Chapter 1

 Brian sighed as he scanned over the screen of his laptop. "Matt, honey, could you come here?" he called. "I think we need to have a little talk."

 Matt poked his head out of the bathroom, where he had been carefully plaiting his hair. "Yes Brian?" he asked.

 Brian was frowning. "Are you happy with out relationship?"

 Matt looked shocked. "Of course I am. I love you. What would make you think I wasn't happy?"

 "I was just reading some comments people have been making about you and a certain woman," Brian replied, his frown remaining.

 Matt cleared his throat. "Why, whatever do you mean?" he asked innocently. He little a tad bit nervous.

 "This quote here is a very good example." Brian began reading from the screen. "‘I saw Matt arriving at the arena with Lita. They were holding hands and smiling at each other a lot. Why don't they just admit that they're going out, already? Do they think we're blind?'" Brian looked up at his lover. "Well?" he demanded.

 Matt walked over to Brian and leaned over, scanning over the message himself. "It's just the opinion of some fan," he said as he straightened up. "They don't know me; they just happened to catch a glimpse of something and took it the wrong way. It's nothing, honey." He wrapped his arms around Brian's neck and kissed his shoulder lovingly.

 Brian looked up at the dark haired man. "It's not just this one person, Matt. A lot of people have been speculating about you and her. And I mean A LOT."

 Matt frowned, his lips turning into a pout. "Honey, you don't think I'm cheating on you with LITA, do you?" Matt shook his head. "She is not my type in a MAJOR way."

 "I'm not saying that." Brian was quiet for a moment, staring at the screen. "You're deliberately making it look like you're dating her, aren't you?"

 "Of course not!" Matt exclaimed.

 Brian looked up at him, peering directly into his eyes. "Don't lie to me, Matt."

 Matt sighed and withdrew his arms, glancing at the floor. "Well, I - I might have done it on purpose - a little - but honey, its not because I don't love you! It's just that, well, if anyone ever found out about us - "

 "Ok." Brian turned back to the screen, clicking to a new page. "I understand." He looked distinctly unhappy despite his words.

 Matt put his hands on Brian's shoulders and massaged the tense muscles gently. "It's not because I'm ashamed of you, or us," he explained. "But, Brian, you're married, and I'm - well, I'm popular with a lot of girls, ok? And if our relationship ever became public - shit, both our careers would be ruined! And probably Jeff's, too."

 Brian sighed heavily and slumped against the back of his chair, closing his eyes and enjoying the movements of Matt's hands. "I know that. Still, that doesn't mean you have to come up with a ‘girlfriend' for all your fans. I'd rather have people thinking you're unattached."

 Matt thought for a moment, carefully kneading out the kinks in Brian's muscles. "If it bugs you that much, sweetheart, then I won't do it anymore," he said at last. "I promise."

 A smile came to Brian's face. He looked up and let Matt see a flash of his dazzling white teeth. "Thanks. I'd really appreciate that." He leaned forward and flipped off his laptop, then turned his chair to face Matt. "Now that we've gotten through that, what shall we do?" Matt giggled and sighed happily as Brian pulled him onto his lap and began kissing his neck. "You know what's coming up in just a few weeks, don't you?" Brian asked, continuing to kiss Matt sweetly.

 "Mmm, what?" Matt asked, closing his eyes and relaxing all his weight onto his lover.

 "Think real hard." Brian drew back, smiling at Matt's disappointed grunt. "And I'm not kissing you again until you get it."

 Matt turned to face him, his full lips pouting again. "Come on, just tell me. What?"

 "You have to figure it out." Brian traced his finger along Matt's arm, feeling extremely amused as Matt scrunched up his face as if in deep concentration. "Hurry up now," Brian scolded. "It's not that hard. And I'd really like to kiss you again in the near future."

 Matt scowled and whacked Brian in the chest. "Stop being so mean! What?"

 Brian rolled his eyes. "You are such an airhead sometimes. Think back; what important event happened a certain period of time ago."

 Matt's eyes brightened with comprehension, and he grinned. "Our six month anniversary!" he exclaimed.

 "Duh! You have absolutely no head for dates." Brian took Matt by the shoulders and pulled him into a long, deep kiss. He grinned impishly as he drew back. "Lord knows why I fell for a bimbo like you," he teased.

 Matt snorted. "I think I'm the one who should be asking a question like that. Why did I, being the drop-dead gorgeous stud that I am, fall for a lout like you?"

 Brian laughed and kissed the dark haired young man again. "You keep talking like that, and I won't even tell you about the special gift I have for you!"

 Matt's eyes widened with interest. "Please tell me it's diamonds?" he asked with mock sincerity. "It's always been my dream to get diamonds from the man I love."

 Brian chuckled. "Oh, this is better. Just wait until next week. You'll find out then."

 "But - " Matt began to protest.

 Brian put a finger to his lover's lips. "Honey, you'll love this, believe me. But you will have to wait." He laughed as shook his head as Matt's innocent pout returned.

‘Hmm, a week. Sounds good, wouldn't you say?'

 ‘Indeed. Plenty of time.'

