Edge sat in his locker room, miserably shoving his ring clothes into his bag. He sighed, his mind running over the events of the night. Christian, his own brother, had betrayed him. He knew they hadn't been getting along well recently, but he had never expected someone so close to him to actually attack him. He had actually cried for a moment in the shower, when the water was running over his face and no one would see the tears. It was tearing him up inside, but he was determined not to show it. He didn't know exactly what had made Christian do it, but he sure as hell wasn't going to let his brother have the satisfaction of seeing how hurt he was.

 The door to the room banged open, startling the miserable blonde. He looked up, his eyes darkening when he spied the ever arrogant Rob Van Damn leaning against the door. "What the hell do you want?" he snapped.

 Rob eyed him, his gaze sweeping over the other man's body. "I know you must be upset about your brother and all," he began, "so I figured I'd give cheering you up a shot."

 Edge snorted. "Get lost Van Damn. I don't need any fucking cheering up."

 "Ok." Rob kept looking directly at him. "Let me try a different approach. No lines, no false pretenses, I'll just say what I really want. Feel free to slap me if that's how you feel, but hear me out. I've been watching you since I came to the WWF, Edge, and I have to say, you've got the hottest body I've ever seen. You're gorgeous, and I want you. If you'd like to come back to my hotel room, I'd really like to fuck."

 Edge just stared at the other man, not able to believe what he had just said. "Are you kidding me?"

 "Just being honest." Rob shrugged. "I figured a lot of guys try to coax you into bed by doing lots of other shit, so none of that would work. We can go out first if you want. Dinner, a movie, clubs, whatever you want to do."

 "I," Edge stated, his eyes narrow, "am going back to the hotel, by myself, and spending a quiet night reading my book!" He stood up to leave, but Rob put his hand on his shoulder.

 "You know, it's healthy for a man to let out his primary - urges - every once in a while," the other wrestler told Edge, his eyes caressing every curve of Edge's fit body. "What better than a little mindless sex to take your mind off your problems?"

 Edge just stared at the other man for a moment, then he threw his hands up in the air. "You know what? Why not! Let's just go to your room and fuck." He grabbed the now grinning man's hand and dragged him out of the room.


**A while later**

 Rob collapsed back against the pillows, a small, satisfied grin on his lips. He brushed his sweat soaked hair back off his forehead, glancing at the panting man lying next to him. "Was that not worth the effort, baby?" he drawled, grinning at Edge.

 Edge murmured his approval, sighing in contentment. He had felt rather unsure going into it, but now all he felt was happy and sated. "Yeah."

 "Don't ever let anyone tell you you're not good in the sack, baby, ‘cos you're great," Rob continued, snatching up a small black case he had placed on the nightstand earlier. "Fabulous even."

Edge eyes the black case warily. "You better not be planning to smoke in bed with me," he snapped. "That is so cliche. Plus smoke makes me ill."

 Rob grinned at him, pulling a miniature candycane out and popping it into his mouth. Edge raised his eyebrows inquiringly. "It's my after sex thing," Rob explained around the candy. "I started eating candycanes after I quite smoking. Want one?"

 "No way. It's all sugar, which is terrible for the teeth!" Edge exclaimed.

 Rob chuckled, placing the case back on the stand. "I know, but oh well. A man's gotta have vices. Sugar's one of the tamest around."

 Edge rolled his eyes. "Uh huh. Shouldn't you be leaving now?"

 "Why? I'm comfy here." Rob placed his hands behinds his head and leaned back, looking quite comfortable.

 "Aren't you supposed to leave after meaningless sex?" Edge pointed out, raising his eyebrows.

 "Maybe. But if I did, then I wouldn't have a chance to score again later," Rob shot back, raising his eyebrows suggestively.

 "In your dreams." Edge rolled his eyes.

 "Oh yeah?" A cat-like grin spread across Rob's face. Slowly, he took the candy out of his mouth, setting it on a kleenex. "I bet I can get you to do it again."

 "No thanks." Edge stared back at him, his eyes twinkling challengingly.

 Rob's grin remain. "How about I can have you if I catch you?"

 A full grin broke out across Edge's face. "Deal!" He leapt out of bed, racing around the room as Rob chased after him.



