Visiting Passion
Rating: NC17
Warnings: m/m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Kofi Kingston
Summery: Punk, Lij and Kofi take their budding threesome to the next level
Note: Takes place December 2009
Note II: Part 3 of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga in the Punk/Lij universe, follows "Awoken Again" and "Getting Closer"
Written 12/12/09-3/22/11

“No pressure. No pressure. No pressure.” Elijah paused outside their home’s door, taking a deep, calming breath. He was just arriving home from a tour, and he was beastly horny. Kofi’s car was sitting in the driveway, telling him that the African with whom they had been testing an affair was in the house. At the least, he was going to fuck Punk, but he hoped this might be the day for all three of them to go to bed together.

He slid his key in the lock, slowly opening the door. The anticipation in the air was palpable. Punk greeted him at the door, Kofi standing back a few paces. Elijah dropped his bag to the floor, backing his lover against the wall and claiming his lips. They kissed passionately, both aware of Kofi watching them.

After a moment’s hesitation, Kofi approached, moving right up to them. His hand slid up Elijah’s back, sinking into his hair, using the grip to guide Elijah’s lips to his. They had grown used to the joys of kissing in the past month, both leaning into the heated exchange.

Elijah had one hand on Punk’s waist, one on Kofi’s back. He pulled away from Kofi’s lips, his eyes guiding Kofi to Punk. The straight edge star leaned in, meeting Kofi’s full lips. They closed their eyes as they enjoyed each other’s mouths, Punk’s hand finding Kofi’s and guiding it beneath Elijah’s shirt.

Kofi broke off from the kiss, his breath already coming quicker. “We gotta move to the bedroom,” he gasped, grabbing both their hands and barreling toward the stairs. Once enclosed in the room with the king-sized bed, clothes were thrown off, hands and lips exploring across every available surface. Kofi found himself backed onto the bed, Punk’s tongue bathing his nipples while Elijah ravished his lips.

Punk raised his head to steal a kiss from Elijah, then his eyes locked with Kofi’s in a lustful gaze, as his lips began to travel downwards. Punk’s mouth caressed both his nipples, grazed across his abs, and paused at the base of his cock. Punk’s hand went first, closing around Kofi’s cock in a scintillating first touch. Kofi groaned, rocking his hips as Punk’s hand moved up and down his already erect cock. Elijah’s lips released his mouth, allowing him a full view of Punk’s actions.

Elijah reached out a hand, stimulating Kofi’s perky nipples as Punk’s hand sunk down to the base, holding Kofi’s cock alert and ready. The sultry straight edger looked up, meeting both their eyes with a tawdry glance, then his tongue snaked out, lapping at the head of Kofi’s member. Elijah groaned along with the African, both of them watching eagerly as Punk’s mouth opened, accepting the head into its hot depths.

Punk’s dark head began to bob, taking him in inch by inch, until he was opening his throat to take the entire length. Elijah stroked himself while watching, too turned on to hold off joining the action for long.

It was incredibly hot watching his lover give Kofi head. He knew how amazing Punk’s mouth felt, and seeing his lips spread around another man’s cock was giving him a raging hard on. He found his gaze slipping back to Kofi’s ass, his dick yearning to find out how hot and tight the African was.

“Baby,” he murmured, pressing a bottle of lube into Punk’s palm. Punk met his eyes, a sight that was breathtakingly hot with Kofi’s cock buried in his mouth. Popping open the lube with his thumb, Punk let his hand trail between Kofi’s legs, sliding between the smooth cheeks of his buttocks. Kofi gasped as one lubed finger slid into him, bucking his hips against both Punk’s mouth and the invading digit. Punk worked it in deeply, fucking Kofi’s ass with it for a moment before slipping in a second finger. He made sure to avoid Kofi’s sweet spot, not wanting their fun to end too soon. His lips moved back to suck the head, his tongue teasing the tip of Kofi’s dick as he inserted a third finger.

He worked his three fingers into Kofi, knowing from the hot, tight pressure around them that Elijah was going to enjoy this. Drawing back with mouth and fingers, he grabbed the wipe Elijah offered and quickly cleaned his digits, then rolled to the side of Kofi on the bed, grabbing Kofi around the waist and moving the hot African on top of him. He drew Kofi into a heated kiss, his dick rigidly at attention as it pressed against Kofi’s sizable erection. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Elijah slipping on a condom, his ass twitching at the thought of how good it felt to be penetrated with Elijah’s member. This time, however, it was Kofi’s legs he coaxed apart, Punk spreading the African’s cheeks as Elijah moved behind him.

“Oh fuck.” Kofi groaned, pressing his face against Punk’s hair-kissed chest as Elijah’s member stretched him. His hands clutched at the sheet, his breath coming quicker as he was filled. “Fuck, fuck!” He pushed back against Elijah, biting his lip at the pleasure-laced pain that came with penetration.

