Stephanie sat at the bar, nursing her third drink. She was munching absently on some peanuts, growling at the man next to her when he tried to take some. He nervously backed away, finding another stool on the other side of the bar. Stephanie muttered something to herself and went back to her drink. She glanced up briefly when she saw another man take the seat next to her. Covering the peanut tray protectively with her hand, she glanced up her company. He gave her a weak smile, pushing a strand of long blonde hair from his eyes and ordering a strong drink.

 "Hey Adam," Stephanie murmured, taking a big gulp of her drink.

 "Hey Steph." Adam took his drink from the bartender, taking a long drink from the glass. He sighed as he set the glass down on the bar. They sat in silence for a moment, both lost in their brooding thoughts.

 "Men are such assholes," Stephanie commented.

 Adam nodded, taking another big gulp. "I hear you."

 "All they ever do is lie, and cheat, and try every fucking trick in the book to get into your pants," Stephanie muttered.

 "And once they do, you're yesterday's news," Adam added.

 "I can't believe that asshole." Stephanie shook her head, tears coming to her slightly glazed eyes. "He said he loved me. All a fucking trick to try and get me to sleep with him. Bastard! Then I find out he's been fucking that little whore all along. Yeah he sure fucking loved me!" She glanced up at Adam, who was staring down into his drink. "What's your story?" she asked him.

 Adam sighed. "How about having a boyfriend who can't keep his hands off half the roster? But he did say he loved me, and I believed him, 'cos I wanted it to be true. I pretended he wasn't having affairs; that I'm not the laughing stock of the fed for staying with him."

 Stephanie snorted. "You're gonna have to compete with me for that one, boy."

 "Yeah." Adam sighed again, gulping down the rest of his drink all at once and demanding another. "I could live with that though, I guess. But tonight - after tonight, I'm not going back."

 "What happened?" Stephanie asked, looking at him curiously. She gestured for another drink, watching impatiently as the bar tender opened a bottle and began to refill her glass. "Oh just give me that," she snapped, grabbing the bottle out of his hands. She put it up to her lips and took a big swig, looking a little dizzy as she lowered it to the bar. She glanced over at Adam, who was still looking dejected. "You got somewhere to stay tonight?" she whispered.

 Adam shook his head. "No," he whispered softly.

 "Wanna share with me? I've got no one, and I could use the company." Stephanie looked at him hopefully, her eyes silently pleading. She was too drunk to mask the loneliness in her normally bright, happy eyes. "We can talk more there, in private," she offered.

 Adam considered for a moment, looking up into her pleading eyes, then nodded. "Alright." He stood up, slightly unsteady on his feet, and headed of the elevator. Stephanie got another bottle from the bar keeper and threw down some money for their drinks before following Adam to the elevator. She had to lean on him for support so she wouldn't fall over. Once inside the room, they both collapsed onto their respective beds, cracking open the second bottle and passing it back and forth as they talked.

 "So what did he do tonight?" Stephanie asked, slurred her words slightly as she handed Adam the bottle.

 Adam sighed again, a deep, sad sigh. "As soon as I got back to our hotel room, he wanted to - well, you know." Stephanie nodded, rolling onto her stomach and resting her chin on her hands as she listened. "So I went along with it, like I always do. But then, while we were doing it, in the midst of our passion - " Stephanie giggled and raised her eyebrows at the phrasing. Adam just rolled his eyes. "That's what I like to call it. It's just more polite." Stephanie just shrugged, waiting for him to continue.

 Adam took a deep breath, then went on. "Anyway, right in the middle of it, he screams out someone else's name! I couldn't believe it. It just made me finally realize that all the things I've heard about him are true. He is a cheating bastard!" Adam wiped at his eyes, taking a long drink from the bottle, then passing it back to Stephanie.

 "I think all men are," Stephanie stated as she took another big gulp. "I don't know why I ever even went out with that asshole! All he did the entire time we were together was try and get me in bed! The jerk. After every date 'Boy I had a good time, didn't you? Can I come in? Why not? You know I love you. We have been together for a while you know...'" Stephanie snorted, recalling all the things her ex had said to her. "Apparently in his mind, it just ain't right for a girl to not put out after you've been going out at least a week or so. 'Cos he spent money on me and all, gee I must be such an awful person to have not screwed him after all he did for me!"

 Adam nodded emphatically. "They think you owe them sex in exchange for time and money or something. Every time he did something special for me, I was expected to get right in bed as soon as we got home, and off with the clothes!"

 Stephanie giggled, raising her eyebrows again. "Wanna hear something funny?" she asked, giggling again. She leaned in a little closer to Adam to pass him the bottle, nearly falling off her bed in the process. "I never slept with him."

 Adam raised his eyebrows, a grin spreading across his face. "No?"

 "Nope. Never, nada, zip." Stephanie rolled onto her back, staring up at the ceiling with amusement in her eyes. "He didn't get shit from me. Serves the worthless bastard right."

 "You go girl," Adam chuckled, high-fiving Stephanie with a wink. "Damn right it serves him right."

 Stephanie nodded, but her grin quickly faded. "Not that it mattered," she spat, her eyes narrowing. "He was bedding that whore the whole time we were together! When I have a chance to get my hands on that little bitch, I'm gonna rip out her ugly plastic nasty-ass hair and shove it down her goddamn cock sucking throat! Like everyone doesn't know exactly how she got her job! I was just too dumb to see it, but I sure as hell ain't now! Bitch is going down, and that whore of an ex-boyfriend I've got! He's gonna get a swift kick in the balls next time I see him!"

 "That's the spirit." Adam grinned, offering her the bottle after taking a drink himself. "My mom always told me, don't get mad, get even!"

 Stephanie raised her eyebrows. "You mom told you that?"

 Adam frowned, thinking for a moment, then shrugged. "Either that or a movie," he replied.

 Stephanie laughed and nodded. "Well it's a good motto anyway. What do you say, Adam? Wanna help me get revenge?"

 "Sure, why not? You gotta help me too, then?" Adam chuckled wickedly. "I think we should put toothpaste in their jock straps! That's show the bastards!"

 Stephanie snickered. "And I can put toothpaste in her thong!"

 "Uh huh! We are not gonna be treated this way, dammit!" Adam announced, slamming the bottle down on the mattress and making little drops of alcohol fly everywhere. "We are gonna get revenge. Tomorrow."

 "Yes. Tomorrow." Stephanie yawned, snatching the bottle from Adam, looking at it with little interest, then dropping it unceremoniously on the floor. "We sleep now," she said through another yawn, "but tomorrow, we get revenge. So Matt, Kurt, and Lita had damn well better watch their sorry asses!"

 They would've said more, but Adam had already passed out, and Stephanie was lying sprawled on her stomach, fast asleep. The rest of their plans would have to wait for another time.


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