 ‘Good. You set it all up, then.'

 (laughter) ‘You can do it yourself. You need to learn.'

 ‘I know how! It just takes a lot of time...'

 ‘Well, it's good practice.'

 (sigh) ‘Alright. So who shall we use?'

 ‘Well, obviously the man who knows the ropes.'

 ‘He mentioned attempting to teach someone else.'

 ‘Ask him about it then. Tell me what you've got it all set up.'

 ‘I will. It won't be long.'

Chapter 2

 Christian glanced nervously at the objects surrounding him. "Jeff, I'm not sure if I'm ready for this," he admitted. "You're not gonna make me do this all alone, are you?"

 "Of course not." Jeff was sprinkling a dry white powder on the carpet, walking around the golden blonde in a circle.

 Christian watched apprehensively, his muscles stiff. "What's that? Was that in the procedure?"

 "No." Jeff dusted off his hands as he completed the circle. "It helps to relax you so you'll be more receptive. I used it before. I've only actually gone all the way with this once, you know."

 "Great." Christian looked even more nervous. "Are you sure you shouldn't be doing this instead?"

 "You said you wanted to learn." Jeff settled into a chair, making himself comfortable. "Go ahead and start."

 Christian swallowed. He closed his eyes, taking a moment to force himself to relax. He inhaled a deep breath. As he let it out slowly, he reached out with his mind. His consciousness brushed over the objects one by one. The objects began to glow with a pale, unearthly light. Jeff watched with approval as Christian continued, murmuring soft words under his breath. Jeff kept himself ready to take control if Christian faltered, but he was confident that the golden blonde could do it.


 Christian gasped as a voice reverberated in his head. The intensity of the direct mental touch almost made him lose it, but he quickly regained control. He braced himself, checking to make sure everything was ready before replying. "Yes," he whispered, sending the message with his voice and mind.

 ‘Good. We're coming.'

 Christian jumped as a jolt of energy shot through him, making his muscles tense almost unbearable. He whimpered, but managed to hold the connection open. Light began to swirl around him, obscuring him from Jeff's view. The light grew brighter and brighter, until Jeff was forced to shield his eyes. Christian, whose eyes were already closed, still felt blinded by the light engulfing him. He felt a new presence in the room as the light slowly faded. When he opened his eyes, he saw Carra and Sean standing before him. They were holding hands and smiling brightly at him.

 Carra knelt down and patted Christian on the back, helping him to his feet. "Good job," she congratulated him.

 "Th-thank you." Christian glanced from Carra to the dark haired man by her side to Jeff and back. "You're really here!"

 Sean grinned. "Yes we are." He raised his arms and stretched them luxuriously, flexing his muscles happily. "Damn it feels good to be back in the ol' body!" he exclaimed.

 Carra watched him with amusement. Her eyes were merry and twinkling, far different than the last time Jeff had seen her. The rainbow haired wrestler approached her, smiling almost shyly. "Um, how have you been?" he asked her.

 She laughed, making her golden curls bounce. "I've been great," she replied, pulling him into a hug.

 "I'm glad to here that." Jeff's smile was wider when he drew back. An impish look came across his features, and a crafty strain entered his voice. "We didn't tell anyone you were coming. They'll get quite a surprise at the arena tonight."

 Sean chuckled. "I can't wait."

Jean Paul was sitting on a bench in the locker room, his legs propped up on the table before him. He was studying the match list for that night, jotting down notes every now and then. "Come," he murmured as a knock sounded at the door. When he looked up the see who his visitor was, his eyes widened in shock. He jumped to his feet, sending the papers flying across the floor. "Sean!"

 The dark haired man smiled. "Hey Jean Paul." He stepped into the room, allowing the blonde woman behind him to enter as well.

 "I can't believe it!" His shock having worn off, a huge smile spread across the tall blonde's face. He rushed up to Sean and pulled him into a monster hug, whisking him off his feet and twirling him around. Sean was laughing as his enthusiastic friend set him down. "Geez, it's been like forever! You look great! How've you been? Where've you been? God, I've missed you!" Jean Paul pulled Sean into another hug before the smaller man could speak, squeezing him tightly.

 Sean had to gasp for breath when Jean Paul finally let him go. "Gosh, you must've really missed me." He smiled, feeling good that he was loved.

 "Are you kidding? You're one of my best buds!" Hunter glanced at Carra, as if finally noticing her. "I'm a little surprised to see you two together, though." His happy expression faded slightly. "Last time I saw Sean, he was crying over how you broke his heart."

 Carra nodded, giving Jean Paul as reassuring smile. She took Sean's hand in hers, giving him a loving look. "I know. But I was wrong. Sean showed me that."

 "So you're together now?" Jean Paul asked, sounding a little surprised.

 Sean continued holding Carra's hand. "Yes. We've been together pretty much the whole time I've been gone. We're very happy, really."

 "Well, I'm glad you're happy," Hunter said sincerely. "So are you two really serious? Are you engaged, or married? Or going to be?"

 Sean looked at Carra, raising his eyebrows. "We certainly are serious. What do you say, my darling? Should we get married while we're here?"

