The plant was moving. But no, plants didn't move, so that large fern couldn't possibly have just slid an inch closer to him. Jay narrowed his eyes as he peered into the mirror. The large potted plant have definitely slid a bit closer to him. He turned around, opening his mouth to yell at whoever was behind this when suddenly a small, dark form sprung out from behind the plant and tackled him.

 Jay's breath was knocked from his lungs as he back slammed into the floor. He had to gasp for breath, groaning slightly from the force of the impact. He looked up, finding a grinning Sean Waltman straddling his chest, a cheeky expression on his face.

 "Gotcha baby," Sean smirked.

 Jay rolled his eyes. "Oh yeah, the moving plant really fooled me, Sean."

 "Yeah, I knew it would," Sean drawled, affectionately smoothing a lock of Jay's golden hair behind his ear. "You are a blonde, after all."

 Jay snorted, sitting up abruptly and displacing his startled lover. "Better than being a mud duck like you," he teased, amused by Sean's huff of mock insult. He watched with an amused smiled on his lips as Sean slunk up to him, leaning forward so their chests were pressed together, their lips mere millimeters apart. He closed his eyes as Sean's lips descended on his, enjoying the rush of happiness which filled him at his lover's touch.

 Their happy reverie was spoiled by a loud slam of the door, then hushed, conspiratory whispers. Jay opened his eyes, frowning when he saw Adam and Hunter crouched by the door, peering out the tiny window into the hall. He cleared his throat to get their attention. Adam glanced at him, then back out into the hall, his body relaxing slightly.

 "I think we lost him, baby," he told Hunter, wrapping his arm around the tall blonde's waist and leading him into the room. They settled onto a leather couch a few feet from where Sean and Jay were sitting on the floor, ignoring the annoyed glares of their friends.

 "In case you didn't notice, we were sort of in the middle of something," Jay stated, trying to give Adam his best ‘get lost' look.

 Adam chuckled, glancing at Hunter with a wicked look in his eyes. "So are we, Jay," he said with laughter in his voice.

 Jay eyed his best friend curiously, knowing that the comely blonde was up to something. "Ok, what did you do now?" he demanded.

 Adam gave him an innocent look. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean."

 Jay rolled his eyes. "Adam, I've know you since you were in diapers! I think I can tell when you're up to something. If you put frosting in Trish's bra again - "

 Adam laughed. "Oh, that was funny, wasn't it? I learned my lesson, though. I'm not gonna mess with the boss' daughter's girlfriend again...even if Steph liked it, which you know she did." He held his hands up in the air before Jay could interrupt him. "This time, though, I'm honestly not up to anything...bad," he added very softly under his breath.

 "Ooh, god I love it when you play innocent," Hunter growled, tackling his lover and pushing him onto his back on the couch, capturing Adam's lips with his own and ravishing the younger man's mouth. Adam moaned, wrapping his legs around Hunter's waist and arching his hips against the larger man.

 "Hey, we're still in the room you know!" Sean objected, a pout on his lips as he looked at Jay with desire in his eyes. "Must we tell you again that you interrupted something here?"

 "Oh, don't mind us," Adam groaned, his breath catching in his throat as Hunter scattered kisses over his jaw, nipping gently at his ear. "Just carry on, pretend you're not even here."

 Jay glanced at Sean and shrugged. "What the hell," the golden blonde said, burying his hand in the soft hair at the back of Sean's neck and pulling him into a heated kiss. Their lips stayed together for a few moments, their hands beginning to explore each others bodies as they kissed. Jay opened his mouth and drew Sean's infamous tongue into the hot cavity, moaning as their slippery muscles warred for dominance between their two mouths. They were both gasping when they drew apart.

 Jay gazed lovingly into Sean's eyes, about to move in for another steamy kiss when he felt two pairs of eyes on them. He turned to see Adam and Hunter watching them with great interest. They had broken apart, focusing their attention on their friends.

 "Hey!" Jay cried. "You said you wouldn't watch us!"

 Adam grinned impishly. "No, I said pretend we aren't here. I never said we wouldn't watch."

 Jay growled, standing up and settling into a chair. "Alright, if you won't leave us alone, then you have to confess to whatever you've done now. I know you, Adam Copeland. You've done something, and you're planning more, aren't you?"

 Adam glanced at Hunter, who just shrugged. "Might as well tell them," the larger man stated. "They could help us out."

 "Ok." Adam turned back to Jay, his familiar wicked grin returning. "Well, since Wrestlemania is right around the corner, we figured it couldn't hurt to try and psych out our opponents. We decided to go after the Hardys, since we don't like them and they're so easy to bug," Adam explained with a wicked sparkle in his eye.

 Jay raised his eyebrows, his interest peaked. "Oh? So what did you do?"

