"This time I'll get him for sure!" Christian cooed, hiding behind the row of lockers, gazing eagerly at the door of the room.

 "What did you do again?" whispered Sean Waltman, who had just a few moments ago been pulled into the room and behind the lockers.

 "See that bucket over the door?" Christian pointed out the object. Sean nodded. "Well, when someone walks through that door, that bucket's gonna dump a gallon of green slime over them!" Christian announced, grinning wickedly. "And, earlier this evening, I sent a note to that awful pig who tried to hit on me, Jericho, and told him to meet me at precisely this time in this locker room! He's gonna get slimed for trying to come between me and Edge!"

 "Awesome, I can't wait to see this!" Sean giggled, rubbing his hands together and gazing expectantly at the door.

 They both held their breath as the door opened, Christian's gleeful look turning to one of horror as, instead of Jericho, in walked his current tag team partner, Lance Storm. He bit his lip as the bucket turned, dumping all the slime over the serious Canadian.

 Lance, who was having a rather unpleasant day and had been looking forward to cuddling up with a nice Stephanie Plum novel for a while, sputtered as green slime oozed down every surface of his body. He stiffened, his fists clenching into balls, forcing himself to take deep, calming breaths. "Christian?" he called out, trying to make himself stay calm.

 Christian stepped out from behind the lockers, biting his lip nervously. "Um." He ran a hand through his pretty blonde hair, giving Lance a sheepish look. "Sorry? That was sooo not meant for you Lance!"

 "Christian," Lance forced out through gritted teeth, "you've been trying to get Jericho for weeks, and so far, you've only gotten me! The water balloons weren't meant for me, and neither were those chatting teeth that scared the living heck out of me, and neither was that trick can of peanuts, and all the other crazy things you're tried to get Jericho with!"

 "Well, uh, not *every* one of them got you," Christian offered, still biting him lip. "Remember when I accidentally tripped while setting up that water gag and soaked Test?"

 "You know what," Lance snapped, not trusting himself to reply to that, "I'm just going to go take a shower! Do me a favor and don't set up any more tricks, ok?" With that, he stomped off to the shower stall, looking as sour as a ripe crab apple.

 "Uh uh." Christian glanced at Sean.

 The pretty brunette raised an eyebrow. "What?"

 "Um, well I kinda, um, used his towel," Christian replied meekly. "See, the slime got real messy when I was pouring it into the bucket, and I needed something to wipe up with, so I kinda used his towel for that."

 "Uh huh." Sean took Christian's arm, leading him towards the door. "I think we should get out of here. Now. Come on, we'll be safe with Hunter." He led his friend away, both of them carefully stepping over the remnants of the slime.

Lance, meanwhile, had decided to treat himself to a nice, long shower, for once. He normally limited himself to a 5-or-less minute shower of military efficiency, but on this occasion, he took a full, luxurious 15 MINUTES. He took his time rinsing away the slime with nice, hot, cleansing water, cleaning his skin with a special scented soap he rarely allowed himself to use, and using a bit of fresh scented shampoo on his short hair.

 He was feeling wonderful when he stepped out of the shower, peeking into the locker room and, upon finding it empty, walking out naked to retrieve his towel from the bench by his bag. He sighed happily as he picked up the towel and rubbed it over his head, basking in his cleanness.

 Then, he froze. The hand he was gripping the towel with was touching something sticky and quite unpleasant. His blood began to boil, his eyes narrowing as he pulled the towel off his head. Just as he thought, he saw on closer inspection that the towel was not only absolutely filthy, but also covered with sticky green slime.

 "I'll kill him," Lance muttered, his pulse beginning to race as his anger got the better of him.

 It was at that moment that the door flew open, and in walked Test. Test stopped in his tracks when he saw Lance standing in the middle of the room, naked and dripping, glaring angrily at his towel. "Dude, would you put some clothes on?" he chided, shaking his head as he deposited his bag on the bench.

 "Look at my towel!" Lance yelled, marching over to his teammate and waving the towel furiously on his face.

 "Man, that's just sick," Test commented, looking grossed out. "What the hell did you do? If that's what it looks like, you really need to see a doctor!"

 "What?!?" Lance glared at the tall blonde. "It's Christian!"

 "Finally killed that little twerp, eh?" Test chuckled.

 "No! He did it!" Lance raged. "He set up another stupid gag for Jericho, and got ME, AGAIN, and he used MY TOWEL to clean up!" He glared at Test, who had his hand over his mouth and was clearly trying to restrain his laughter. "IT'S NOT FUNNY!" he shouted.

 Test took a deep breath, holding out for another moment before bursting into boisterous laughter. "Lance, dude, you really need to lighten up!" he laughed, shaking his blonde head. His body still shaking with laughter, he reached into his bag, pulling out his towel and tossing it to Lance. "Here man, I'll shower back at the hotel. Just go take a few minutes to relax in the shower, ok? And hey..." Test moved over to where Christian's bag was sitting, pulling out the pretty blonde's special vanilla body wash and coconut shampoo. "Use these, he owes you." He rolled his eyes when Lance looked at the bottles and made a face. "Come on, you'll enjoy having flavor for one night. Now go." He gave Lance a shove towards the shower stall, the shorter man reluctantly cooperating.