 Carra laughed and rolled her eyes. "We'll talk about that later. For now, we have more of your friends to greet. Brian and Matt are on their way now. They're about ten feet away, as a matter of fact."

 As she finished speaking, Matt walking in the door, led by a determined looking Jeff. Brian followed directly behind them. "Jeff, I don't see why we have to - " Matt was arguing. He stopped in mid-sentence when he spotted the couple standing in the room. "Sean!"

 Sean grinned. "Yes, it's me. I told you we'd visit."

 "Jeff, you should've told us!" Matt glared at his brother, then embraced both Sean and Carra warmly.

 Jeff shrugged, looking amused as Brian joined the hug. "They wanted to surprise you."

 Brian and Matt echoed the large smiled on the others' faces. "This is great," Brian stated. "After the show, we're all going out to dinner!"

 Chapter 3

 It was a pleasant dinner, at a quiet little restaurant where no one disturbed them. They chatted gayly, about what had been going on in the WWF, in their lives, and in Matt and Brian's relationship. Joanie had come along, making Jeff and Christian the only ones there without dates. Sean found Jean Paul's story about breaking up with Joanie then getting back together with her very amusing. Sean's dark eyes were on Carra as the meal came to a close. He took her hand and stoked it gently. She looked up at him inquiringly.

 "Honey, about what Jean Paul said before," Sean began softly. "About getting married." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small black case. All eyes at the table turned to him, conversation ceasing instantly. Sean flipped the case open, revealing a shiny diamond ring. "Why don't we?"

 Carra's eyebrows raised, a surprised look on her face. "Really?"

 "Yes." Sean nodded emphatically. "I want you to be my wife. Will you marry me?"

 Carra had tears in her eyes. Marriage was just a formality for them, since they would be returning to her realm in only a short time, but she was incredibly touched. "Yes, I will," she replied, shedding a single tear of joy.

 Sean eased the ring out of the box, gently slipping it onto her finger. "I love you," he whispered, pulled her into his arms and giving her a deep kiss.

 The others watched silently, emotional smiled on their faces. Brian was the one to break the silence. He cleared his throat and turned to Matt. "I've got something to say, too," he announced. He took Matt's hand and held it tightly. "I have something to tell you, baby."

 Matt searched his lover's eyes, feeling slightly apprehensive. "Tell me what?" he asked.

 Brian met Matt's eyes directly. "Gayle and I are getting divorced."

 Matt gasped. "You are? But - "

 Brian silenced him with a finger across his lips. "Gayle knows more than you think, matt. She's known about us for a while." Matt stared at his lover, shock plastered across his face. "We talked about it, and we decided this would be best," Brian continued. "We're still staying together, for our kid's sake. We just won't be husband and wife anymore."

 "I don't know what the say," Matt stuttered.

 Brian squeezed his hand. "That's not all, baby." He pulled a small, rather bulky envelope out of his pocket. "I want you to know that I love you more than anything. And I know the limitations of how public we can be about it, but I've talked to Vince, and I think we can change that." Brian was looking deep into Matt's eyes, which were very wide. "I want to be with you forever, Matt, and I want to publically acknowledge you." He opened the envelope, pulling out a small black box. He opened it, showing Matt the beautiful ring inside.

 Matt gasped. "Brian, you can't be - "

 "Yes I am. I want to make it official," Brian continued. "I want you to be my partner through life and death, good and bad."

 "But - but we can't even, by the laws here!" Matt exclaimed.

 Brian grinned, pulling two tickets out of the envelope. "Then we'll go somewhere we can, baby."

 Matt could hardly breath. "Oh my god!" he squeaked. "Brian, I - "

 "Hang on, I'm not quite done." Brian slid off the bench, dropping to his knees in front of Matt. "I want to actually say it." He took a deep breath, blinking back the tears in his eyes. "Matt, my darling, will you marry me?"

 Matt just stared at him for a second, still in shock. Then, a huge smile broke across his face. "Yes!" he cried, jumping into Brian's arms and hugging him tightly as Brian twirled him around. "Yes, I love you, I will!" Tears were running down both their faces, their pure joy bringing tears to all their friends' eyes.

 Jean Paul squirmed uncomfortably, glancing at the woman next to him. Joanie chuckled and patted him on the back. "Don't worry, we're not ready for that yet," she whispered to him. He seemed to relax upon hearing that. His eyes moved between his two best friends, who were now both planning weddings.

Both weddings were beautiful and romantic. Sean and Carra were married first. They decided to honeymoon in Hawaii before going back home to Carra's dimension. They took a day off from their time together to celebrate Matt and Brian's union, which incidently took place not far from where they were staying. The happy couple was shocked when Vince McMahon himself showed up at their wedding, wishing them the best and promising to promote the hell out of them when they returned. They were naturally surrounded by a media frenzy upon their return, being the first openly gay wrestlers. Their careers took off by leaps and bounds, and their personal relationship blossomed into a beautiful marriage. Sean and Carra visited frequently, delighted to see their friends doing so well. Their relationship stayed equally strong. And yes, they all lived happily ever after.


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