 Adam snickered. "We sort of messed up Jeff's hair dye a bit," he chuckled. Hunter was biting his lip, trying not to burst out laughing as his lover continued. "When he used our specially altered dye, his hair turned out, get this - " Adam had to try hard not to burst into laughter before sharing the hilarious results of the prank. "Moldy green!" he exclaimed, he and Hunter both bursting into a fit of laughter.

 "It looks like a fungus," Hunter laughed, slapping his thigh as he recalled the precise color of Jeff's hair. Jay and Sean couldn't help chuckling, it being a well known fact how obsessed Jeff was with his hair.

 "Oh god, he was ready to kill us!" Adam continued. "He chased us around like half the arena, but we outsmarted him!"

 Hunter nodded. "Yep. We made out in the janitor's closet for like 10 minutes, then came here. Totally threw him off the scent!"

 Jay just shook his head. "You guys are crazy!" he exclaimed.

 "Maybe." Adam raised an eyebrow. "So are you and Sean going to help us with the next stage of the plan?"

 Jay looked between Adam and Hunter, who both had huge smiles on their faces. "Depends. What is it?" he asked warily.

 "We're going to sneak into their locker room and have a little fun trying on some of their clothes, then we're gonna we're gonna have a little bit more fun," Hunter explained, letting his hand run down Adam's back and squeeze his ass, leaving no doubt what kind of fun he was referring to.

 Sean raised his eyebrows. "You're gonna do it on their clothes?" he asked.

 "No, not on." Adam was grinning like a cat who'd learned how to open the canary's cage and was waiting to strike. "IN them."

 Sean and Jay's mouths fell open at the same time, shocked by the sheer audacity of the plan. "Are you serious?" Jay stuttered.

 "Oh, we are SO totally serious!" Adam exclaimed. "Plus, we're gonna make sure that they come back to the room while we're doing it. It would be sooo much better if we had four of us instead of just two. Come on guys, will you help us? It'll be so much fun! Plus," Adam flipped his hair over his shoulder confidently, "you really think the Boys are gonna be able to concentrate at Wrestlemania after seeing that?"

 Jay couldn't disagree with that. He glanced at Sean inquiringly. "What do you think, baby? Should we?"

 A grin broke out across the smaller man's face, and he nodded vigorously. "Let's do it!" he exclaimed.

Four figures crept down the hall, sneaking towards their target like spies on a top secret mission. Adam glanced around cautiously, then held the door open for the others and quickly slipped inside himself.

 "Ah hah!" Hunter quickly spotted two bags sitting on the bench. He looked at them, then held them behind his back, one in each hand. "Pick an arm, Jay. That's the bag you get."

 "Pick Jeff's bag!" Sean whispered in his ear. "His clothes are way funner!"

 "I can't tell which hand he's got it in." Jay bit his lip, finally tapping Hunter's right arm. Hunter tossed him a bag, which was pretty much identical to the one he was still holding. Jay set the bag down on a bench and unzipped it, looking over the contents.

 "Which one did we get?" Sean asked eagerly, peering over Jay's shoulder curiously.

 "Matt's I think." Jay made a face, pulling out a black and white cow-print jacket. "Dear god," he commented, dropping the garment with obvious disdain. "I told you the Hardys were straight, Sean." Sean just shrugged, grinning as he saw a flash of metal within the bag.

 "Weeeeellll, would you look at this!" he exclaimed, hooking the strip of metal on his pinky and drawing out a pair of handcuffs. "Looks like our good Matt ain't exactly a saint!" All four of them laughed, Jay nudging Sean's hand.

 "Put those down baby, you don't know where those have been," he commented.

 "Ew, your right!" Sean quickly dropped the cuffs onto the bench, wiping his hands off on his jeans.

 "Guys, you don't even want to KNOW what's in here," Hunter told them, staring down into Jeff's bag.

 "What?" Jay and Sean asked in unison.

 "Um, well lets just say that Jeff is most definitely gay," Hunter replied, pulling the clothes out of the bag and quickly closing it, shuddering slightly at the sight of it.

 "Come on guys, we've gotta get started," Adam told them, plopping down on the bench to dig through Jeff's clothes.

 "How much time have we got?" Hunter questioned.

 Adam shrugged. "20 minutes maybe."

 "Well let's get too it, then. Ooh, Adam, baby, put this on!" Hunter exclaimed, thrusting Jeff's green see-through shirt into his lover's arms.

 Adam grinned, pulling off his own shirt and throwing it onto the bench. He slid the shirt over his head, flipping his hair over his shoulder and pointing the finger guns to his mouth. "Too extreme!" he yelled, making the others laugh. Grinning impishly, he grabbed a pair of Jeff's black ring pants. After removing his own pants, he slid them on, doing up the black and silver belt. For effect, he pulled his hair up into a bun, the way Jeff often wore it, and stuck a transparent purple cloth into his hair. "Well?" he whirled around, showing off his outfit.

