"So what did you wish for?"

 Adam glanced up from the birthday candles he had just blown out, grinning wickedly at his lover. "Won't it not come true if I tell you?" he teased.

 Jay rolled his eyes. "No. Come on baby. What is it?" Eyeing Adam seductively, he slid into the tall blonde's lap, wrapping his arms around the other man's neck.

 Adam grinned, his arms closing about Jay's middle. He leaned very close to his lover, so close their noses were practically touching. "I wished to have a beautiful blonde in my bed and all mine," he breathed, letting his lips trail over his lover's jaw.

 Jay chuckled, leaning into Adam's touch. "I think I can guarantee that will come true," he whispered back, beginning to undulate his hips against Adam's.

 Adam groaned deep in his throat, letting his mouth explore Jay's neck while his hands slid under the golden blonde's shirt and caressed his back. "Mmm," he murmured, grinning against Jay's soft skin. "Then maybe we should move this to the bed."

 "Don't you want to eat your cake first?" Jay teased, his head falling back in pleasure as Adam's fingers brushed across his nipples.

 "No," Adam replied simply, lowering his head to capture one hardening bud between his lips. He sucked gently for a moment, drawing soft gasps and whimpers from his lover. He drew back a bit, gazing up at Jay through long lashed. "You know what else I wished for?" he breathed huskily.

 "What?" Jay gasped, his whole body tingling as Adam's hands moved to stroke his nipples.

 "I wished that the beautiful blonde would want me over and over, all over the hotel room, in every different position possible," Adam whispered in his lover's ear, darting his tongue against the tender flesh after he had finished speaking.

 Jay shuttered with desire, rocking his hips a little harder against his lover's. "Oh Adam," he breathed. "I think that one is going to come true, too."

 "Mmm, excellent." Adam pulled back a little, his gaze locking with his lover's. "Want to get started on the bed?"

 "Yes," he breathed, wrapping his arms around Adam's neck as the tall blonde picked him up, carrying him over to their shared bed. "Oh Adam. God I want you." His gazed up at Adam, his eyes hazy with lust, as the other man quickly shed his shirt and pants. It took Adam no time at all to remove Jay's remaining clothes, then he was on top of the smaller blonde, their arms wrapped around each other and their lips joined in a passionate kiss. They rolled around the bed, kicking the covers off in the process, making out furiously while their hands explored every inch of the others' body.

 Finally Jay ended up on his back, Adam laying between his legs and reaching for a condom. Jay eagerly spread his legs apart a little further, bracing his heels on the bed. He bit his lip as Adam's fingers slid into him, ignoring the slight pain and concentrating on his lover's desire-filled eyes. Then Adam's fingers were gone, and the tall blonde was slipping on the condom. Jay gripped the sheets tightly as his lover slid into him, slowly so as not to hurt him.

 Adam paused for a moment once his full length was buried inside the smaller blonde, shifting so he was on top of his lover again, his arms curling around Jay's back. Jay's legs instinctively wrapped around his hips, his arms encircling Adam's neck. "I love you," Adam whispered, leaning down to capture Jay's lips as he began to pump his hips. Jay whimpered and moaned, arching his hips in rhythm with Adam's. Stars began to dance before his eyes as his lover moved so deeply within him, brushing against the sensitive walls of his tunnel.

 "Adam! Oh....god....oh," Jay panted, unable to utter anything more coherent. "Adam! Oh god, god! Adam!" He could feel his orgasm approaching, the familiar sensations building up inside of him until he felt like he was going to explode. Adam also knew how to move in just the right way to give him the most pleasure. Again and again his sweet spot was stimulating, sending wave after wave of fiery pleasure coursing through him. Throughout the union of their bodies, Adam's mouth was on his, the taller blonde's tongue ravishing his mouth.

 Jay let out a loud cry as he tumbled over the edge, feeling Adam come at the exact same moment. They both lay still in each other's arms, both panting and gasping for breath. Both were still in heaven from the warmth of the other's touch, their arms wrapped tightly about each other.

 "Oh Jay," Adam managed to gasp as last. "I love you so much."

 "I love you too," Jay whispered, his heart filling with warmth. He just lay smiling at Adam for a moment, then he stood, disentangling himself from the taller blonde.

 Adam watched in confusion as his lover strode over to the couch. "Jay?" he question.

 Jay shot him a heated look, then got down on the couch on his hands and knees, his ass sticking up in the air. "Didn't you say all over the room, in lots of different positions?" he breathed huskily, his soft pink tongue darting out to moisten his red lips.

 Adam nodded emphatically, too overcome by lust to speak. He quickly grabbed a condom and started for the couch, then on second through returned and grabbed a whole handful. He approached Jay quickly, more than a little eager to once again touch his lover's silky flesh.

Hours later, the two blondes lay in bed, Jay's head resting comfortably in the crook of his lover's neck. Adam's arms was wrapped securely around Jay's waist, their bodies in contact from top to bottom. Their eyes were closed, but they were still awake, Jay gently stroking Adam's stomach and Adam stroking Jay's golden hair. Both were content and sated, blissful little smiles covering their faces.

 "This was an incredible night," Adam whispered, his fingers playing with a strand of silky golden hair.

 "It should be," Jay whispered back, his voice soft and filled with love. "It's your birthday. So did your wish come true, baby?"

 Adam chuckled, pressing a gentle kiss to Jay's temple. "It did, and more," he told his lover. "I love you so much Jay. Thank you for tonight."

 Jay shifted a little, gazing up into Adam's soft eyes. "Your welcome," he breathed, his eyes filled with adoration. "I'm just glad I made you happy. And you know, I'm really lucky, because you made me happy too."

 Adam sighed happily, his fingers continuing to stroke Jay's silky locks. "That's the only gift I've ever wanted, baby." Jay just smiled, his simple expression telling Adam everything he needed to know. The golden blonde lay his head back down, the two of them sharing a contented sigh, content to just lay together into the early hours of dawn.


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