"What are you reading?" Christian asked as he walked the living room. He eyed his partner suspiciously, not believing for one second that Edge was actually looking at ‘Modern Decorating'. Edge had always left matters of decor to his more fashionable partner. On top of that, the flush in his face and slight bulge in his jeans didn't look like the result of an article on sprucing up your living room.

 "Um." Edge quickly folded the magazine, which seemed a little more bulky than the last time Christian had seen it, and set it in his lap. "Nothing sweetheart. Just thought that maybe I could help you get those plants you wanted. I wanted to surprise you, but oh well."

 Christian rolled his eyes, simply snatching the magazine away from his tall lover. He tossed aside the decorating magazine and turned his eyes on the literature Edge had concealed inside it, his mouth falling open when he found himself face to face with the latest issue of ‘Playdude'. As his hands shifted, the magazine fell open to a page Edge had clearly been looking at quite a lot, as the magazine was creased just right for the page to lay flat. On the paper were several shots of a muscular, nearly nude brunette model. "Edge!" Christian gasped. "How could you! How could you bring this SMUT into our home! How could you want to look at this - this BIMBO when I'm right here with you?"

 "Chrissy, baby, it's not a bimbo!" Edge insisted. "That's Rhyno!"

 Christian's scowl deepened. "That Italian supermodel that you used to have as the wallpaper on your computer?" he asked, eyes narrow.

 Edge sighed. "Yes, him. Before you deleted all my pictures of him, that is. You had no reason to do that, you know!"

 "Oh, I suppose I should be happy about my boyfriend drooling over that skank!" Christian spat, throwing the offensive magazine to the ground.

 "Babe!" Edge cried, diving and catching his precious magazine, then clutching it against him chest. "Don't bend that! There's pictures of Kurt Angle too! And Test! And Pal, which is the model name of Chuck Palumbo! It's a supermodel special, baby. You wouldn't believe all the hot ass in here."

 "Edge!" Christian cried. He turned away, tears in his eyes. "Why do you need to look at them? You've got me! I hate you looking at all these supermodels, because then when you look at me you'll think I'm all plain! Only 1% of men can even look like that, you know, and it's not healthy or natural!"

 Edge sighed. He stood up, pulling his lover into his arms. "Babe, you know that's not true," he whispered. "None of those men could ever hold a candle to you!"

 "Then why do you need to look at them?" Christian sniffed, peering up at his lover with hurt eyes.

 "Well, baby, you can't expect me to stop looking at other guys," Edge explained. "These guys are just too hot to resist! I stopped sleeping with other guys when we got together, remember? Wouldn't you rather have me looking at high-price models, who I could never, ever have, than at guys in bars who'd probably sleep with me if I asked?"

 "That doesn't make it ok!" Christian shot back. "You shouldn't need anyone but me, if you really loved me!"

 Edge crossed his arms, frowning at his partner. "Well if YOU would put out more, then I'd be more satisfied sexually and I wouldn't ever need to look at them!"

 Christian stared up at his lover. "I can't believe you just said that!" he exclaimed. "You are so... so...so insensitive! I wish I'd never decided to be gay! A woman wouldn't look at this trash!" He flashed the magazine in Edge's face. "Now I get what girls are always complaining about! Guys ARE jerks! I'm sick of this! I'm sick of you looking at other guys, and I'm sick of you not listening to me, and - " He was cut off as Edge pulled him in close, capturing the shorter blonde's lips in a passionate kiss. He whimpered softly, his arms twining around his lover's neck. The golden blonde was slightly breathless as Edge drew back.

 "Baby, I understand what you're saying," Edge told him. "But you're working yourself up over nothing. Sure I look at these models, but do I kiss them? Do I hug them? Do I hold their hand when we go out walking? Do I send them flowers or cook for them? Do I lie in bed with them all Saturday morning exchanging sweet words of love? No. Because they're all just nice bodies that I'm admiring. But you're my boyfriend, the man I live with, and I love you with all my heart. Yeah, I might look at them every now and then, but given a choice between looking at them or looking at you, there's no competition. I love you, baby."

 A huge smile spread across Christian's face, his eyes a bit watery. "Oh Edge, you're so sweet," he whispered, about to lean in for another kiss when his face darkened. "What was that you said about me not putting out enough?" he demanded.

 "Oh, that." Edge cleared his throat. "I just meant, baby, that it would be nice if we made love more often, you know? I'm a young guy, I do have a pretty high sex drive."

 "Well if you want my body more, then you should make it more romantic!" Christian exclaimed, crossing his arms over his chest. "I don't want it to become just a routine nightly fuck!"

 "That's fair," Edge agreed. "So if I do try to make it more romantic, then you'll want to be intimate more?"

 "Yes," Christian replied. "But I want you to be a gentleman in bed! No more of that getting on top of me and ‘Wham, bam, thank you mister' crap! I want it to be like our first time together. Remember all the sweet talking and foreplay?" Christian sighed dreamily as he recalled that magical night.

 "Christian." The golden blonde turned his head back to Edge, who now wore a seductive smile. "Have I told you that you look beautiful today?" Edge purred, wrapping his arms around Christian's waist.

 "Edge," Christian giggled, loving the cat-like look on his boyfriend's face, "it's 3 in the afternoon!"

 "So?" Edge asked, drawing the golden blonde closer and nipping at his neck. "A good relationship should be strong and spontaneous! Now why don't you just put that thing down," he glanced at the Playdude, "and let's pop upstairs?"

 "You are so bad!" Christian exclaimed, loving the attention he was getting. "We can't make love now!"

 "Why not?" Edge wrapped one arm around his lover's back, the other sweeping under the small blonde's knees. Edge picked him up in his arms, just as a groom about to carry his bride across the threshold would've done. "You look so good right now baby, come upstairs and we'll have a little fun," Edge cooed, his lips exploring Christian's tender neck.

 "Well, ok, I guess," Christian giggled, leaning his head to the side to give his lover better access to his neck. "But you'd better behave!"

 "I will," Edge breathed seductively, his lips running over Christian's jaw as he began walking towards the stairs. "This'll be our funnest afternoon in a long time, baby," he promised, reaching the head of the stairs and heading for their room.

 Christian grinned, letting out a moan as Edge's tongue darted into his ear. "I am so glad we had this talk," he commented as he was carried through their bedroom door.


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