 Hunter growled, wrapping his arms around the blonde's waist and pulling Adam's body against his. "Damn baby, you look so hot like that. Can we fuck now?" He begin to lay hungry kisses along Adam's neck, letting his hand trail down to cup his lover's ass.

 Adam pushed Hunter away, clicking his tongue disapprovingly. "Really, Hunter! You know you have to get dressed first, then we can."

 "Aw, come on. You think those little boys' clothes are gonna fit me?" Hunter complained.

 Adam shook his head stubbornly. "The effect just won't be the same unless we're all dressed up! Besides, the Hardys are like skaters, they wear plenty of loose stuff! Now get looking!" He crossed his arms over his chest, refusing to let Hunter touch him again. The taller man grumbled in protest, but bent to dig through Jeff's clothes when it became apparent that the stubborn blonde wasn't going to give in.

 Jay and Sean had both been watching the couple with amused looks on their faces. "Guess we better get ready, too," Sean stated, turning to look at Matt's clothes. "Hmm, you know this isn't really so bad." He held up the jacket that Jay had discarded, experimentally slipping it on. "Well?" he asked, twirling around for his lover.

 Jay grinned, giving him a quick kiss on the nose. "You look adorable baby. Now take off your shirt and find some pants to wear." Sean winked at him and began digging through Matt's clothes, as did Jay. They were both getting dressed when they heard uproarious laughter from behind them. Both turned, laughing themselves when they saw what Hunter was wearing. Adam had collapsed onto the floor, laughing hysterically.

 Hunter glared at the three of them. "Shut up! It's not my fault, it's all that fit me!" he complained. He was clad in a sleeveless purple Hardy Boys t-shirt and a pair of black and white zebra striped pants which would probably have been loose on Jeff, but were skin tight over Hunter's muscular legs. "It's not that funny!" he huffed indignantly. "Like you don't look like a dork, Adam." Adam just shook his head and continued laughing.

 Jay and Sean had to try hard to contain their laughter as they slipped into their own clothes. Sean was wearing the black and white jacket, open in the front with his bare chest showing. He had on black leather bell-bottom pants which were a tad bit loose around his hips. Jay had chosen a pair of tight kakis and one of Matt's form-fitting green velvet ring shirts. The lovers looked over each other, both licking their lips hungrily.

 "Man do you look great," Jay murmured.

 "You too," Sean breathed.

 "Ok, we'd better get started now. They should be back in like ten minutes," announced Adam, who had finally managed to contain his giggles. "And remember guys, we still have to be doing it when they back, so wait a bit to start if you can't last that long."

 "Are you kidding me?" Hunter snorted. "You know I can last way longer than that, baby." He pulled Adam into his arms and kissed him, the two couples setting out on the next stage of their plan.

Both couples ended up on the floor, Adam and Hunter continuing to kiss as they felt each other up, while Jay and Sean rolled around the floor making out furiously. "Mmm..time?" Jay gasped, pulling his mouth away from Sean's for a second.

 Adam rolled his eyes. "Two minutes later then the last time you asked." "Don't mind him, baby." Hunter rolled Adam onto his back, covering the blonde's body full length. "I want all your attention focused on me, darling. Not that that should be too hard, considering what I'm gonna do to you." He bent down and nuzzled Adam's neck with his lips, his hand creeping up the blonde's thigh.

 "Mmm." Adam pulled Hunter down for a steamy kiss, wriggling his hips against the bigger man's so their hard cocks brushed together. "You wanna get into my pants, you're gonna have to take ‘em off me first, baby," he chuckled.

 Hunter quirked an eyebrow. "Wouldn't that ruin the effect?" "Well, don't take them off all the way then," Adam said with a roll of his eyes.

 "Got it." Hunter swiftly reached down, yanking Adam's pants down to around his knees. He grinned when he saw that Adam was already hard, his cock jutting out from a mass of blonde curls. He quickly slid the pants he was wearing down to around his knees, fumbling around for a bottle of lube and thoroughly coating his shaft.

 Meanwhile, Jay and Sean were heading in exactly the same direction. Jay had pinned Sean on his back, the smaller man's hair spread out above his head like a fan. Both of them had pushed the pants they were wearing down, Sean's legs spread apart for his lover. Jay grinned at the dark- haired man, slowly sucking two of his fingers into his mouth and sucking on them until they were quite moist. Sean watched eagerly as his lover trailed his wet fingers down his stomach, slipping between Sean's legs and brushing over his entrance.

 "Oh yes baby," Sean moaned, echoing Adam's cries as Hunter prepared him.

