Kofi Kingston Fic

Awoken Again
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: Elijah Burke, Kofi Kingston, mention CM Punk
Summery: Kofi visits Elijah to cheer him up, and something unexpected flairs between them
Note: Beginning of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga of the Punk/Lij Universe
Note II: Takes place October 2009
Note III: Inspired by Elijah’s tweets about gaming with Kofi while recovering from a minor surgery
Written 11/19/10

Desperate Times
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, public oral sex, language, plotting
Characters: Edge, Christian, John Cena, CM Punk, Randy Orton, Elijah Burke, Kevin Thorn, Heath Slater, Kofi Kingston, Rob Van Dam
Summery: Edge is determined to break up Christian's impending marriage, and will go to any length to see his scheme succeed
Note: Special thanks to Destiny and her fic "Without You" for getting my muses into this mood!
Written 10/1/10 to 10/9/10 (tech 10/10/10)
Length: Long (10+ pages)

Getting Closer
Rating: PG13
Content: m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, mention Elijah Burke, Randy Orton
Summery: Punk & Kofi grow closer, and discuss some interesting possibilities
Note: 2nd part of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga of the Punk/Lij Universe, follows “Awoken Again”
Note II: Takes place late November/early December 09, during the Randy/Kofi feud
Written 2/23/11 (tech 2/24/11)

October 26th For the 32nd Time
Rating: NC17
Content: m/m slash, fun, romance, chocolate
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke (aka Pope D'Angelo Dinero), Miz, John Morrison, Scott Colton (Colt Cabana), Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Orlando Jordan, Edge, Christian, Alex Shelly, Chris Sabin, and more
Summery: It’s birthday time again, and Elijah treats his baby to a party and some quality 1 on 1 time
Written 10/26/10-11/4/10
Length: Medium (4-10 pages)

Visiting Passion
Rating: NC17
Warnings: m/m/m slash
Characters: CM Punk, Elijah Burke, Kofi Kingston
Summery: Punk, Lij and Kofi take their budding threesome to the next level
Note: Takes place December 2009
Note II: Part 3 of the Punk/Lij/Kofi saga in the Punk/Lij universe, follows "Awoken Again" and "Getting Closer"
Written 12/12/09-3/22/11

With Whom to Share
Rating: strong R
Content: graphic language, masturbation, m/m slash, voyeurism
Characters: CM Punk, Kofi Kingston, mention Elijah Burke
Summery: Punk’s found a buddy for the road
Note: Minor reference to the ficlet “Darn It!” in which Cody showed Punk a sexy pic of Lij to give him trouble with his trunks
Written 4/9/09

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