 "Baby, come to bed," Christian whined.

 "Just a second." Kurt Angle was frowning, his ear pressed against the wall. "That's Edge in there, I know it is! Dear god, can you hear what they're saying? ‘Ride me Rob, oh yes baby harder' ‘God Edge you're so tight. You like it like this?' ‘Oh yes, more!' God, they're so cliche!"

 "I wish you'd just shut up about it and ride ME!" Christian muttered.

 Kurt didn't even seem to hear his lover. "What the hell is that bastard brother of yours doing having such a great time, anyway?" he ranted. "He should be depressed out of his mind! He should be crying his eyes out! He should be feeling just as terrible and horrible and awful as I did after he dumped me!"

 "After he caught you blowing Chris in the shower," Christian pointed out.

 Again Kurt ignored him. "That bastard. How dare he have a good time! Damn that disgusting, slutty little whore, Rob Van Damn. If he could keep it in his pants Edge probably WOULD be crying right now! And NOT crying for more!"

 "Kurt!" The Olympian finally took notice of his lover, turning quizzical eyes on him. "Would you come to bed already!" Christian insisted. "So what if Edge is having a good time? Let's get revenge by having a good time ourselves! You made me attack my brother for you at the threat of no sex forever, and I damn well want my money's worth. I want your body, so come here and give it to me!"

 Kurt glared at the blonde. "How can you be thinking of yourself at the time like this? All my plots for revenge have fallen apart! That heart breaking bastard hasn't paid one bit! No matter what I do, he always wins! It's not fair, dammit!" He put a hand to his chest, taking deep breaths. "Damn I need some milk before I hyperventilate." Quickly he moved to the small fridge in the room, pulling out the bottle of milk he always carried with him.

 Christian sighed. "I'm not gonna get any from you tonight, am I? Damn I wish I'd been thinking with the head ON MY SHOULDERS when I decided to give up my brother for you! Well I'm gonna have sex tonight, with you or not!" Kurt, who was busy guzzling down milk, paid no attention to him. "Fine. I'm gonna call Chris, and he'll come and fuck me." Christian reached for the phone, watching his lover for any reaction. Kurt showed none. Sighing, Christian dialed the charismatic blonde's number.


 "Chris? This is Christian, babe. Kurt's being stupid and he won't put out. Will you please come fuck me? I need it," Christian said in his best pouty voice.

 "I'll be right over baby."

 "Yay!" Christian hung up the phone, grinning at Kurt. "He's coming over, and he's gonna fuck me since you won't!" he proudly announced.

 "Edge?!?" Kurt looked appalled. "That's sick, you're brothers! God, I thought you were better than those walking pieces of trash from Team XXXtreme."

 "No you moron!" Christian growled. "Everything with you is about Edge, isn't it? CHRIS is coming over! Chris as in NOT MY BROTHER!"

 "Why? He's the one who caused my breakup with Edge in the first place!" Kurt scowled.

 "He's gonna fuck me!" Christian exclaimed. He sighed loudly when his outburst got next to no response. "And Edge," he added as a test.

 "WHAT?" Kurt roared. "I don't think so! I'll beat the crap out of him before he does that!"

 Christian sighed, shaking his head. "God I'm so stupid. I can't believe I let a nice piece of ass come between me and my brother! How the hell did I ever let you talk me into attacking Edge?"

 Kurt smirked. "Because I gave you that blowjob right before you went out."

 "Right." Christian sighed again. "But how am I supposed to think coherently when that mouth is working on me?" He shuddered at the recollection. "God you have a great mouth."

 "Yeah yeah, what about Edge and Chris?" Kurt asked urgently. "Cos there is NO WAY I'm letting that little tramp have Edge if I can't!"

 "He's not coming for Edge!" Christian yelled. "He's coming for me! Your boyfriend! Your lover! Your guy! He's going to fuck me, your man!"

 "Oh." Kurt frowned. "Not Edge?"

 "No!" Christian screamed. "Not my brother!"

 "Right here while I'm around?" Kurt complained.


 "Why?" Kurt asked, looking a little puzzled.

 Christian just sighed, pulling a pillow over his head. "I hate you," he muttered, "I really, really hate you."


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