 "Damn you look so hot like that," Jay murmured as he slipped one finger inside Sean's body, then two more, carefully stretching him out. Sean just moaned in response, arching into Jay's touch. Jay grinned, his eyes filled with desire as he removed his fingers and positioned his cock at Sean's opening. They both had to look over at the other couple as Adam cried out loudly. They saw Hunter sinking his cock into the blonde's waiting, wanton flesh as Adam moaned and whimpered. Jay snatched the bottle of lube that Hunter had discarded, slicking his cock with it before pushing into the tight heat of Sean's body.

 "Ohhhh, Jay," Sean moaned, wrapping his arms around his lovers back as Jay began to thrust into him. "Ooh, harder!" Jay began thrusting into him at a quicker pace, biting his lip from the pleasure he felt from the feeling of Sean's tight, hot walls around him.

 "Oh, Hunter!" Adam moaned loudly. His breath was thundering in his chest as Hunter thrust into him, giving it to him hard, just the way he liked it. "Oh, baby, make me come! Please baby!" he cried.

 "Not yet," Hunter panted, directing his voice at the other two as well. "Remember the reason for this! We have to wait for the Hardys to get back!"

 "Oh - can't we just write it off as kinky sex and forget them?" Jay gasped, shifting his angle slightly until he was nudging Sean's prostate with every thrust. Sean nearly through him off from the way his body arched at the first touch. He moaned ever louder than before, arching his hips desperately against his lover.

 "Yes. Yes please, lets," the dark-haired man panted.

 "No! Hunter - Hunter's right," Adam panted. "We have to - oh yes - oh - wait, we have to wait."

 "The Hardys had better get here soon," Hunter growled, finding Adam's sweet spot and nudging it. Adam screamed, his panting increasing still more.

 The four lovers were paying just enough attention to notice when the door opened, and two startled gasps filled the room. "What the hell?" Matt Hardy yelled in his thick Southern drawl.

 "My zebra pants!" Jeff cried, looking absolutely horrified. "My green shirt! My favorite green shirt!" He ran over the Adam and Hunter, who were still busy pounding away, and tried to claw the shirt off of Adam. However, since Adam's back was pressed to the ground, with Hunter's weight on top of him, Jeff couldn't budge it. "You're gonna ruin my pants!" he screamed, running to the other side of the couple and yanking at his pants, tumbling backwards onto the floor when the pants abruptly slid off Hunter's legs.

 "You perverts! What are you doing in here?" Matt yelled, while Jeff picked himself up and shook his head to clear it. "Get out now!"

 "Just a sec, Mattie boy, we're almost done," Adam panted, arching up into Hunter's body. "Oh god, Hunter!"

 "And you!" Matt's eyes widened with fury as he noticed his clothes spread out across the bench, and the couple on the floor clad in his outfits.

 "Nice to see you too," Jay panted, not ceasing his thrusts into Sean for one moment. "Oh, and we love your clothes."

 "Why you - you - " Matt stuttered, rage spelled out across his face.

 "Hang on, we're - I'm - oh baby I'm coming!" Sean cried, moaning loudly as he rocketed over the edge, spilling his seed onto their stomachs, as well as Matt's shirt and jacket. Jay paid little heed to the sticky stain on the shirt he was wearing as Sean's walls clenched around him, sending him over as well. He shouted out his release, shooting his come deep within Sean's body. They both collapsed against each other in the aftermath of their intense orgasms, gasping for breath.

 "Take my shirt off!" Jeff was yelling a few feet away, again trying to claw the fabric off Adam's heaving body.

 "Oh - oh Hunter, yes, that feels so good, oh baby, oh YES!" Adam screamed as his orgasm hit him full force, Hunter's striking him simultaneously. Their bodies rocked together, leaving them panting and spent.

 "My shirt!" Jeff wailed in dismay, looking about to cry from the come now smeared over the front of the fabric. "You bastards! I'm gonna have to get that dry-cleaned!" he screamed.

 Adam and Hunter just looked at each other and laughed, both quickly disposing of the Hardys' clothes and pulling their own back on, as Sean and Jay did the same. "I don't know what the hell you think you're doing, but - " Matt ranted, cut off by Hunter's sharp smack to his ass.

 "Don't worry little boy, we just wanted to pay you a little pre-Wrestlemania visit, wanted to make sure you were in the right mood and all," Hunter chuckled. "I sure as hell know I am! Adam's promised me hot sex all night if I win, so you can bet I'm going to! Oh, and you might want these back." Hunter dangled the handcuffs in Matt's face, which he had swiped off the bench while dressing. Matt's eyes widened and he snatched the restraints, sputtering in indignation.

 Jay wrapped his arm around Sean's waist, chuckling at the state of shock both Hardys were in. "Catch ya later, boys," he said smugly, following Hunter and Adam into the hall. "Good luck at Wrestlemania!" Once in the hall, the four of them took off running, bursting into wild laughter as soon as they reached their locker room. This was a prank no one would forget any time soon.


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