Christian was lacing up his boots when he realized someone was standing over him. He glanced up, smiling at his visitor, Hunter Hurst Helmsley. "Hey Hunter," he piped cheerily, sitting up and straightening his see-through shirt.

 "Hey." Hunter put one foot up on the bench Christian was sitting on, resting one hand on his knees. "So, Christian, I was just wondering if you were busy tonight," the Game asked, his eyes sweeping over the blonde's fit body.

 Christian thought for a moment, then turned his gaze back to Hunter. "Nope, don't think I am," he replied.

 "Well then, maybe we could do something?" Hunter inquired.

 "Sure, if you want," Christian agreed with a friendly smile. He paused, frowning slightly. "Wait, do you mean 'do something' as in, like, a date?"

 Hunter seemed a little surprised by the question. "Well, yeah like a date," he replied.

 "Oh." Christian gave him an apologetic look. "I'm sorry, Hunter, but in that case my answer's gonna have to be no."

 "What?" Hunter's face fell. "Why? Are you seeing someone?"

 "No. I just - well to be honest, I just don't feel that way about you," Christian said with an apologetic shrug. "I'm sorry, but I don't."

 "Oh." Hunter frowned, sitting down on the bench next to Christian. He looked somewhat crestfallen. "You don't find me attractive."

 Christian put his hand on Hunter's shoulder. "You're a very attractive man, Hunter. You just don't really have the - um - attributes I find attractive in a man."

 Hunter looked at Christian curiously, a slight pout on his lips. "Well what kind of guy do you like?" he asked.

 Christian grinned broadly. "I like big boys," he announced, licking his sensual red lips in a way that Hunter found incredibly sexy.

 "But I am big," Hunter protested. "I'm 6'5", my arms and chest and huge," he puffed out his chest and flexed his muscles to prove this, "and if you mean big in other ways - well I certainly am that, too."

 Christian shook his head. "I don't mean like that," he stated, a sly note in his voice. "I mean big like - *big*." He stressed the last word, raising his eyebrows.

 Hunter frowned, feeling slightly confused, then his eyes widened. "You don't mean - you mean - 'big' in the way that, say, Mideon was?"

 "Oh, Mideon!" Christian grinned and licked his lips again. "God I miss Mid. You wouldn't believe the hours and hours of hot sex we had!"

 Hunter stared at the golden blonde. "You're kidding me! You and Mideon?!?"

 "Oh yeah." Christian nodded emphatically. "We weren't serious or anything, we just liked to get together and have hot passionate sex a lot. God he was good." Christian grinned, a slightly dreamy look on his face.

 "I can't believe it." Hunter shook his head. "I am understanding you right? You like chubby guys?"

 Chrsitian nodded, grinning all the while. "Love 'em! I just find them so totally more sexy than the rest of the hard skinny guys around here," he explained. I don't like guys were are all skin and hard muscle. I like my guys soft and cushiony. It's so much more appealing."

 Hunter shook his head, still feeling a little dozed. "So who in the fed do you consider sexy?" he asked curoiusly. "Like, Rikishi?"

 Christian again nodded. "Definitely! Riki is sexy as hell, plus he's a great lay!"

 Hunter blushed down to the roots of his hair, glancing down at the floor. "Well I can't argue with that," he admitted.

 Christian chuckled. "I know. He told me about the - adventures - you two had."

 Hunter blushed deeper, clearing his throat and quickly changing the subject. "So who else do you like?" he inquired curiously.

 "Well, there aren't too many," Christian told him, sounding a bit less happy than he had a moment ago. Not many wrestlers are soft and squishy like I like 'em. Haku's nice, but he's a bit too skinny for me. And there's the Dudleys, but they're too ishy to be attractive, and Spike is just grossly skinny." Christian shuddered, quickly moving on to others. "Shane is ok, although he's pretty skinny too. Hmmm, oh and Big Show! Big Show is great," Christian announced with a smile. "Not as good as Rikishi of course, but good. Oh, and Mark Henry before he left. I heard he's skinnier now, but I'm hoping not too much."

 "And you've been with all these guys?" Hunter asked with raised eyebrows.

 "Have I ever!" Christian grinned proudly. "I like getting all the lovely big hot meat that I can!"

 "But you're not meeting anyone tonight?"

 "Nope, tonight I'm on my own," Christian replied.

 "Well - wouldn't you like to try it with a skinnier guy?" Hunter asked hopefully, wrapping his arms around the golden blonde's waist and pulling their bodies together.

 Christian just chuckled and shook his head. "Sorry, Hunter, but I really don't think I'd be able to - you know - get it up for you," he told the Game.

 Hunter sighed, looking very disappointed as Christian picked up his bag and walked out, waving goodbye to him. He was about to get up when he was tackled from behind, the new weight on his back making him fall forward onto the floor.

 "What the - " he exclaimed, scowling and grabbing at the form on his back, quickly latching on to the man's shirt and rolling them over so he was on top, grabbing the other man's wrists and pinning them to the floor.

 Edge grinned up at him, a bright smile on his face. "Hey baby," he said in a clearly desirous voice, wrapping his legs around Hunter's waist and pulling their crotches forcefully together.

 "And what do you think you're doing?" Hunter demanded, trying to ignore how hard the blonde's actions were making him.

 "I heard your little conversation with my brother," Edge chuckled, repeating the motion with his legs. "And I just thought you might want to hear about what I find sexy in a man. Unless, of course, you're not interested." He repeated the motion again, making Hunter groan.

 "Ok, go ahead. What do you like?" Hunter asked, running his hands over Edge's smooth back.

 "Well, I just happen to have a thing for tall, muscular blondes," Edge replied, his tongue darting out to wet his lips, which were just as full and sensual as Christian's.

 Hunter grinned. "And you're free to tonight, I suppose?"

 "You bet I am," Edge told him. He raised his eyebrows. "I'm also very, very easy. Interested?"

 Hunter chuckled. "The question isn't whether I'm interested. It's how fast I can get you back to the hotel." He promptly stood up and threw Edge over his shoulder, carrying the widely grinning blonde out of the room.


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