“It’s fucking hot, huh?” Punk murmured, his hands sliding down to grasp Kofi’s back, feeling the tense muscles flexing there. “Having him inside you, spreading your ass.” He could feel by the twitch of Kofi’s cock against his belly that his words were helping feed Kofi’s arousal. “You wanna be fucked?”

“Yes,” Kofi gasped, his cock thrusting yearningly against Punk’s stomach as Elijah sunk into him deeper. “Fuck me!”

“Yeah.” Elijah grasped his hips, beginning to rock his dick into Kofi, loving how the African’s hot flesh felt around him. “Fuck, you’re so fucking tight. Fuck yeah.”

“Uh. Uh.” Kofi was panting, his face twisted with pleasure as Elijah drove inside him. He pushed back against Elijah’s dick, feeling the pleasure spread through his body as he was filled so deeply and completely.

Punk was so aroused at the sight, he couldn’t keep his hands still. He grabbed Kofi’s hair, pulling him down into a lustful kiss, his hands sliding up and down Kofi’s back, caressing his dark skin, occasionally popping down to grab his ass, able to feel Elijah’s hips smack his hands as he drove inside of Kofi. “Oh baby that’s so hot!” he groaned, looking over Kofi’s shoulder to lock eyes with his lover.

“Yeah?” Elijah grinned wickedly, licking his lips. “He’s so fucking tight and hot, baby. You like sucking his cock?”

“I love sucking his cock,” Punk groaned, sliding out from under Kofi enough so he could crawl down, his head against the mattress as he found Kofi’s cock and took it into his mouth. It was a crazy sensation, feeling Kofi’s cock driving down into his throat with every thrust of Elijah’s hips. Kofi was groaning out loud now, his body intensely stimulated by both Elijah’s cock and Punk’s mouth. He bit down hard on his lip, having to think about not coming yet, not wanting to disappoint his lovers.

It was almost a relief when Punk’s mouth left his cock, as good as it had felt. Kofi closed his eyes as he felt Punk’s body slide beneath him again, able to think about little but the feel of Elijah’s dick ramming up inside him. When he felt Punk’s thighs circle around his waist, his eyes flew open. Punk was grinning at him, dropping the lube he had just used to prepare himself, and reaching down to slide a condom onto Kofi’s dick.

“Oh god,” Kofi gasped, scarcely able to believe they were about to do this. “Oh god, oh god.” Then Punk was guiding him inside, and if he thought the sensations had been intense before, they paled in comparison to this. His cock was sliding into a hot, tight tunnel, one that could’ve well made him come all on its own. Coupled with the feel of Elijah’s thick dick stretching his ass, the pleasure coursing through him reached a fever pitch. “Fuck. Fuck!” He thrust desperately against them both, driving himself back against Elijah as Elijah’s thrusts drove him into Punk. “Fuck, yes, god, more!” He couldn’t think about anything but his body, and their two bodies against him.

“Yeah, fuck me!” Punk was panting, his hand sinking into Kofi’s hair and his lips claiming demanding kisses. “Kofi; Lij; fuck, fuck me!” He was thrusting desperately against Kofi’s dick as it filled him, over the moon with how he could feel both Kofi’s dick stretching him and the power of Elijah’s thrusts slamming into him.

“I’m gonna come!” Kofi cried, so aroused that he was coming regardless. He could feel Punk’s hands on his back, Punk’s hard dick pressed against his stomach, Elijah’s hot dick buried inside him. With a guttural cry, hips pumping desperately, his climax struck. He swore he was seeing colors as the pleasure erupted through him, searing from his dick all the way down to his toes. Elijah and Punk continued to fuck him as he seethed with climax, moaning in ecstasy.

Elijah’s fingers tensed on his hips, a groan escaping his throat as Kofi’s muscles twitched around him, creating such delicious sensations in his cock that he could naught but come, pumping in a few last times to milk every delicious drop of his orgasm. Mind still hazy with pleasure, he had enough thought left in him to pull out of Kofi and draw Kofi back out of Punk, rolling the African to the side and plunging down, encasing Punk’s cock in his hot mouth. It only took a moment of head for Punk to come, crying out and grasping Elijah’s hair as he shot into his lover’s mouth.

Panting, Elijah rolled over Kofi and let himself collapse on the mattress, the heaving of his chest matching his two companions.

“Oh man.” Punk sighed happily when he finally had the breath to do so, curling up to Kofi’s side and slinging an arm over the African’s chest, smiling softly when Elijah did the same, their hands resting against each other’s arms in a meaningfully intimate touch. “We have got to do that again.”

“I agree,” Kofi gasped, still breathing deeply to try and steady himself. “That was fucking incredible.”

“Mmm,” Elijah agreed, his eyes closed, his voice sounding half asleep already. “But not before a nap.”

“Or tomorrow,” Punk murmured, his eyes closing as well. “You good Kofi?” he questioned as his deep satiation guided him toward sleep.

“I’m wonderful,” Kofi whispered, relaxing against the comfy mattress, letting the heat of his new lovers’ bodies sooth him into a deep, satisfied rest.


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