "Congratulations! So tell me about this guy!"

 "Well, his name is Chris Jericho. He's about my height, blonde, blue eyes, absolutely drop-dead gorgeous! And he's into metal like I am! We've been to lots of concerts together! We get along so incredibly well, I just can't believe it! We're even living together now."

 "Wow," Matt exclaimed, his eyebrows rising. "Great to hear that! So how long have you two been together?"

 "Four months. Today's our anniversary, actually."

 "Well why didn't you call me sooner?" Matt demanded teasingly, not noticing that his husband has risen onto one elbow and was listening intently.

 "I didn't want to call until I was sure. And tonight - um - well it was the first time we made love. Not that I wasn't sure I loved him before, but now I'm really sure. I totally understand what you meant now, about how different it is with someone you love. It was just so intimate - it was incredible!"

 Matt chuckled. "I sure admire your control. Four months and this was your first time?"

 "Well, I didn't say this was the first time we did anything. There was a lot of petting, and kissing, and cuddling before tonight. And I lasted two months longer than you, so ha!"

 "But we were friends first," Matt replied defensively. "We already knew each other pretty well when we started dating, so that's why we only waited two months. We were sure by then that we wanted to be together." Glancing at his husband, he jumped when he saw that the beautiful blonde was lying on his side and grinning. "And he's awake," he breathed into the phone, almost unconsciously.

 "What, you didn't do your job as a good husband and tire him out?" Jeff teased.

 Matt chuckled. "Now that is none of your business!"

 "Come on, put him on for a sec, I wanna say hi!"

 Matt laughed and shook his head, holding the phone out to his husband. "He wants to say hi," he told the tall blonde.

 Matt's husband took the phone. "Hi Jeff," he greeted.

 "Hey Adam! Long time no hear!"

 Adam laughed. "It's great to hear from you. So I hear you're over my husband?"

 "Yep! Totally over!"

 "That's great news." Adam smiled a wide, genuine smile. "You should come out and visit us sometime, see the house. And you can bring this new boyfriend of yours and introduce him to us!"

 "Oh, I don't know if I could do that! He might take one look at you and steal you away from my brother!"

 Adam laughed. "He'd have a pretty hard time doing that."

 "Maybe. But why are you not asleep now? Has Matt not been fulfilling his sexual requirements to you?"

 "Oh, no, he's definitely been fulfilled them," Adam purred, wiggling his eyebrows at Matt. "Actually, I'm lucky if I can ever get him out of bed!" He shook his head and chuckled. "I'm gonna give you back to Matt now, but call again soon, preferably at a decent hour, and we'll talk some more!"

 "You bet I will! Bye Adam!"

 "Bye." Adam passed the phone back to Matt, scooting a little closer to his husband and wrapping his arms around the brunette's waist as Matt put the phone back up to his ear.

 "So, little bro, what've you been - Adam!" Matt giggled as Adam's lips brushed over his chest, the blonde's hands sliding down his back. "Cut it out! I'm trying to talk!"

 "The hubby getting a little frisky, Matt?"

 "Oh shut up. Adam! No!" Matt gasped as Adam disappeared under the bedsheet which was covering him.

 "Man I hope Chris is like that! This is the first night I've slept in the same bed as him, so I don't know yet." There was a pause, then Jeff spoke again, but he seemed to be talking to someone else. "So you're awake! No, I'm not talking about you. Why would you think that?"

 Matt giggled. "The boyfriend up?"

 "Yep. And he's just accused me of discussing our recently-begun sex life with my friends. I wouldn't do that Chris!"

 "Well maybe I should let you go n- Adam!" Matt cried, squirming a little.

 "Yep, I think you'd better, otherwise I'm probably gonna be hearing some things that a brother shouldn't!"

 "Probably a good idea." Matt gasped again, glancing down at the bulge under the covers which was his husband. "Call me tomorrow?"

 "You bet. I loved talking to you again! I missed you bro. Night Matty."

 "Night Jeff." Matt hurriedly hung up the phone, barely able to concentrate enough to get it in its holder.

 Adam promptly slid up from under the sheets, his body covering his husband's and his lips meeting Matt's in a passionate kiss. "I love you baby," he murmured as he drew back. "And I'm really happy that you've made up with your brother now."

 "Me too," Matt murmured, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck. "But we'll think about that later. Right now, I'd better try and fulfill my sexual requirement more and tire you out!"

 "I can't wait," Adam purred before swooping down for another kiss.


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