 A few minutes later, there was a knock on the door. "Everybody decent?" called the knocker.

 Test, who was wearing only his skimpy briefs at the moment, grinned. "Oh yeah, come on in baby!"

 The door opened and in walked Edge, looking gorgeous and angelic as always. "Where's Chrissy?" he questioned, looking around for his lover. "I'm here to surprise him! I was in the area and couldn't stand the thought of not seeing my baby."

 "Are you sure it's him you want?" Test teased, standing and flexing his muscles, showing off his beautiful body. "You know Edge, I don't normally play sub, but for YOU - "

 Edge rolled his eyes. "For the billionth time, I am not interested! Chrissy's the only one for me and you know it."

 "Damn." Test sighed. "Well maybe one day you'll come around to my charms. But since that doesn't seem to be today, I might as well tell you that Christian's just stepped into the shower."

 A huge grin spread across Edge's face. "The shower, hmm?" He licked his lips. "Exactly how I like him! Thanks."

 "No problem," Test replied, hiding a smirk behind his hand.

 Edge headed right for the shower, stripping as he went. He set his clothes neatly on a bench, taking a big whiff of the vanilla coconut scented air before stepping into the steamy shower. Closing his eyes to enjoy the heavenly scent, he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around the warm body before him. He nuzzled the other man's neck, his hands caressing firm abs. "You know I love this scent on you," he purred.

 Lance, meanwhile, stood frozen. Being joined in the shower by his teammate's lover was something he had certainly never expected to happen, and he had no idea how he should proceed. However, before he attempted to politely inform Edge that he had made a mistake, Edge gasped. The tall blonde had moved one hand up to the other man's head, shocked to find only a few short hairs in place of his lover's long blonde locks. "Baby, did you cut you're hair?!?" Edge asked, horrified. His eyes bugged as Lance turned around to look at him, both of them looking equally embarrassed. "Um, uh, oops!" Edge exclaimed. "I, uh, I thought Christian was in here!"

 "It's ok. I was using his shower stuff because, um, well he kind of wrecked my towel, and..." Lance blushed fiercely, hands moving to cover himself. "Not to be rude, Edge, but would you mind continuing this at the later time?"

 "Oh, yeah, of course! Sorry!" Edge turned and quickly exited the shower, quickly yanking on his pants, then turning to glare to Test, who was rolling around on the floor laughing, his face bright red from his mirth. "It's not funny!" he snapped. "You bastard, you knew that wasn't Chrissy in there!"

 "I know!" Test gasped, laughing so hard he could barely breathe. "But you actually went in there, and – and - " He began to laugh so hard he couldn't get even another word out, his hand beating the floor beside him as he howled with laughter.

 Edge just gave him a glare, then huffily pulled on his shirt and stomped out of the room. A few minutes later, Lance stepped out of the shower, freshly clean, again, and smelling wonderful. He picked up the towel Test had given him, checking it over carefully before applying it to his body. He sighed as the warm fabric carried the moisture away from his skin, wrapping the towel around his waist and heading out into the locker room to fetch some clean clothes.

 As he walked to his bag, he felt Test watching him with amused eyes. "What?" he questioned as he pulled out some clean clothes.

 "So, how was it?" Test teased.

 "How was what?" Lance quickly dressed himself, trying to ignore Test's smirk.

 "How was taking a shower with Edge?" Test questioned, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively.

 Lance frowned at the taller man. "It was an accident, and none of your business!" he exclaimed.

 "Aw come on Lance," Test purred. "I'm your buddy, you can tell me! Was he hard? And did he makes you hard?"

 Lance flushed, glaring at the tall blonde. "No and no!"

 Test quirked and eyebrow. "Now why don't I believe that?"

 "Shut up!" Lance took a deep breath, pulling his laptop out of his bag and setting it down on the coffee table. "I refuse to speak about this matter any further! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to finish up another commentary for my site!"

 "Riiight," Test chuckled. "Sure you're not gonna type out a nice little summery of your X-rated shower with Edge?"

 "No I'm not! And there was nothing X-rated about it!" Lance snapped. "Now please, go find something constructive to do!"

 "Well, I guess I could go peak at that Nowinski kid changing," Test murmured, licking his lips and grinning. "Have fun Lance. Don't ruin any more towels!"

 Lance rolled his eyes, feeling relieved when the door closed behind Test. Biting his lower lip, he booted up his laptop, clicking on the folder marked ‘personal'. Clicking on a dull looking file marked ‘Stats_mileage_01', he scrolled down past the entries to reach a blank page. Rather than being boring, as it looked, that pages of the document contained rather sordid material which Lance would never have admitted to having read, much less written. It was his personal, secret file, filled with all his personal, secret thoughts, which was why it was so well disguised. Lance quickly typed the date, then titled the page "My Shower Guest".

 ‘Today I had a very interesting experience,' he typed. ‘I had forgotten my shower supplies, so I was borrowing a friend's, which were quite pleasantly scented of vanilla and coconut. As I stood in the shower, soaping up my body and enjoying the lovely scent, I felt a presence behind me. He was a visitor, a man I certainly hadn't expected to see tonight, and what a time we had tonight...."


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