"Oh my god! It's time! It's finally time!" Chris Jericho jumped out of bed, sending the covers tumbling onto the floor in his hurry. "Quick! Quick! Get up! We have to be ready to go in less than an hour!" Chris squealed, rushing into the bathroom to grab his hairbrush.

 "Mpphlblu?" Christian opened his eyes, engaging in a huge yawn as he blinked sleepily. He frowned, shoving a few wandering bits of blonde hair out of his mouth as he closed it. "But I thought RAW was here tonight?" he muttered, squinting at the clock.

 "It is." Chris rushed out of the bathroom, hair and teeth already brushed. "Come on, come on, get up! I want to beat the traffic!"

 Christian's eyes bugged when he say the time. "7:30 am? 7-fucking-30?!? Chris! We drove all last night and got in at fucking 2 am so we could SLEEP IN this morning! Fuck, what the hell are you doing?" He scowled at his lover, pushing a long lock of blonde hair out of his eyes so his glare would be more effective.

 Chris just rolled his eyes, quickly throwing his own blonde locks back into a ponytail. "That wasn't so we could sleep in. It was so we could be here first thing when the stores open! I figure at 8 am most of them have to be opening or already open, so it's the perfect time!"

 "Chris!" Christian slapped the bedcovers, his hair dislodging itself from behind his ear in the process and falling to half cover his face. "I'm not getting only 5 fucking hours of sleep so you can shop! Fuck that!" With that, he flopped back down onto the bed, his face buried in the pillow, his blonde hair spread out about him carelessly.

 "Christian!" Chris yanked the pillow away, frowning chidingly at his angry pouting lover. "You'd better get up now if you don't want to go out looking all ratty, because you're coming with me! I've got all the maps to all the stores we might need to hit printed out, and I need you to drive while I navigate. You know I can't navigate a strange city while trying to drive! It's dangerous! Besides, we might only need to go to one store, it just depends if they have it."

 "Have WHAT?" Christian demanded, still glaring at his lover, refusing to move from his position on the cover-less, pillow-less bed.

 "Dance of Death!" Chris cried, as if it were obvious.

 "What the hell is that? Some new video game?" Christian crossed his arms stubbornly, glaring at his lover through a curtain of silky blonde hair.

 Chris rolled his eyes, grabbing Christian's hairbrush and clothes and tossing them at the pouting blonde. "What's the only buying-something related thing I ever freak out over, huh?" he demanded, grinning when Christian reluctantly began to dress.

 "I don't know." Christian sighed. "I guess there's that British boy band you like."

 "British boy band!" Chris gasped, looking insulted. "IRON MAIDEN is not a British boy band! They are METAL - hell, they're not only metal, they pretty much INVENTED metal - and they've been the best damn metal band in existence for like 25 years now!"

 "Right, right. And the singer's voice could give you an orgasm, and they're all really hot, and so on, and so on, and so on," Christian sighed, now resigned to his fate. He drudgingly climbed out of bed, now fully dressed, and ran the brush through his long locks a couple of time. Besides wrestling, metal was Chris' favorite subject, and every time Chris talked about metal, he had to talk about his ultimate favorite band, Iron Maiden. If there was something Maiden-related that Chris wanted to do, there would be no getting out of it.

 "Come on, let's go!" Chris already had his shoes and coat on by the time Christian finished brushing his hair. The slightly taller blonde muttered an apology, trudging to the door and pulling on a pair of boots which required no fastening, thus making himself almost instantly ready to go. This was a good thing, as Chris was pulling him out the door the second he had grabbed the car keys.

"How could they not have it yet! It's supposed to be out today! Damn them!"

 Christian gritted his teeth against Chris' ranting. Unfortunately, the first place they checked had not been a success. Christian had discovered on the drive there that it was a CD Chris was after - apparently, Iron Maiden's brand new CD, ‘Dance of Death', the first new material from the band in over 3 years.

 "You know, you could've pre-ordered it," Christian suggested as they drove to the next store Chris had flagged to check. "That way, they send it to you as soon as it's out."

 Chris rolled his eyes as if it was an utterly moronic suggestion. "We're not going to be home for days!" he pointed out. "It's not like they'll find me wherever I am and put it in my hands. I have to have this CD ASAP!"

 "Fine, fine." Christian sighed, driving in silence for a moment. "So," he tried, hoping to direct the conversation to the subject he was thinking about quite a lot at the moment, "Are there gonna be any good lovemaking songs on this album?" He smiled at Chris hopefully.

 "No. Maiden don't do that kind of song," Chris replied, pointing out the street for Christian to turn on.

 "Aren't they the ones you made that ‘Hot CD' of?" Christian grinned. He liked that CD; he liked it a lot. Not only did it seriously get Chris in the mood, the songs were sexy enough that they got him aroused too.

 "Don't be ridiculous, that's Judas Priest. They have so many hot songs ‘cos their singer of many years was a sexy ass leather queen." Chris sighed wistfully, momentarily distracted from his ravings about Maiden. "Halford is so....damn. Just damn. There's no way to describe how hot and sexy and just all-around fantastic he is! I normally don't like leather guys that much, or guys with short hair, but Rob..."

 Christian tuned out Jericho's babbling about the greatness of Rob Halford. Tuning out was something he did a lot, and it got him in trouble when he messed up facts about Chris' favorite bands, but it was hard to listen to a metal boy gossip when he had no clue what Chris was talking about.

 "We're here!!!" Christian blinked, realizing that Chris had leapt out of the car the second he saw the store, not even waiting for him to stop and park the car. Christian shook his head, feeling annoyed, but also happy in an odd way that his lover was such a vibrant, passionate man. He found a parking place in the nearly deserted parking lot - it was barely 8 am, after all - and followed Chris into the store.

"Damn why didn't I bring my headphones with me! that wouldn't be right, it needs to be nice and quiet the first time I hear it!" Chris was beaming, clutching the treasured CD against his chest as they headed back to the hotel. Fortunately, the CD had been in stock at the second place, so their morning excursion was nearly at an end. "Drive faster!" Chris ordered. "I need to hear this!!!! I've been waiting so long for more Maiden! God I can't wait to slip this baby into my headphones, crank it up, and let the magic flow into me!" He raised the CD to his lips, kissing it excitedly. He then hugged it to his chest, a big silly grin plastered on his face.

 "Hey, can I get some of that?" Christian asked hopefully, flashing Chris a sexy smile.

 "Later," Chris dismissed. "Right now, I'm giving all my lovin' to Steve, Nicko, Dave, Adrian, Janick, and Bruce! Especially Bruce." He grinned, practically bouncing up and down as they approached the hotel.

 "Can I go back to bed then?" Christian questioned, hoping that he might be able to get a bit more sleep, then, preferably, be woken up an hour or so later by a musically satisfied and horny Jericho.

 "Sure, as long as you don't snore or make any noise, because I need the first listening to be pure! Oh, we're here, finally!!!" Again, Chris bounded out of the car before it had even stopped, sprinting for the elevator.

 "He really needs to stop doing that," Christian sighed as he guided the car into a parking space.


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